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Police tactics?

By jkaras ·
Here is an article about a disturbed little boy taken down by two officers while threatening to hurt himself. After reading this, not being a parent I cant begin to imagine how two adult male police officers had to resort to tasering a six year old rather than rushing the child? I dont know how big the piece of glass was but I'm sure that anyone especially trained in disarming could have handled this situation better. I have many friends that are cops but tasering can be as deadly as a bullit as other incidents have been seen. I just dont know what's going on in our world lately, am I wrong to be a little miffed even if it was effective/safe this time?

MIAMI, Florida (AP) -- Police used a stun gun on a 6-year-old boy in his principal's office because he was wielding a piece of glass and threatening to hurt himself, officials said Thursday.

The boy, who was not identified, was shocked with 50,000 volts on October 20 at Kelsey Pharr Elementary School.

Principal Maria Mason called **1 after the child broke a picture frame in her office and waved a piece of glass, holding a security guard back.

When two Miami-Dade County police officers and a school officer arrived, the boy had already cut himself under his eye and on his hand.

The officers talked to the boy without success. When the boy cut his own leg, one officer shocked him with a Taser and another grabbed him to prevent him from falling, police said.

He was treated and taken to a hospital, where he was committed for psychiatric evaluation.

"By using the Taser, we were able to stop the situation, stop him from hurting himself," police spokesman Juan DelCastillo told The Miami Herald.

The case was under review.

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Depends on where they actually make contact

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What about the Children!! ...

In a 6 year old child the heart is much closer to the outside of the body so if they where to be hit around the chest cavity it could have an adverse affect upon the heart.

The action of a Taser is to make the muscles contract making it impossible for the person hit to move now would anyone like to tell me exactly what the Heart is?


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Heart or Artery - easy choice?

In a 6 year old child the heart is much closer to the outside of the body so if they where to be hit around the chest cavity it could have an adverse affect upon the heart.
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True, but the kid was actually holding a shard to his own throat. Clearly the damage from a Taser would be easier to recover from.

Anybody can give CPR - but not many folks know how to stitch up the Carotid artery on the floor of a principle's office.

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Well not knowing everything about this particular incident

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Heart or Artery - easy ch ...

I'll bow to your superior knowledge as in the original article the child had only cut under his eye, hand and leg.

The Police Tasered him just after he cut his leg.

Now for the facts it is a very hard thing to do by intent to cut a major blood vessel most people are unable to cut deep enough to have a successful outcome from their point of view "Death!"

Exactly what has happened to this child for him to behave this way? It can hardly be described as "Normal" whatever that may be but this action was way out on the fringe. If at least one officer was close enough to stop him falling what was preventing them from disarming him in a conventional way?

Surely by using a Taser it would have caused the muscles in his hand that was holding the glass to contract and cause injury that would have been beyond his capacity to do by himself.

The whole thing could and should have been handled in a better way and should never have reached the stage where the Principal lost control of the situation! Then there is the obvious question what was something potentially as dangerous as the glass doing within his reach?

Aren't schools supposed to be safe places for our children?

Now it's been a very long time since I've been to school even for my children but the one thing that I know is that when I was at school something like this would never have been allowed to happen.

At what stage did the teachers loose control over their charges which they are supposed to be protecting? Maybe it is the total lack of discipline and the knowledge that there are consequences for your actions that allow things like this to happen now days.


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Results count

by Choppit In reply to Police tactics?

I don't know the full details here, but the way I see it, there were three lives at risk and this was not your average six year old. The outcome was right, the means (however questionable) led to this outcome therefore ,in these circumstances, the actions of the officers were right.

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Dade county is on a roll

by maecuff In reply to Police tactics?

A 12 year old girl was tasered by police in Dade County for running away from them. She was not in danger, she was not threatening anyone.

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Maybe they thought she was a danger

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dade county is on a roll

To her shoes attempting to wear them out so they just had to stop her from this uncivilized practice.


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