Phoenix Award WorkstationBIOS

By commandoseb ·
I just got a new mobo and the CMOS Setup is something called Award WorkstationBIOS. There doesnt seem to be an option to change the fsb, multiplyer, or voltage. I was planning on overclocking my cpu to like 3.0ghz because when I got the mobo I installed a big cooling system in the case with it. The cooling system works great, but my plan in the beginning was to overclock it. Is there a way to change the WorkstationBIOS to just normal bios? If not is there another way to overclock it?

Mobo: AOpen AX4GE-N
CPU: Intel Celeron 2.6ghz
Main OS: Windows XP Home SP3
BIOS: Phoenix Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG
RAM: 1.25GB PC2100 (2 Sticks)

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Are you aware of what a CELERON actually is? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Phoenix Award Workstation ...

I don't want to burst your bubble, but any Celeron would be the last chip that I would ever consider for overclocking purposes.

Celeron chips are generally invalid chips that didn't quite make it through the manufacturing process without an inherent instability in the silicon layer(s). You see, when IC chips are made, it is a one way process - once they are made if they turn out to be sub-standard they cannot be chucked back in to the system and made again. So the manufacturer has to decide whether to throw them away, or sell them 're-badged' as something else.

Celeron chips are usually not made intentionally to BE Celeron chips, they are invariably Centrino, or PentiumV/VI++ chips that didn't quite 'make the grade'.

My current Intel Core2Duo E8500 3.16GHz is capable of overclocking, but preferring to run with an inherently stable system I just paid for a chip that could do the business straight out of the box.

As for the Award BIOS, someone else can fill you in on it's potential. :)

Sorry, meant to say my BIOS is Phoenix.

<BIOS version>

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Well if you don't like your CPU and want to Overclock

by OH Smeg In reply to Phoenix Award Workstation ...

I at least hope you have a decent Power Supply fitted so that when the CPU goes to Silicon Heaven it doesn't take everything else inside the case with it.

But there is a very old saying here it goes along the lines of Read the Manual

In this case what you are looking for is on page 94 of the manual. Look there and make sure to read the Warnings before proceeding.

I particularly liked the But not guaranty and smiley face listed there

If you can not find your manual it is available here


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Thanks for the replies

by commandoseb In reply to Phoenix Award Workstation ...

Thanks for the info on the celeron. It really explains the price

This comp is just an effect of boredom, really. Built it because of all the comp stuff buried in my closet and i wanted to just see if i could make one that works.I don't care if i fry it, but i just want to try to overclock it. My main concern is the bios. I just need to get rid of the workstation bios. Any suggestions?

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Well you could try updating your BIOS to the 1.03 Version available here

by OH Smeg In reply to Phoenix Award Workstation ...

However if you look at the Users Manual for this it claims that the BIOS contains the settings to alter the CPU hence Overclock it on page 25 here

The directions for updating the BIOS is available on page 92 of the same manual Page 94 of the manual says that you can overclock the FSB to 992 MHZ and the controls for this should be under the Frequency/Voltage heading in the BIOS.

I hope that helps you destroy this unit. :)


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