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Photo attachment is live

By sMoRTy71 ·
In case you all didn't notice, the photo attachment functionality is live.

It could take a while for your photo to appear due to how often we cache these pages, so please be patient.


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by house In reply to Smorty

Nice pic. LOL. I can't find my stupid USB cord for my camera. I guess I'll look for a temporary pic online.

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I almost posted a pic of my last cat too

by Oz_Media In reply to Ha

But those are just for me I think. :)

The fist pic was an old one but I have since nixed it for a more 'vocal' appearance.

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by house In reply to I almost posted a pic of ...

I'm going to use a picture of myself, but I can't find that stupid little proprietary USB link cable. If I keep tearing up the house looking for it, my girlfriend will start tearing up the 'house' too. It's 2:30 AM. :)

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I almost posted a pic of ...

Looks like the Drugs, Booze and hard life being a roadie has got to you. Don't come at the old argument your the manager they are nothing more than a glorified roadie.


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OOOOh cheap shot !

by Oz_Media In reply to OZ

That was way below the belt Colin! :)

Yeah managers are glorified roadies, roadies and managers are the ones who do all the work though.

Actually, I only manage locally now, I book local bands for a few clubs in Van and work with a local promotion company to set up events and stuff. It's a par titme gig nowdays.

If I get a band into Europe that's when it is pretty much turned over in most cases to the label and I am just a residual name on a contract for promotions/distribution etc. Except in two cases where personal friendship to the members keeps me a little more hand-on with their productions.

glorified roadie...! Man, the crap I take from you guys! Low ****!

In my early 20's I did roadie for a fairly long tour where I met many contacts I still have now, THAT was work!! Man, I've done some hard/physical jobs but those guys work like a machine.

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Come on OZ be fair

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OOOOh cheap shot !

There may not be the heavy lifting or impossible time frames involved but the managers still have to be seen and welcome the hosts and God knows who else.

While they may not be rolling up Mic leads or whatever is used now days they still have to be around to see things run smoothly. I did one record for a band a long time ago as Sound Engineer and I worked far longer hours than any one else other than the manager who was constantly hanging over my shoulder wanting something different.

Half Inch tape isn't a very good weapon particuarly when you try to tie someone up with it I don't know how you would get on now with DAT tapes as they are next to useless as a method of restraining someones manager who is giving you the SH1TS! Although I suspose force feeding a few CD to the guy would have some beneficial effects.

Of course those "Bloody Roadies" took all the Gaffer tape so I would have only needed a few feet of that instead of about half a mile of recording tape.


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Still using DAT's

by Oz_Media In reply to Come on OZ be fair

Yeah DAT's are still the way to go for multirack mixes but nothing works better than monster cable for keeping an engineer in his seat until you are 110% happy with a mix. With the people working the studios now being former world class artists themselves, they pretty much now what to get down for bed tracks. I will then listen to the tracks and key in comment tags in Cakewalk or Cubase before sending it back for a remix. Of course then leaving the final cut to the band based on suggestion and assorted mixes. Something not done in North America, out here the band is often lucky to hear their finished work before it is on the shelves.

In Europe they are always given FULL artistic control, which is why they are a band in the first place. :)

The hands on responsiblities usually get passed onto the promotor(s), meet and greets, guest hosting and such is a job for public relations people.

Managing has becomc supervising now, the most work is done directly with the bands. You need to be their trusted source for everything as they soon larn to trust nobody.

But you are more of a personal friend and ally that they can rely onto keep others working toward the same goals than the hands-on management of say Peter Grant or something.

A manager now is no more than a glorified coordinator and best friend, everyone knows what they are doing and just need a ring leader once in a while. Kinda hard to do from here, but if needed I can slip across he pond for support.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ha

I'll be keeping my eye on you.


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? Colin ?

by house In reply to Chris

Why is that? Are you talking about my pic or hacking other pictures? Please elaborate.

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Well at the moment it isn't working

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ? Colin ?

But when it is you'll see.

I'll probably have to host the JPG on a US site as for some reason it doesn't seem to like picking things up from my AU site.

but if you want to see my avatar check this out

Must be a teething glitch.

Well now it's working so you can see for your self. This is what happens when you work IT for too long!


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