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By webmonkeyBUILDER ·
I have been working with PHP for a couple of years, mostly modifying an existing template for websites (using XHTML and CSS) created by a programmer, to develop customized websites for different clients. I can convert any Photoshop mock-up into a usable interface using this template, but there is much of the programming nuts and bolts I just do not get. I would like to gain a deeper understanding of PHP, and decided to create this PHP Forum in hopes that both myself and interested Forum participants can suggest good online resources, such as tutorials, as well as books and to learn PHP Programming from. This is also a good spot for beginners to intermediate level PHP users to post questions and recieve help from peers and more advanced users.

Let's make it a worthwhile endeavor!

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I second that!

by Zoef In reply to Try the docs

Whenever I'm coding Php I've got the chm version of the docs open.

Also, the included user's notes are also an incredible source of tips, tricks and information.


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PHP-based Content Management Systems

by webmonkeyBUILDER In reply to PHP Forum

Hi Everyone,

I've been reviewing CMSs for personal and business use [http://cmsinfo.org/]. I was wondering if any folk that drop by this forum have used any of these and have reasons for or against the use of any of these. I would appreciate any info you can provide.


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A few to consider

by webmonkeyBUILDER In reply to PHP-based Content Managem ...

Mambo is one that I am using on my personal website right now and I am really liking it. For its basic features, it does not require the use of an .htaccess file. This is particularly important for me because I am using another PHP/MySQL Genealogy package within one directory in my site, and changes made in .htaccess files were wreaking havoc with this one directory's functioning.

However, if you need one all powerful CMS to do just about everything, Drupal is the way to go. I will be employing this on a new organizational website, and I am excited to get it going. One note to users: You should modify the database.sql file so that you add a prefix such as "drupal_" before all the table names, just to keep things tidy.

MovableType is nifty and widely used, but you need Perl scripting to use it and I don't have that support on my server.

I hope this is helpful, and look forward to hearing from other users on their experiences with PHP/MySQL based Content Management Systems.

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