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Please welcome TechRepublic's newest Moderator

By tcavadias Staff ·
I am sure this announcement comes as no shock to anyone.. you all know him, you have seen him topping the Weekly spam buster chart week after week...
Please welcome aboard "wizard57m" as our newest TR (and yes.. he was that brave.. ) ZDNet's volunteer moderator.

You can catch him hounding the discussions, QA over here in TR where no spammer is safe to hide (especially the zombies) and over in ZD in "The Ed Bott Report" and "ZDNet Health" blog forums.

-Tammy [_]3

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I was thinkin' Doom, Diablo, Wolf 3D and a few more, also

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Oh yeah!!!!!

I still got a working 286 / 25 to play with if I want, and a couple of 386s, 486s, P1s, P2s, and P3s all a working and just sitting around for me to play with when I want.

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Those are good too!

Diablo runs pretty well for me on WinXP, I've got Diablo II on my
Dell Inspiron desktop, and Diablo on an old Dell Dimension 2400
I inherited a few years ago as well as the P166, which is a home
brew Pentium 166, 96 meg RAM, DOS 6.22/Win31, Win95 multi-
boot, 2 old HDs, 2.1g and 4.3g, hehe...I remember when that was
considered a decent machine...

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Last year I trawled through...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Those are good too!

Albion, Master of Magic (every three months), Buck Rogers I and II and Darklands... Daggerfall is probably next.

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Ah, The Joys of Old Computers...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Thank you, cm...

My first programming experiments were on a TI 99... Gosh that brings back memories... Oh, and an old Apple IIe... Too bad I threw them away years ago

Didn't have room to keep them all unfortunately.

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My first programming was using BASIC to add colour to some

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ah, The Joys of Old Compu ...

plain games for a Commodore 64 that was a only a few months old.

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Congrats on the new hat; it looks good on you already.....

by hippiekarl In reply to Please welcome TechRepubl ...

As an inspired individual once said, "I preach *moderation* in all things". I'm gratified to know you'll now be helping us all to neither abstain nor overindulge here.

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Thank you Karl!

I hope the hat doesn't fall down and cover my eyes!! O)

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they don't, but the design is to cover your ears so you

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Thank you Karl!

don't have to listen to what people say when you exercise your authority.

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So that's what those ear flaps are for!

I thought they were making a joke of my area of residence! Hehe..

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nah, purely practical - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to So that's what those ear ...
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