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Person in dorm hall displaying personal information

By acracker ·
Ok so the other day I was browsing through shared folders on my university's network looking for music when I came to a shared .pdf document on someone's computer that showed all their personal information (Name, DOB, Social Security Number, residence ect...) I don't have any kind of superuser access to the network so this document is availiable to anyone to see and access. How do I tell this person that they are sharing files they shouldn't be? I don't want them to think that I hacked into their computer because I didn't and I would never exploit someone's personal information.
Thanks for any ideas,

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Excuse me?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Personal to TechExec2
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No worries, TechMail

by Tig2 In reply to Excuse me?

A case of mistaken identity is all. Figured it out and decided that both of you (you and TechExec2) are nice guys.


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Fair Enough

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to No worries, TechMail
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"Good Tigger" is...

by TechExec2 In reply to No worries, TechMail

"Good Tigger" is SO much nicer than "Bad Tigger"... :^0

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by Old Guy In reply to No worries, TechMail
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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Tig2 :|
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Please find the person

by Tig2 In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

And let them know. If the doc is shared, you may want to help the person out by showing them how to remove the share.

You may also want to alert the Network Admin. It may be that the school should send an advisory to students letting them know to be careful of their personal data.

Good catch!

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Doubt this...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

Sorry but I doubt that a user has created a PDF containing all their personal information, created a share, put the PDF here and then joined a Domain or Workgroup (not in that order perhaps). The share hand gives the game away on Windows; the user would need to create the doc in word and then Adobe the PDF. Highly unlikely!

Sound much like a Honey Trap or a Project (what if)!!!!!!

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You never know

by NickNielsen In reply to Doubt this...

Reference list created in OpenOffice, default "Save As" is pdf, default location at the time the student's network share.

And you would not believe the number of times I have been asked "How can I tell if something on my computer is shared?"

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Not everyone is an expert

by tgaudet In reply to You never know

You never know...... the person may not be familiar with computers, sharing and networks. I know dozens of people like that that work on computers everyday. They have no idea what they are doing past "click this icon to start working".

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