Please Help, Can't Get Computer To Start Right

By adidasallstarguy ·
ok so here is my problem, when powering on the fans like to kick on then power down before the whole computer starts. Sometimes I will get one long beep, others I can't even get anything to show up on the screen. I have got a few post codes, it is a Biostar board with award bios. Below are the post codes listed. I have tried 3 sticks of Buffalo Select Ram that I am pretty sure is good, and some new Kingston memory.

(17)Test struck 8259?s interrupt bits; Turn off interrupt then verify no interrupt mask
register is on. Setup video I/O operations.

32)Display the Award Plug & Pla y BIOS extension message(PnP BIOS only).Test
EISA extended memory; If EISA mode flag is set then te st EISA memory found in
slots initialization, T his test is skipped in ISA mode and can be skipped with ESC
key in EISA mode.

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by adidasallstarguy In reply to Hmmmm!

I am using a post card to test it, and I have tried single sticks in different slots. Is there anyway to fix a memory controller or memory slot or is the board just considered bad?

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Well for most people a Memory Controller fault

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reply

Means a Bad M'Board that isn't repairable.

This is because the M'Boards components are not easily replaceable and they need specialized equipment to repair them for anything but a Simple Transistor/Resistor replacement.

When you start looking at needing to replace a VLSI Integrated Circuit it's not possible to use a Soldering Iron you need a Ultraviolet Soldering station with the ability to pick & place components. Not many are willing to spend well in excess of $50,000.00 to repair a $100.00 M'Board.


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Another Possibility

by willcomp In reply to Hmmmm!

Also could be a faulty BIOS but there is no way to flash BIOS on a PC that will not POST. See if motherboard has an emergency BIOS recovery -- not clearing CMOS but loading factory BIOS. I've never seen an emergency BIOS recovery on Biostar motherboards.

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IDE Harddrive

by adidasallstarguy In reply to Another Possibility

I decided to try an IDE hard drive and it seems to past the post test everytime but I haven't got it so it will go into windows. If you boot from a cd it will go through the steps of installing windows only when it restarts it won't load Windows setup where it left off after the restart.

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Can you use the HDD Makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to IDE Harddrive

To test the HDD here?

It really sounds as if the HDD isn't being correctly identified in BIOS so it's incorrectly mapped causing the Software load not to appear when you next boot the unit.

The HDD Testing Utilities are available here just click on the name of the HDD Maker and you will be prompted to where you want to download the Testing Utility.


Test the HDD in this computer and if it fails remove it test again in another computer or a USB Caddy and if it passes this time the M'Boards IDE Controller is faulty.

I was going to say you can replace the BIOS Chip with a new one available from here


But as it's now booting you can Flash it to a newer one if possible.

Just out of curiosity is the HDD correctly Identified in BIOS? Do you need to Set the HDD in this BIOS?


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