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Please GROW UP

By pete.mcgettigan ·
Your recent article about shell scripting had the following sentence...

And you are undoubtedly already familiar with the interface, although you probably call it the command prompt or, if you're a real old-timer, perhaps the DOS prompt.

There is enough age discrimination around without you guys accusing us 30 somethings of being 'real old-timers'. Please stop it. It promotes age discrimination and does no good whatsoever for our industry. Some of the best IT practitioners I've met have been in their 50's and beyond.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Greetings

'Old Man' is also a euphamism for '*****'!!

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Old man

by Oz_Media In reply to Greetings

Could also be someone's husband. In the same sense people use old lady to refer to thier wife OR mother.

When GURU says "Oz old man" he is not calling me OLD nor is he calling me his father (NOOOOOOOO!! You're NOT my father !!!), I think we are pretty close in age if I remember correctly, well I'm not THAT old yet but will be one day with any luck. (now according to the intent of the post, I have offended Guru. I don't think he's offended though, I wonder why.)

So yes, old man = father or husband, old lady = wife or mother. 'Old chap' is used when referring to a longtime aquaintance not that the person is actually OLD. I think someone is just being testie.

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It happens!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Yes, "old-timer" is not a ...

In our firm, the boss is 'the Old Man' and anyone over 45 is 'Old Chap'. When I joined the company, I was only 19 and commonly referred to as 'nipper' or 'the boy'. Now the boss's son (who is twenty-one) is 'the nipper' although everyone refers to him as 'Weener'!!

I am in the limbo state where no-one knows quite what to call me!! Actually, they call me many things, mostly uncomplimentary, but none seem to have a reference to my age! I DID get called 'Young Fart' in my late twenties by one colleague, but he has long since left the firm.

I'm just too young to be old and too old to be young! Now please pass me my pipe and slippers....just time for a quick nap before I go out breakdancing!

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You nailed it!

by Oz_Media In reply to It happens!

And without mentioning '*****' once!! Just like a well practiced gymnast you pulled off the maneuver very cleanly.

Too old to be young, too young to be old, that's it in a nutshell. The thing is though, WOULD you be offended buy someone calling you an old timer? No, I don't think so. Are you offended when someone calls you 'kid', 'sixpence' or 'wee nipper'?

I think the only people takig offense to such statements are those sufferiong from an early midlife crisis. Just go but your Porsche and everything will be fine old man.

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Which article?

by wordworker In reply to Please GROW UP

Could someone please point me to the article in question? Regardless of the context, this is what I call "fluffy bullsh** crap filler," probably written by someone who doesn't know a bit from a byte, but who is trying to sound like a technophile.

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by wordworker In reply to Which article?

Oops - my apologies to Allen V. Rouse MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA, the author of the offending sentence, who obviously knows a bit from a byte. Still he got carried away with the old-timer thing. I blame editing for leaving it in. :]

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Value of DOS skills

by wordworker In reply to Please GROW UP

While it may be off-topic, knowing how to use the DOS command line (or any command line for that matter) is a SKILL that still has value today. Pinging servers, running the output of DIR or other commands through a pipe into a text file -- all things competent techies should be able to do. Maybe I AM an old-timer chronologically speaking, but knowing DOS puts me light years ahead of the paper MCSEs I run into who don't know what clicking Run and typing CMD means...

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I agree

by maxwell edison In reply to Value of DOS skills

I've often said, especially when troubleshooting, that DOS is a beautiful thing.

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Why edit?

by Oz_Media In reply to Value of DOS skills

There's NOTHING wrong OR negative mentioned in ANY part of the post.
Is DOS NEW? no. Is Win 3.11 Old? Relatively speaking, YES. In the computer world, 6 months - 2 years is the difference between old and archaic.

So YEA DOS and the people who grew up using it are OLD TIMERS when it comes to computing?

Is this a BAD thing or a negative thing? No.

We are supposer to respect our elders, how does being considered an old timer possibly remove respect for someone's age? Quite the opposite, it vouches for thier knowledge.

This is just ANOTHER simple comment that has been taken way out of proportion by our more sensitive members (don't say it Guru)and yet another example of how touchy and defensive some people are these days? I just wonder WHY? I mean, I watch my P's and Q's when neccessary, but this is just WAY out of control. Does NOBODY have a sense of humor or lighthearted banter anumore?!?

What gives with you guys?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Please GROW UP

Well I'm 35 and most of my associates are mych older than me, 50+. I jokingly cal them grandpa or old timer and it's all a big laugh between everyone. THey also call me kid and pup, should I be offended because I'm neither? NO it's relative.

Sure we've got some crabby old Archie Bunkers here, we also have some snot nosed kids. Who cares, we are all in the same boat.

When my neice turned 20 I just about fell over. 20 !!! And I'm only 16, no 20 no....damn I'm gettnig on aren't I?!? I'm not old but in relation to her 20, I'm ancient.

I think people need to lighten up, there was no statement saying anything NEGATIVE about being an old timer, and also there was no reference to HOW old an old timer is. It was just a loosely used term that is being taken way out of proportion.

When someone MY age tells me they learned in DOS, I call the an old timers. They are the SAME age as me, sometimes younger, the term is used to relate to DOS being an OLD language.
Face it, in computer terms, two years ago is ancient.

I had an Atari 2900 and a VIC20, to some I am an old timer, to those who remember PRE-Vic 20 days, THEY are old timers, get it yet?

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