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Photo attachment is live

By sMoRTy71 ·
In case you all didn't notice, the photo attachment functionality is live.

It could take a while for your photo to appear due to how often we cache these pages, so please be patient.


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Interesting bit of Sherlock Holmes action there

by maxwell edison In reply to You want to know somethin ...

I have no idea who's hosting the photo I used. I found it with a google search of images with the key words "monkey glasses".

My teenage son found it one day, and said there was a striking resemblance. So what the heck.

MAybe I should use some of the other google searches he's tried? ......No, I won't do that......and yes, he and I had a long talk about that one.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Interesting bit of Sherlo ...

I noticed the right click menu and decided to make note. I was actually surprised to see it was directly linked and not uploaded from the link to the TR servers.

Oh well, Tripod it is then,

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My point made

by Oz_Media In reply to You want to know somethin ...

Yeah I know it's pretty sad. Not my website though.

I just use it for FTP of demo's and stuff though so I didn't want to use it here. No that's not my website, my site/domain sits on a business server in Vavcouver. That was a freebee I've never bothered to setup a page on in Shaw,I use it for sharing page layouts, testing graphics on the web, and a quick file transer every now and then. HEY! it's Unix based too! LOL

Think I'll just open some free BS account on tripod or something, see if that works.

Thanks for making a point, now look into the little flashy light thingy for a minute.


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by house In reply to My point made

So is mine. :)

I will register for a free pic hosting service later. You guys have less than 24 hours to try and deface my cat. Let the games begin. LOL.

Just kidding... don't try to overwrite my pic, we do have security measures in place.


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High Bandwidth Sites

by BFilmFan In reply to We hadn't planned on it

Should be able to use one of the lovely high-bandwidth sites like Yahoo, which thoughtfully lets me use my pictures to frighten small children, pets and ladies.

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Not all users are hosted

by maxwell edison In reply to We hadn't planned on it

Believe it or not, I don't have a Web site from which I can access a photo. (No Web site? What's the matter with me?) If I did, I would upload the photo of me standing on the top of the podium with six Olympic gold medals hanging around my neck. (Yea, right.)

A Web site is on my list of thing to do. But by the time it gets to the top, something like a game of golf or a trip to Las Vegas always bumps it down a few places. I have to set my priorities, you know.

So keeping people from uploading inappropriate photos might present a challenge for you guys.

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Try Flickr or Webshots for free

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Not all users are hosted

There are several free photo-hosting services that you could use.

I use Flickr (and really love it). Here are my photos as a reference:

CNET owns Webshots which has photo-hosting/sharing.

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perfect thanks!

by Oz_Media In reply to Try Flickr or Webshots fo ...

I thought that perhaps if using some free hosted site, the user would start getting banners and crap as the imageis loading from an ad hosted site.

Wouldn't want to be hung for hammering people with adware or something.

I could always host it on a client site, be good for a laugh though! LOL

P.S. I certainly feel sorry for the tub full of little nude kids that may one day realize you shared this moment in public.

I would do my parents in for that when I got older!

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by house In reply to Try Flickr or Webshots fo ...

I'm was a little bit concerned about using our server. Thanks for the info... I'll deal with it later.

Chris :)

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Thanks sMoRTy71

by maxwell edison In reply to Try Flickr or Webshots fo ...

That's a great idea. I'll consider using it.

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