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Person in dorm hall displaying personal information

By acracker ·
Ok so the other day I was browsing through shared folders on my university's network looking for music when I came to a shared .pdf document on someone's computer that showed all their personal information (Name, DOB, Social Security Number, residence ect...) I don't have any kind of superuser access to the network so this document is availiable to anyone to see and access. How do I tell this person that they are sharing files they shouldn't be? I don't want them to think that I hacked into their computer because I didn't and I would never exploit someone's personal information.
Thanks for any ideas,

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they deserve what they get

by GSG In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

Filesharing music is illegal, so they get what they deserve.

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Here's a plan

by Tachyon In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

You could use their credit card to buy them a nice book on security.

Seriously though, how anyone that stupid got to University is beyond me. Must be due to "No idiot left behind".

Slip a note under the door. People that stupid usually take offense to it being pointed out. Do it in person and they're likely to accuse you of hacking etc.
Save the hassle, make it anonymous.
Something like.

"Dear moron, you have all your personal information shared on the public University network. Fix it before someone less honest than me steals your identity"

Besides, it might be a honeypot or other trap and you'll walk into it and spend your days being accused of all kinds of crap by whatever jackboot thugs set it up.


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Better plan

by NickNielsen In reply to Here's a plan

Next time at least read the thread titles before you make a fool of yourself:

As for the individual concerned, I prefer to think he's ignorant. Ignorance can be fixed.

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Ha, you must be the moron in question...

by Tachyon In reply to Better plan

Judging by your whiney little post, you must be the moron he was talking about.
See, I told you morons get touchy if poeople confront them on their stupidity.
Not to mention my reply was completely relevant to the original post, and it's title. Get a sense of humour or shut up
Go back to clicking on pop-ups and claiming money from Nigeria and leave I.T. forums to the smart kids.

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Ummm Tachyon

by Tig2 In reply to Ha, you must be the moron ...

Nick had a valid point.

And he has been around the IT block for more years than I will admit to for him.

Perhaps politeness is in order?

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Well, Tachyon,

by Old Guy In reply to Ha, you must be the moron ...

you weren't confronting me and so far today I haven't done anything that even you would think was stupid. However, your reply to Nick is very typical of a pompous, self indulgent, egotistical, small minded person. Now I hope you're not like that. I'm just stating your reply was typical of someone like that. If you can't be congenial in a forum then maybe you shouldn't "waste" your time here. It doesn't hurt to at least be civil.

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More on your reply

by Old Guy In reply to Ha, you must be the moron ...

No, your first response was not relevant to the original post. Your sarcastic acidity was again indicative of a small-minded egotistical little man who appears to think everyone is stupid but themselves. As someone else pointed out here there is a big difference between doing something stupid and being ignorant of how to do something. There are myriads of college students who are extremely smart and talented who haven't a clue about pc security because they've never been shown or learned how to take care of it. That's why we are here in IT admin/management/help desk, etc. to show and instruct people how to apply security. Your original post shows none of that. First rule of thumb: you do not know everything. Second rule: learn how to communicate with people. Third rule: Speak to others how you would want them to speak to you.

I hope you will learn better communication skills. Good luck.

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by TechExec2 In reply to Ha, you must be the moron ...

Tachyon, I completely agree with Nick, Tigger, and Old Guy here.

I enjoy a good joke and your first one was pretty funny ("use their credit card to buy them a nice book on security"). Clever. Light-hearted. But, I think you were way over the line after that. It's just not funny to tear someone to shreds for your own selfish amusement. Not one bit.

Your attack on Nick for calling you on it was completely un-called for.

You are putting a lot of energy into being offensive. You could do a lot of good with that energy. Think about it.

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I wasn't going to do it

by NickNielsen In reply to Ha, you must be the moron ...

after the fine defense (thanks much, everybody! ), but I just have to...

Smart kids? Aahh, I understand. Punks.

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Geez louise Nick

by OnTheRopes In reply to Ha, you must be the moron ...

You're a moron? I never got the memo. :_|

Nobody ever tells me anything anymore.

Me pout now.

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