Phantom Mapped Drives

By XT John ·
We have a PC running Windows XP in a Domain environment, and it has all its updates. This user needs access to 5 folders on the server, and has drive mappings to them using v,w,x,y,and z. What's been happening on this machine is phantom mapped drives are filling up the available spaces in between... g-u, typically they are pointing to the same shared folder, they'll display as being 'disconnected' (and thus unremovable); though the folder is accessible. I had recreated the profile for this user, and things worked fine for several days, now they're back. We are all scratching out heads over this one. The desired mappings v-z are all available and working fine. The user is not having any other issues on this PC, and is used to ignoring the 'disconnected' drives. We're just baffled by this one...

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Problem has returned

by XT John In reply to Phantom Mapped Drives

and spread. The registry fix seemed to work for a few days, but now the same thing is happening, and on two additional pc's. No matter what letters are assigned as mapping, the 'phantom' mappings fill up the available drive letters. It's not causing any problems to our users... just puzzling for us.

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How are you mapping the drives?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Problem has returned

Are you doing it from a batch file called by the user's profile at login, or do you have them mapped locally at the computer and set to reconnect? Are all of the five drives getting assigned to additional letters, or just some of them? Is there a new app that's mapping the drive in the background?

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These were

by XT John In reply to How are you mapping the d ...

mappings that were set up at each computer about 2-3 years ago (Through My computer, Map Netowrk drives, and yes it's checked to reconnect). They've been working fine all this time; the issue just started a couple of weeks ago. Only one of the mapped drives repeats itself into the 'Phantom' drives. And though they appear as disconnected, they are accessable by double clicking on them. I originally thought there must be an app doing this in the background, but now that it's spread to other computers, I've ruled that out.

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Persistent drive mappings cause this stupidity

by ManiacMan In reply to These were

Repeat the steps I provided if these new phantom drives show up as new drive letters, but uncheck the reconnect drive box, as that is causing the persistent mapping problem.

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