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Please Don't Feed the Wildlife

By maxwell edison ·
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Any Park Ranger will tell us to refrain from feeding the wildlife, lest they become dependent on the handouts.

Food Stamps in America are being handed out at record levels.

I guess people aren't as smart (or as important) as wildlife.

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What is sad to see is your incessant drivel

by maxwell edison In reply to Sad to see

Geesh - take your Danish, or Finnish, or whatever the **** it is outlook and shove it. I don't give a damn what you say or think, Ansu, and anyone around here who indulges you is foolish. A northern European idiot who comes across as though he's an expert on all things American. A bigot who thinks Fox News is the enemy. What a total idiot you are, Ansu. You must have a sad life to have the time - and desire - to post the crap you do all over the Internet. But then, it's fitting for a sad - and insignificant - little man from insignificant Nordic Europe.

And truth be told, you know nothing. How many times, for example, have you spouted off about "Fox News" and how much influence it wields with those on the right? Too many to count. But I wonder if Fox News' measly one million viewers (as compared to the 23 million who watch CBS, NBC, and ABC) really stretches all the way across the Atlantic? I think not. At best, the European News outlets would only provide a brief "sound bite" from Fox News from time to time. Which means Ansu formed his opinion about Fox news either on a few sound bites or from repeating what others have said. I suspect the latter. Proves Ansu spouts off on things about which he knows absolutely nothing.

How's it feel to be seen as so insignificant, Ansu? An insignificant little man with an insignificant and uninformed opinion from an insignificant, out of the way country. I just laugh at you.

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Ad hominem, Max?

by NickNielsen In reply to What is sad to see is you ...

That used to be beneath you.

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Sore spot...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to What is sad to see is you ...
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Feeding the wildlife directly benefits the economy and businesses

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Please Don't Feed the Wil ...

If a family loses a job, is it better that they:
A) Spend their time trying to survive, selling property to eat
B) Spend their time looking for a new one, keeping property and retaining their employability?

Having a robust workforce (one that doesn't keel over and die when there's a crisis, see Famine of Ireland), is a great boon to business, and is one of the reasons we're better off now than we were a hundred years ago.

Of course, the amount of help to be given can be discussed, but anyone suggesting that no help be given is clearly unaware of their own history.

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Come on down to this red state

by NickNielsen In reply to To Nick and Palmetto who ...

And tell the people working at Fort Jackson and Shaw AFB that government doesn't create jobs.

Go to any town or city that has lost a military base in the last 20 years and tell them the jobs they lost weren't created by government.

You used to be interesting, Max. Now, you just sound like Fox.

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Aren't they just government jobs though?

by AV . In reply to Come on down to this red ...

Its the military. Paid for by the taxpayers. What about the rest of of us? Government doesn't create those jobs. I mean real, long term jobs. Not temp jobs working filling pot holes in the roads like Obama's stimulous provided. Something that has a real career path for people. Only private business can provide that.

The military is something totally different than private enterprise.


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What of the jobs created by those jobs?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Aren't they just governme ...

People with jobs spend money, this money creates jobs.

This fixation on private versus government is silly. A job is a job.
A permanent job is better than a short-term one, but tell that to Walmart.

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Sure, the military spends money in the local economy

by AV . In reply to What of the jobs created ...

That increases the number of low-paying, service sector jobs. Private enterprise creates higher paying jobs and careers outside of military focused areas.


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It also increases the number of high tech jobs

by NickNielsen In reply to Sure, the military spends ...

The military is buying more and more high-tech equipment and that equipment needs maintenance. Sure, the initial front-line work is done by the military, but that's usually just a box-swap. The real work is done in the back shops, where they have the specialized test and repair centers to open up those boxes and repair them. That work is usually done by civilian employees of the equipment manufacturer. And, to ensure they comply with federal law, government contractors generally pay their employees better.

Let's be real, here. McDonnell Douglas, Grumman, Rockwell, AM General, and major divisions or subsidiaries of Motorola, GE, Westinghouse, Boeing, and even Trane, subsist primarily off of government (usually military) spending. Max is correct that there is a trade-off in cutting military spending because jobs go away. But if jobs go away because the government stops spending the money that kept those jobs in existence, how did the government, whether directly or indirectly, not create those jobs?

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