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Please Don't Feed the Wildlife

By maxwell edison ·
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Any Park Ranger will tell us to refrain from feeding the wildlife, lest they become dependent on the handouts.

Food Stamps in America are being handed out at record levels.

I guess people aren't as smart (or as important) as wildlife.

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AV sometimes some people

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It did work out for the s ...

Simply refuse to play by the rules that we accept. I know of several people who just give up when faced with challenges and retire to their own little shell and do absolutely nothing at all.

If womans 2 Male Partner was like this it doesn't matter what you try to do if he refuses to work and does nothing at all do you honestly believe that the kids should suffer?

I've also seen cases where otherwise wealth people have no Legal Income and can not be forced to pay what they Legally Do Not Have to support their kids.

With people the real problem is People are involved and way too often what is reasonable gets tossed out with the Bath Water so that one or both parties involved win what they want or at the very least don't pay what they are obliged to.

But then again without knowing anything of the people involved at all it is just as likely that the male involved died and the insurance company providing Life Insurance refused to pay out on the claim leaving the woman and kids with nothing except debts.


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Would you have her continue to rely on a bum?

by DelbertPGH In reply to It did work out for the s ...

It might be most just, as far as society is concerned, to stick her ex-husband with all the burden of helping her find her feet and become independent. It seems like he wasn't very good at caring for her in the first place, though; what makes you think we'd be successful at insisting that he cough up support money? Should she be shackled to this failure of a man, who might even quit working out of spite, or even worse, decide it would be easier on him to move back in with her? The "charity" system worked well for her, and produced as much justice as you're likely to get in life. You could choose to dwell instead on a man who runs away from responsibilities and is probably making a fresh tragedy of some cocktail waitress's life now. Some people will always be a waste: he is; his ex-wife isn't.

Don't know what to say about your other gal. Unless she faked her medical exam, it seems like a diagnosis of no work and a fatal illness are grounds for receiving disability payments. Perhaps the fact that she can enjoy life while receiving government checks seems unjust? Maybe she's scamming; maybe not.

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$72 billion on food stamps?

by NickNielsen In reply to Yeah, but 47 million peop ...

We're spending over 10 times that a year on war. Shouldn't we be asking why?

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You're spending a thousand times that on Church Tax Exempts...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to $72 billion on food stamp ...
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Typical BS

by maxwell edison In reply to $72 billion on food stamp ...

Why is it when someone points out government overspending on one thing, so many people reply - with some sort of justification, I assume - with a comment about even higher government spending on something else?

"Oh yea, well what about ......"

Sounds like a school yard playground comment.

How about this? Government spends too much money on everything!

Geesh, Nick. You either think the government food stamp program is a sham, a waste, and destructive, or you don't.

I do. AV does. Are you really defending it?

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Talk about your false dichotomies

by NickNielsen In reply to Typical BS

You either think the government food stamp program is a sham, a waste, and destructive, or you don't.

I think it's a crock of schitt that 42 million people can't find work that pays them enough to buy food for their families. ****, yes, I'm defending it; it's keeping people alive. What's the other option? Swift's elegant solution? Did you read anything at any of the links I provided below? Or that anybody else has provided? Or did you discount the information in them because your preconceptions make it difficult to impossible for you to consider that a government program outside defense might be useful?

And before you go off about helping, yes, I help when I can; so do millions of others. I suspect even you help when possible. But the help that's provided isn't enough to do more than stave off starvation. The help that is needed most is a living wage for full-time workers, and, given the conduct of business in such an environment (cf. Gilded Age), your anti-regulation, free-market stance essentially means you're against that, too!

Is the USA, as you have previously described it, the "greatest nation on the face of the Earth"? Does it do its best to take care of all its citizens, with the government stepping in when private organizations cannot? Or is it just another third-world nation with the wealth and income concentrated in the hands of a very few, with the remainder of the population fighting to survive in the face of a system that tells them all they have to do to improve themselves is work, while denying them the chance?

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Re: It's keeping people alive.

by maxwell edison In reply to Talk about your false dic ...

That's your premise; and your premise is flawed. It renders the rest of your argument (here or elsewhere) moot.

The current version of the official Food Stamp Assistance Program wasn't implemented until 1964, so your premise that people would die without it would suggest that people died without it before 1964, which is not true.

It's not the role of government to hand out food on a regular basis to its citizens - without which NO ONE WOULD DIE. If you think otherwise, you're a fool.

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You will, of course, have documentation

by NickNielsen In reply to Talk about your false dic ...

supporting your assertion. But I'm still waiting for the Mexican food stamp ads, too.

...your premise that people would die without it would suggest that people died without it before 1964, which is not true.

Nobody ever died because they couldn't get food? Sounds like another recent quote, something to the effect that nobody ever died because they couldn't get medical care.

The food stamp program is a symptom, Max. Until you stop spouting talking points about stereotypes and address the reason the program is even necessary, any complaint you may have about the size of the program is, at best, disingenuous.

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I think half of those people don't need it at all

by AV . In reply to Talk about your false dic ...

I think its a disincentive to taking responsibility for yourself. Let me ask you something. Say you lost your job and you got an entry level job and weren't making ends meet. Do you think to yourself "I really need to get on food stamps." Or "I need to sign up for welfare". OR do you think "Maybe I need to work an additional part time job for awhile till I find another better paying job" or "Maybe I need to tighten my belt more". Why does the government have to subsidize so many people that COULD be able to do it on their own if they had to?

Everyone has hard times in their life sometime and if their answer is always to look for a government program to help them when they are faced with hard times they will never develop the skills to face life's challenges on their own. You may look at me as a cold and mean, but I think the majority of those people getting food stamps are doing it because they CAN. Its easy to get. It is, after all, free money and they're entitled. I've met people that do it in the course of my life and they're not even ashamed to take it when they don't really need it. They're greedy, not needy and they don't care that it means that the truly needy get less.

I've had hard times in my live and NEVER did I ever consider government programs as the answer to my dilemma. I worked two jobs. Whatever I had to do, I did to make it through on my own. I lived without. I worked long days. I always managed.

The greatest nation on the face of the Earth became great because of values that are largely missing today. People had pride and worked hard to achieve the "American Dream". It is still achievable if you're willing to work for it. The wealthy in this country don't owe the rest of us anything. Sure, we can tax them till they're out of money supporting the rest of us, but in the end it comes down to people taking responsibility for themselves.

Don't get me wrong Nick. There are some truly needy people in this country and I don't begrudge taking care of those in need, but then there are those that have made a lifestyle around taking advantage of government programs, and that, I have a problem with.


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Which half is the deadbeats?

by NickNielsen In reply to Talk about your false dic ...

The vast majority of SNAP recipients are children, the elderly, and the disabled; 76% of SNAP benefits goes to children.

This is the food stamp recipient I know. I worked alongside him for two years, supporting different equipment for the same customer. Five years ago, his employer lost the contract he was supporting. The new contractor (not my employer) didn't hire any of the existing techs. He's busting his *** trying to just get back to where he was five years ago, and can't. The story is condensed. [Names] have been removed. Most of the words are his.


After two years of [excrement], I finally got a full time with [company], [Hardware OEM]'s local warranty contractor. I started at $9.50/hour and haven't gotten a raise since.

My job? m paid by the hour, but don't get paid for driving between customers. I'm given a certain number of parts each day and the addresses and scheduled appointment times. They want me to finish the calls in 8 hours of on site time. I'If there are appointments 50 miles apart at the same time, I have to call the customers and tell them I'll be late; if they say they can't wait, I don't get paid for that call.

Second job? [laughing] Right. The [derogatory name] schedule the appointments between 7am and 9pm, and I never know when before they are assigned. The only day I know I'll have off is Sunday.

Mileage reimbursement? Nope. They say it's because it's not paid time. Tax deduction? You're kidding! I already get all my withholding back every year.

Our second "baby" was twins. My wife was laid off just after I started this job because she had trouble with the pregnancy and was "abusing" her ability to take unpaid time off. Put her back to work? Is there something in your beer? With three kids in child care, we'd be losing money! Even if she can find a job that pays what I'm making, she wouldn't make enough to cover child care and transportation.

I hate the area we live in now, but it was the only apartment we could afford after we lost the house. We took a $20k loss when it sold, but we had some equity, so we only had $9,000 left to pay. And I'm so glad we sold that when we did; it was three years before another house sold in that development! Thank God the car is paid for; I just hope it lasts for another year or two, until I can get back on my feet.

Food stamps? ****, yes! It's not even 100 bucks a week, but it buys milk & cereal, meat, and macaroni.


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