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Person in dorm hall displaying personal information

By acracker ·
Ok so the other day I was browsing through shared folders on my university's network looking for music when I came to a shared .pdf document on someone's computer that showed all their personal information (Name, DOB, Social Security Number, residence ect...) I don't have any kind of superuser access to the network so this document is availiable to anyone to see and access. How do I tell this person that they are sharing files they shouldn't be? I don't want them to think that I hacked into their computer because I didn't and I would never exploit someone's personal information.
Thanks for any ideas,

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And how is this any diffferent than colleges using SS# as student ID?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

Whomever decided to use Social Security numbers as student IDs' in colleges instead of some random numbers is a complete dumbass and should have his/her identity stolen. What's even worst is when social security numbers and grades are posted on some bulletin board in a hallway, only to find out who it belongs to because they will run their finger over it when checking grades. It's an ID thief's paradise because it is right there to be taken advantage of. Unfortenately, some people, like this fellow with the pdf file, will end up learning the hard way when his/her credit is destroyed because some ID thief decided to go on a shopping spree. I'd tell the person immediately, but don't do it in such a way that you condescend or insult them. Some people will quickly learn and teach others about security, which is what we IT guys all want..

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SS#s Bad Idea

by marileev In reply to And how is this any difff ...

WhyMeWorry?, your point completely jives with the Gov. release CNET published yesterday

The U.S. Government is encouraging agencies to move away from using SS#s too. Guess the word needs to trickle down to Universities too

Here are some notable Univ. ID thefts:

*March 2006 UC Berkeley personal information on 98,000 graduate students and applicants stolen

*2001 to 2003 Deborah Jenkin (an employee) of University of Hawaii took 150,000 IDs from the school's system

*April 2006, 1,400 Univ. of South Carolina students IDs were mistakenly emailed to classmates

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movie rental business asked too

by storch In reply to SS#s Bad Idea

I always was extremely uncomfortable about my school using my SS# as ID. I should have insisted that they assign me a random number instead.

I went to a new (local) movie rental business and they wanted me to fill out a customer card that included my SS#. I refused and they refused to rent movies to me. Needless to say I never returned. What's scary is that all the other customers were "compliant". I am hoping that the general public is starting to learn about identity theft and act accordingly. But I wonder. It still seems like folks are way too willing to give out all their personal info to almost anyone who asks. I felt like standing outside the door of the rental store to warn people off. But I am a quiet, introverted person and I certainly didn't want the store to call the cops on me.

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I would have gotten them bad publicity on TV

by Why Me Worry? In reply to movie rental business ask ...

I recall going to a clothing store to get a garment and the sales clerk had asked me for my social security number. Usually, they ask for a home phone number, which I also don't give out because I have it unlisted for a reason, but a social security number? I looked at her like she was on drugs and the pissed off look on my face told her not to ask me any more dumb questions. I asked to speak to a manager and he told me that it's a new "policy" for keeping track of their customers. I flat out told him that he was full of crap and that there are better ways of tracking customers than by using such sensitive information. Nevertheless, I told them that they will be on the news that day to get them to change their policy, and they did. Unfortunately, the only way to get to some people is to threaten them with negative publicity, but if it must be done, so be it.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to I would have gotten them ...

That is absolutely crazy. I can only imagine how many people actually divulged that information before you raised concern.
Sometimes I am flat out horrified at the level of intelligence in this world!

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Same thing.

by action13 In reply to movie rental business ask ...

I am a Canadian that worked in the US for a few years. I was also asked for my SSN at a movie rental place. I was surprised at how many places "required" your SSN and it seemed, in fact, a bit scary. To this day (I left the US in 2000), I have an easier time recalling my SSN than my SIN (canadian equivalent). In Canada, I can't recall ever being asked for my SIN except on a job application.

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OU Athens and the VA

by Too Old For IT In reply to SS#s Bad Idea

You might as well post your info on a billboard at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk as give it to some of these people.

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Told person

by acracker In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

I told them about their sharing problem and they were happy I did. They took that file off the network so it cannot be found by anyone. They had no idea they were sharing it and to prevent this from happening with other students I will alert the admin to this problem. Thanks for the help!

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Don't we just love MS File & Printer Sharing?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Told person

And Microsoft is harping about their secure computing initiative?

That File & Printer sharing service should be removed by MS as a default setting when TCP/IP is installed

Also, disable Netbios over TCP on the laptop to prevent your machine from being found by the computer browser service

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Cant be done. Their stuff would fall over

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Don't we just love MS Fil ...

You can't install MSDE without it enabled for instance. Gives you a fatal error and rolls back the entire installation.
If you find one stupid interdependancy in MS stuff there's bound to be ten more.

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