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Pink Ribbon Pictures

By Tig2 ·
And the GPS tracks that prove I walked every mile!

To Michael Jay, PSer, NickNielsen, MidniteOne (Rest in Peace, Gordon), AV, Beth, W2KTechman, Oscar, Captain Billy, Maecuff, Alapan, Onbliss, Deadly Ernest, Shellbot, CMilller, JDClyde, and others that I am certain that I have missed; my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

To NeilB, GG, Steffi, HAL, OH SMEG, Absolutely, Jay, Hemlock, DMambo, OZ Media, JamesRL, Rob, Boxfiddler, Dan, Faradhi, DaveO, TE2, Dad's Pad, PondScum, OnTheRopes, Inkling, Michael Jay, PSer, NickNielsen, MidniteOne, AV, Beth, W2KTechman, Cap't Billy, Maecuff, Alapan, DE, Shellbot, CMiller, JDClyde, and all that I have certainly missed- THANK YOU FOR CHANGING YOUR AVATARS!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!!

Believe it or not, I am going for the 3-peat in 2008. Don't know what it will do to the wedding thing but figure I'll figure it out.

I can't do this without you all- supporting, cheering, caring. You all make a difference and allow me to do great things. With you, I can change the world. Without you all, I am nothing.

Thank you so much for doing this with me again. The blisters are gone, my tan is fading, my hair will never be the same again... but oh well. At least it is sun-bleached and not grey (that you can see, I admit nothing!).

Enjoy the pics. If you emailed me an address to receive your ribbon in tennis shoes- the one that walked with me- please re-send it. I spent last weekend re-building my computer and lost everything as it crashed before I could back up email. Silly me- I thought I had my email backed up by my provider. I was wrong. Well SMEG!

Once again, this was a ride. I am still trying to sort it all out in my brain. Hopefully I will get there before next month when it all begins again.

My goal for 2008 is to raise $10,000. Wish me luck with all that! I will post my new website when I build it- late next month, most likely.

This site has proven that we can make a difference when we work together for a common goal. Thank you for letting me see that the most cynical of viewpoints are backed by the greatest hearts!

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Loved the pictures

by maecuff In reply to Pink Ribbon Pictures

You did a great job!

My husband and I just took a break from unpacking to look at all your pictures.

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You're an awesome lady, Tig

by AV . In reply to Pink Ribbon Pictures

Thanks for all the photos and most of all thanks for walking for the cure. People like you make the difference.

PS: I hope you got a foot massage after that! Better yet - a spa day!


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by NickNielsen In reply to Pink Ribbon Pictures

Waiting for next year.

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Very great Photos

by rob mekel In reply to Pink Ribbon Pictures

Tigger, those are great pics ... thanks for sharing them with us.

Damn ... must be a disappointment no email :) alltho no email ... sound delicious to me ... that is ... until I get bored

And to your goal for next year ... Way to Go, y'll get it done !!!

... the pleasure was all mine ... no tnx needed for my support


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Great pictures, Tigger

by neilb@uk In reply to Pink Ribbon Pictures

We are all so proud of you. Amazing feat (feet?) for a great cause.

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You are awesome!

by Beth Blakely In reply to Pink Ribbon Pictures

Thanks for inspiring us all.

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You did the real work Tig

by jdclyde In reply to Pink Ribbon Pictures

I am glad to have been able to help a little, although it is never enough.


I do assume you are making nice hard cover photo albums for each year?

Let me know if you need my address again.

Again, you done good. Real good.

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Of course I'm making scrapbooks!

by Tig2 In reply to You did the real work Tig

Unfortunately, I barely have two minutes to rub together so it's taking awhile. But I have to get it done- I use the pictures from the year before for the current year fundraising.

And yes, I will need your address again. Durned computer ate everything I had archived. Dumb box of silicone!

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I have always said there were two types of computer users

by jdclyde In reply to Of course I'm making scra ...

Those that HAVE lost data, and those that WILL lose data..... ;\

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Tig, if you want to hit 'im.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to I have always said there ...

I'll hold him for you!


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