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Phone systems comparisons

By NaughtyMonkey ·
My company is accepting quotes for phone systems. If anyone has any feedback on their experiences with different systems, it would be greatly appreciated.

We currently have a 20 year old Comdial system and have received quotes for Avaya, Cisco, Toshiba, and are waiting on a quote for Samsung.

Management interface is very important to me and ability to interface with Domino would be wonderful. Have not found any so far that interface with Domino but the Avaya system we can write a program to do so.

Please let your hatred for any products come out now with the reasons.

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There is no comparison

by phamlin In reply to Phone systems comparisons

You're comparing apples and oranges there Monk. Throw out Toshiba and Samsung like you would a Yugo to a Corvette. Avaya and Cisco are the top two contendors. Avaya rules the roost when it comes to feature functionality and reliability. Upper Management is not going to care about how much you saved when the fans aren't spinning and the lights quit flashing. They're expecting dial tone 24x7x365. You are not going to get that or the integration with Lotus through the others.

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Tried Nortel?

by s.farmer In reply to There is no comparison

We replaced an aging AT&T Merlin system about 7 years ago with a Nortel BCM system. System has performed well for us, with no problems. Scalable system capable of VOIP, unified messaging, phone trees; etc.

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I have Nortel and do not recommend them

by karl In reply to Tried Nortel?

I have two BCMs, 50 and 1000, the 1000 since 2001. I really like the switches, and my local dealer is good, but Nortel is awful. Their programming is very rough. The software updates have taken 3-5 hours to do. Poor service from Nortel. I do not recommend them.

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But they lead teh industry,

by Oz_Media In reply to I have Nortel and do not ...

Always have and probably always will.

The BCM 2.5 initially had some really sad software issues, but Cisco couldn't even get the rigt phones ot ring at that time.

Support? YOu obviously aren't calling the right people, You get an engineer on the phone by DID and they will take care of just about anything. Software updates, just have them sent to you, Nortel sends out disks to all companies who DIDN'T BUY FROM A CHEAP GREY MARKET RESELLER, automatically.

Problem is, most people find a local dealer with Nortel on thier card and assume they are NOrtel Authorized, check Autthorized dealers on Nortel website, then you will get service and updates you need.

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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to There is no comparison

I just want to go with the Avaya. It has the greatest flexibility, reputation, and can launch an executable when it screen pops so we can code an app to launch Notes and bring up account info. Higher end Avaya systems support Notes, but that would be twice as much. Unfortunately, management is trying to be cheap. All I can do is tell them what I think and any experiences I get here. If they go with crap and it breaks, it deserves an "I told you so".

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I would go Avaya

by Tig2 In reply to Personally...

Stable and scalable.

I have implemented a large number of Avaya systems and love them. Easy to use, easy to administer, easy to deploy.

That all said, we all have a favourite. To me, the best thing about the Avaya family is that upgrading is dead easy.

Frankly, the ROI on the Avaya is easy to prove and support. It is simply a good, scalable system- with the usual caveats about what you specifically purchase.

Good luck to you!

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Tig, you've lost it!

by Oz_Media In reply to I would go Avaya

I am getting tored of all these IT peoeple thinking Cisco and Avaya make good product (I will place Avaya over Cisco), but these aren't telecom companies. They are copiers, WHO do they copy?

Nitsuko (now owned by NEC), Nortel, and Mitel.

Upgrading is dead easy, ROI is great, yes it's an IT department's dream as they are forced to think of such issues. A GOOD telecom system buut by far not the best. YOu will get better value for money and ROI from NEC's NEAX line, YOu will get a better QUALITY product from Nortel. ROI and TCO are still there, but the quality and performance, latency control is second to none.

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by Tig2 In reply to Tig, you've lost it!

Have never heard of Nitsuko. I'll check them out.

Nortel has been tough to support in my area. Just not nearly enough qualified folks and the ones that ARE out there get snapped up in a hurry.

In the end, the system is rarely the sticking point. The support is. For companies that want their own Telco folk on-site, support is an element of the business requirement.

It would be great to see more serious contenders in the market. Especially in the VoIP space. It seems that the "only" player is Cisco, and that is not, in my opinion, always the best choice.

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Nitsuko = NEC

by ncleaver In reply to Interesting

Nitsuko built low end key systems. They were bought by NEC America several years ago. NEC has 2 divisions. One that makes very large PBX systems and the former Nitsuko line that made low end systems. Over the years, one grew down and the other grew up to the point that their lines overlapped and competed a little. The NEC VoIP lines were just coming out a few years ago when I had factory traning. My experience with the NEC legacy systems and with their support sservices were all favorable.

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Have you looked at Interactive Intelligence?

by rod In reply to Personally...

They have all the bells and whistles

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