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Piggyback developers in a bind over IE

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Hmm, MS doesn't see a threat yet

by BOUND4DOOM In reply to Piggyback developers in a ...

Well I am a developer and been developing for years, I remember when IE 4 came out I thought it was the cats meow for developers. Thats when sites got flashy, thats when DHTML started to boom, but along with the cool things came the bad, the pop ups, the ads, the SMIL adds, and so on.

"I wouldn't expect fewer developers to target IE," is an interesting quote. Now developers of PC based software maybe, but web developers, what closet is he in. 2 words, Web Standards, More and more sites are downgrading the flashy features, the eyecatching bandwidth hog sites to XHTML and web standards. Even dropped the fluff and flash to a more standard website. Even has many articles devoted to web standardization. and with the next version of CSS finally coming out, and coming out and available in Firefox and not in IE. I think MS is loosing some site. You know how long I waited for a built in free pop up blocker, I refused to pay for one. I built my own, but I wanted it integrated. It should be. I will always be an MS fan expecially of .net and C# but IE I have discarded it. Anyone else?

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Oh and this is interesting

by BOUND4DOOM In reply to Hmm, MS doesn't see a thr ...

Funny a few hours after I posed this 2 good articles came out stating quite loudly the browser wars are back, and they are,39020369,3**69278,00.htm


MS really did let down their guard on the browser and Firefox came in punching,

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