PLEASE HELP! Enabling Built in Administrator account in XP Pro

By shaneckcondon ·
Clients Main account was somehow deleted... all that she has access to is the Guest account. No admin rights whatsoever. I have already tried to access the built in administrator account and it is certainly disabled. How do I bring up administrator rights to create her a new Administrative account?

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Just how did you try to access the built in?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PLEASE HELP! Enabling Bui ...

Please tell us how you tried to access the administrator account. That particular detail could be crucial.

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Attempted to access administrator account via...

by shaneckcondon In reply to Just how did you try to a ...

I used safe mode with command prompt. The administrator account is definitely disabled.

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Is it actually telling you it is disabled? Or ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PLEASE HELP! Enabling Bui ...

Can you just not access it?

I suggest you boot into Safe Mode (pressing F8 repeatedly, as soon as the splash screen disappears). In many instances, you don't actually 'see' the Administrator account unless you have booted in Safe Mode.

However, if the Administrator account has indeed been deleted - I'm afraid you're stuffed. I'm not entirely sure what you can do now, sorry.

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by shaneckcondon In reply to Is it actually telling yo ...

has to be something! she really doesn't want to format though...

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by .Martin. In reply to PLEASE HELP! Enabling Bui ...

my only question is how??? deleting the ONLY Administrator account is impossible(at least I know in the Australian version).

1. You can not delete an account from a guest account
2. you can not delete an account when logged into that account

therefore is sound a bit suspicious... is it really a clients computer???

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by shaneckcondon In reply to what???

it is a clients computer. and the built in administrator account is still there. it just isnt active.

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Instructions for DELETING YOUR OWN ACCOUNT ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PLEASE HELP! Enabling Bui ...

Deleting you own account.

You probably already know that only computer administrators can delete user accounts. But even if you are a computer administrator, you can't delete your own account. You'll need to ask someone else with a computer administrator account to do this for you.

If there are no other computer administrator accounts on your computer, you must first change someone else's account type to "computer administrator", then ask that person to delete your account.

This ensures that there is always at least one person with a computer administrator account who can manage all user accounts and make system-wide changes to the computer.

Well, there you have it, so to speak.

So how did she manage to delete the account then? I'm wondering if this machine has been part of a Domain, and someone on the domain deleted the Local Administrator, perhaps for safety reasons?

That's the only scenario I can think of.

Either that, or the Guest account has Administrator privileges?!!


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Ok, so...

by shaneckcondon In reply to Instructions for DELETING ...

She purchased a remote support antivirus program and she seems to think that they deleted it... I'm sure it was her fault and she managed to do it somehow. So, basically, the only way to restore an administrator account to her computer is by doing it through a network? Because the only account on the computer right now is the guest account with no Admin. No administrator privileges at all, whatsoever that I know of.

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You might have told us that to begin with, eh? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ok, so...

Basically we've just wasted 2 hours trying to guess what you've known all along?

Personally I wouldn't give a monkey's nostril lining for a remote antivirus program, but that's maybe just because I wouldn't want any jack-the-lad prying into my system. You can never tell what they might do, as this thread seems to be showing.

Can you find any evidence of a link to this remote service? I assume the Guest account still has internet access?

This is all unfamiliar ground for me, I'll have to defer to another peer who might happen along with a more informed response.

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XP did it on it's own

by dschlesak In reply to Instructions for DELETING ...

I just installed a fresh install of XP SP3, loaded three programs and then decided to create another user account under which to do operate the system (not a good idea to run under Administrator). Well, guess what, no more administrator account - only the new account with administrator rights. I tried rebooting to log in as administrator but I get only one selection (not even the guest account) the new account I created. I am here to find out how to get back the administrator account.

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