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Please use the revolving door

By maxwell edison ·
I'm doing some contract work for a company that resides in a building that has a main entrance revolving door. It's not a huge revolving door, but is divided into quarters, each of which will accommodate only one person. And if that person has a couple of things in tow (for example, a laptop computer slung over a shoulder and another item carried by hand), it's kind of cramped; but it's not restricting. On either side of that revolving door is a standard hinged door, on which is the sign that clearly requests, Please use the revolving door.

Being in the building design industry (as I have been for 30+ years), the reason to me is obvious. A revolving door is an energy conservation item. It helps keep energy from escaping the building, whether that energy be heating in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. As such, I always use the revolving door.

I recently parked myself on a bench outside the front of that building, eating my lunch and making some cell phone calls. I noticed that very few people actually used the revolving door, even though the signs requesting to do so were clearly displayed. I might estimate that only one in ten people actually used the revolving door.

Do people have a problem with revolving doors? Do they not realize their real function? Do they refuse to use them just because it was specifically requested?

P.S. Isn't that a great title for a discussion?

What did you really think you were getting into when you clicked on it?

And how many of those people who refuse to use the revolving door are environmental loonie tunes?

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Same Here

by Tink! In reply to I thought you were talkin ...

"I thought you were talking about ejecting unwanted posters from TR "

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Sorry to digress

by JamesRL In reply to Please use the revolving ...

I do use revolving doors, and I do consider myself environmentally conscious, but not rabid.

Once upon a time, I was working for a Member of Parliament. We (conservatives) were in opposition, and the Prime Minister Trudeau was someone that brought out strong feelings, people loved him or hated him. You can guess which way I felt.

Anyway late one night I left my building and went to the members entrance for Centre Block, where Parliament and the Senate sit, and where the important types have their offices.

I start pushing on the revolving door, when I realize there is someone coming out. Its PM Trudeau. I thought mischeviously of giving just a little extra push at the end just to startle him. Then I see the non smiling security man behind him and think better of it. A good thing too.

I've come to respect the man for his intellect. But there are other aspects that I will never respect.

As for your example, I wonder if people understand the benefits of the revolving door and are choosing not to because they can. If the other doors had a sign on them that said, "Save the environment, use the revolving doors" maybe a few more people would do it. Sometimes shame is effective where altruism fails. Sadly that reflects badly on human nature.

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Armed security

by santeewelding In reply to Sorry to digress

Was even more effective in the case you cite.

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Things have changed dramatically in 30 years

by JamesRL In reply to Armed security

Back then, for walking around Parliament, it was one or two men. I'm certain they were armed but discreetly so.

I would never have done anything "violent" against the man, I'm not that kind of guy. It would have been the same kind of prank that friends have played on me and I have returned. But sanity ruled.

In 96 Prime Minister Chretien had been heckled at an event, and on his way back to the limo he was blocked and accosted by one of the protesters. He reached out and grabbed the guy by the throat.
He didn't need guys with guns....


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It's surprising...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Sorry to digress

How many unsmiling security men are actually endowed with sparklingly bright intellects.

Or did you mean Trudeau's?

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by NexS In reply to Please use the revolving ...

Is the name you would be calling these non-comforists. From what you've outlined, these people would happily bypass, or even choose not to see the sign, because of a few possible reasons.
1- They have <b>always</b> used that door, and people won't change for no-one, no-how.
2- Their ease and comfort of access to the building outweighs (or at least, in their own mind) what ever reasons the landlord has requested the door to be bypassed.

They could always lock the door. Forcing people to change is sometimes the only way to do it.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Please use the revolving ...

tied with a certain klutziness that makes it difficult to enter and exit a revolving door. The smaller the revolving door, the less likely I am to use it. The faster it revolves, the less likely I am to use it.

Not everyone is as graceful and coordinated as revolving doors require. Then there's that teeny weeny space...

I'm environmentally conscious. I recycle, I garden organically. I encourage a wide variety of insects and birds to make my yard their home. I set my A/C to 82 and my heat to 50 (to keep pipes from freezing). I heat with wood...

I refuse to expect anything in particular judging by post titles.


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That's the best explanation so far.

by maxwell edison In reply to Claustrophobia

Or, in other words, heads up a certain orifice.

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There are more accurate ways

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to That's the best explanati ...

to judge whose head is where.

I have extreme difficulty with revolving doors. I'm not the only person I know that does.

There's refusal on legitimate grounds, and there's refusal just for sake of refusal.

Further, I use them. When they're not revolving too fast.


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Your individual reason . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to There are more accurate w ...

..... may be legitimate. But one in ten?

P.S. I really just liked the title of the discussion that came to mind. I thought I'd post it and see what it stirred up.

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