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PICTURES OF IRAQ. (Warning: Not for Anti-Amercans or Anti war supporters)

By Garion11 ·
Pictures that the media doesn't show you. The REAL stories of Iraq.

Please copy and paste this link and feel free to comment. Thanks :).

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Grow up

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Oh no,

What happened in Spain is a lot more complicated that the simplistic way you are trying to push it. First they became a target because of their involvement in Iraq, Secondly the then ruling Government attempted to lie to its citizens.

The general population of Spain has been in a state of civil war for years so they can hardly be called cowards but it was the outrage that was felt by the majority of citizens against their ruling party trying to offset the blame for that attack that caused the change in government as prior to that incident the then ruling Party look as if they would be returned to power. It was only the attempt to place the blame for the attack on to a different organization that lead to their being voted out of office. If the then Government had just said we don't as yet know who is responsible quite likely there would have been a very different outcome.

However when a Government is caught attempting to lie to its citizens they quite naturally lose any faith that they previously had in the Government. I can remember the exact same thing happening in America when the "Watergate Affair" was exposed do you remember that one?


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Quite the generalist aren't you

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh no,

Well you lumped SPAIN in as cowards, therefore all people FROM SPain are cowards.

Then you added France, ergo all French citizens are cowards.

I assume Canadians are also cowards.

The British are mighty and tough all of a sudden? Isn't this coming from the same country where MANY of the citizens think they won WWII and saved England? Would the British not also be cowards according to your reasoning?

Anyone who doesn't support teh US is a coward.

Why would you even require support if you are the only might in the world?

Perhaps others are reluctant to fight beside you due to your constant issues with killing your own or allies by "friendly fire", nice word to explain you F****d up AGAIN.

Get off your soapbox and at least have a valid point, you make somany accusations with VERY little logical defense for your own statements, If people aren't agreeing with you, they are just wrong. How about some compelling reason for someone to agree with you instead?

Support your own comments instead of shooting down others as America haters, it's people EXACTLY like yourself that make other people HATE America, not the average citizens with a sense of reason.

YOUR mentality is what has hurt America, not those who are against the US decisions.

So let out your deep breath and relax. We don't need to act like a peacock in 2004.

Listen instead, it may help you understand WHAT other people are against so that you can be more accurate in your accusations against them, if you can't support your own comments that is.

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Waaaa Waaa - Liberal - "Hate Speech" shouldn't be permitted

by JimHM In reply to Hate Speech

Did you ever hear of the First Adm - There Chas - Freedom of Speech - Now you liberals want to classify things you don't like to hear as "Hate Speech" and ban it - Against the First Adm.

Liberals speek from two ends of their bodies - and how do you know a Liberal is lieing - his mouth or arss is moving ... or talking ...

Waaa - Waaa - Waaa - Hate Speech - Waaa - I am A Liberal you can't say that - Waaa Waaa ... GET A LIFE!

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you know...

by maecuff In reply to Waaaa Waaa - Liberal - "H ...

It seems that a common theme from you is name calling. My 6 year old sounds more mature than you. Damn Republicans..always having to resort to name calling when they can't come up with something worthwhile to say.

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Attack - Got to classify somehow

by JimHM In reply to you know...

Hey we all got to classify people somehow - whether they be Liberals, Conserative, Libertarin, Communist, Nationist, Zionist, Fundantialist.. you pick it you can be classified.

I have found that the major that cry "Hate Speech" are liberal and only cry it when something is said in oposition to what they believe. And they have no valid argument or counter points... They Cry that is Hate Speech and want the Speech police to come to their rescue...

And you call me or classify me as a "Dam Republican" - how do you know that? Hum I guess thats not name calling thats just calling the kettle black - but see I don't care, actually most conserative don't care, a name is only a name and can do no harm. I have found in life, only those with a weak belief fondation are troubled by being classified. The don't have the evidence or strength to defend their positions.

I guess not being classified is so they can change aligance in the mid-stream to a winning group. But being Classified locks you all into a group.

Oh well - just call me a "Silly Dam Republican" - or "Stupid arss Conservative" - or "Know nothing Liberatarin" - pick one of those three. Is fine with me, and being 6 you see the world for what it is - no preconceived ideas -

The beauty of the young eye - and mind - ability to see what others can not.

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Classification or justification

by Oz_Media In reply to Attack - Got to classify ...

Well I see exactly what you are saying Jim, and that's one of trhe things that amuses me so about the American culture. People have to be molded or classified in order to be listened to or understood. If not, they have no right to speak.

Now from what I am told, I am a Democrat, Socialist, Conservative, Liberal. This was all by different TR members who simply couldn't get their head around that I do not favour a paticular party in Canada. I think people are simply unable of having a conversation without knowing or assuming they know where the other stands. This would be a very typical social disorder just like children have in school. If you want to be a jock wear must the uniform, if you want to look like a homey you must wear the uniform etc.

It seems that everyone must wear their colors on their sleeve and stand behind them vehemently.

When you have those that are indifferent, they are what? Anti-American, Democrats, lost souls, or they simply don't get heard because they don't stand for ONE party.

It's sad as well as scary, the kids learn this segregation in school, then grow up to be just like you, you must have a label to fit in.

Is this not also the underlying mentality that fuels MASS agression against other countries?

If they don't like Bush, they are the enemy, If they support or believe in something that WE don't, it MUST be stopped or corrected to fit into the American mold, yes there's a double meaning there.

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Oz-Oz-Oz - what am I going to do

by JimHM In reply to Attack - Got to classify ...

Oz long time no - point counter point between us.

Gee lets see labels - tags - classification -

Isn't that something that happens on a daily basis? What do you do at your job - you aren't the CEO / CFO then jump to the CTO and CIO (ok if you own your own company maybe). But if your a salesman - you don't do the programmers job do you - or do you not believe in labels - tags - or classifications at all.

Its the same with you are human - ****-erictus - huminoid - not bug - insect - plant -

Its the same with political views and beliefs - christian - islamic - jewish - whichever.

Same with Political views - or basic beliefs - Libertarin, liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, communist, nationalist, socialist or facist - If you jump around not speaking one belief then - you have no beliefs - and more of whatever the mood or argurment I can cause problems with.

If you - have beliefs then make them known and stay with them - if you don't like being classified I guess a long walk off a roof would help - everything in life is classified - labeled - taged - Otherwise it would be nuts.

Your vision is someone screwy - but then again - thats you Ozzie -

Thanks for the laugh and the point counter points..

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No it isn't

by Oz_Media In reply to Attack - Got to classify ...

NO not everything in life is labelled,
a TITLE at a company is actually a job description, not a label.

Your TITLE allows those who wish to seek a specialist in your company to identify YOU as the one in charge of a given set of duties, again NOT a label.

Abtually I didn't know you were a "DAMN REPUBLICAN" it makes NO difference to my what soever what political party you favour, your views on war don't 'label' your political identity in my world. If you had different views on ONE aspect of politics would you no longer BE Republican?

AMERICA has a need to classify everyone, as I've said befrore, we don't politically label each other in Canada, I couldn't tell you WHAT party my best friends support, politics isn't welcome in Canadian discussions, nor do we care.

Your political views COULD tag you as an arse in my books, but being Canadian I couldn't give a rats who you feel should control your country's economy. When it comes to YOUR views on war, am I to understand that no matter what YOU feel you will offer a Republican view? Do you not make your own conclusions?

No there aren't tags assigned to everyone, I will prove ANYONE wrong who decides to place my thoughts in a box and classify me. I guarantee you will find a different classification after we discuss a different subject. I reach my OWN conclusions based on what I see and feel. Not based on what party I support, which in Canada is none as I am not Canadian and cannot vote here on a Federal level.

You cannot tag me because I don't fit tagging. It may work in ONE opinion that I am Liberal, other views may be Conservative. There is no mould and I don't fit classification.

That's an American thing, come up here and see how often you are tagged. Come up here and ask people id they are LIberal or Conservative, you will see a LOT of furrowed brows as people say "Who gives a s**t?!"

Keep YOUR politics in America where it's appreciated, when it's effecting MY day, then it becomes MY business and I will tell you what I think. Not what I'm SUPPOSED to think or what all the others wearing MY tag would think.

THat's why I say you are such conformists, you build a set of beliefs and morals based on a political party, to meit is complete lunacy, I supose down there it is expected of people to simply find a group and stay there.

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Well Jim

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Attack - Got to classify ...

If you are so adamant in your beliefs why do you not take the opportunity to explain them when asked?

Now I did ask you to speak out on just how troops proved ineffective in Nam because they lacked solid aims and an enemy but I have noticed that you declined to follow up on this offer.

Could it be that you only wish to post here on what you would like to believe in rather than the reality of the situation? But then again I suppose you could have been one of the few from NAm who was welcomed home with open arms instead like the rest who where spat upon and treated like dirt for something that they had no control over. You have no idea just how upset I was when I saw scenes like this as the people who where protesting aimed their wrath at the wrong people. Instead of attacking the people responsible for sending the troops there they transfered their dislike onto the troops who had nothing to do with the thing in the first place. But then again I'll bet you would have gone to Nam even if the US Government wasn't interested wouldn't you?


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Did you read the post?

by TheChas In reply to Waaaa Waaa - Liberal - "H ...

Nowhere in my post did I say anything about limiting speech.

All I did was comment on Garion's vicious attitude against anyone who is not 100% behind the war in Iraq.

I used to consider myself to be a conservative.

If I have now become a liberal, there is but one person to thank for that happening.

George W. Bush has made me notice and dislike what the Republican party has become.

I voted for Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bob Dole.
I have written my Democratic Senators and taken them to task for liberal stands.

As the Republican party has become a party of, by and for big business, I find myself unable to continue to support the party.

The roots of the Republican party were in fiscal and environmental conservation.
Can you find any fiscal restraint in the current federal budget?
And, how come George W. spent the first 2 years trying to roll back every environmental initiative?
Yet, in this election year, suddenly sees the environment as something to protect?

Actually, I consider myself to be more of a centrist than either liberal or conservative.

From what I read in your political posts, I suspect that you are about 3 steps to the right of Rush Limbaugh.

Under George W. Bush, the Republican party has swung the political pendulum much farther to the right than the Democrats ever shifted the country to the left.


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