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By ProtiusX ·

This is an interesting site. I visited it about a year ago and again today. The questions have changed but my result is still the same. I scored a 5.52 to the right and 1.18 up so I am in the Conservative Authoritarian quadrant. Go figure. I hope you will take the test and post your results. We did this at our office last year and plotted everyones results. What's interesting is that you think you know someone and all of a sudden they come out something totally different than what you expected.

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No problem my friend

by ProtiusX In reply to I find myself slap bang o ...

I would say that you may be in good company. What I find interesting is how nationality plays a part in our positions. I believe that liberal English people will be where you scored whereas conservative English people will be over where Margaret Thatcher is. In the US liberals will tend to be more toward the middle and down in the libertarian side.
I had one of my best friends take this (now mind you he is a staunch conservative) and he scored just north of Gahndi every time. I told him he needed to bring his red arm band out of the closet. He didn't laugh but we thought it was a hoot.
One of the most interesting things was that George W Bush and John Kerry are very close to each other in the upper right quadrant.

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by Fonken Monken UK In reply to No problem my friend

I'll see you, Ghandi and the Dalai Lama in the bar afterwards for a swift half and a discussion on why cab drivers wont go south of the river after midnight....
Economic Left/Right: -4.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.26

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In orbit....

by cp7212 In reply to I find myself slap bang o ...

I'm very close to your spot.

Left -6.50
Libertarian -2.82

I thought some of the questions were a little obsequious also. I thought the way I answered would have leaned me a little more towards Authoritarian. I guess not.

Thanks for the link Protius. I always like to take self-discovery tests. Turns out I don't know myself half the time. THAT explains a lot.

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No wonder

by JamesRL In reply to Political Compass

I find myself -3.5 to the left ,and -2.46 to the libertarian side. I am near Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. I'd have to say that some of the questions do seem written in a way that seems extreme. I see the world more grey, and its quite possible that I'd be on the other side of the left right line if i took the test again.


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All by myself

by jdmercha In reply to Political Compass

I would have expected to be far right and deeply Libertarian, but I came out close to the center.
1.0 right and -.056 Libertarian

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by Dwiebles In reply to Political Compass

I scored -5 to the right, and -6.26 down. I think I am in good company. I agree with James, that this is somewhat extreme in the options, but i guess it makes for easy scoring and distinction.

So why is it the 2 Canadaians and the Englisman all scored Ghandi like results?



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by JamesRL In reply to interesting...

Its a question of where the mean is - there cannot be an absolute scale.

In Canada at least, the mean is to the left of the US.

Since same sex legislation is in Canada right now and its a free vote(except for Cabinet members), its interesting to note that there are those in all major parties on either side of the divide despite their leaders' opinions. There are conservatives who feel its a human rights issue(libertarian bent like me). There are socialists who are bound by their religious beliefs to vote against it. But the "average" is farther left here than in the US. I am a fiscal conservative, but couldn't agree with those absolute questions about government involvement - I think the government has a role, but its not always that it should be the dominant one.

Frankly my arch conservative father in law reads the Amercian Conservative(Pat Buchanan editor) and when it came out against the war initially, I was awestruck and found myself in complete agreement with its arguments. Its rare that I can read something like Mother Jones and say the same.


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Because we're nice

by neilb@uk In reply to interesting...

that's why.

I think the questionnaire was also a little skewed in that certain cultural differences between ourselves and the US meant that we could rarely (very, in my case) selected the most right-wing or authoritarian extremes but found it easier to select the extreme left-wing or libertarian.

And we're nice.


Oh, and we're quite nice.

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Here I am thinking of myself as a centrist

by TheChas In reply to Political Compass

First off, I think there are a number of "zinger" questions in the test.

Also, with only agree and disagree, there is no middle ground option.

Anyhow, my results place me much further to the left than I had expected.

Left -6.5
Libertarian -3.85

The Libertarian did not surprise me much as I have been getting more tolerant of allowing others to do as they please within what is legal.

Thinking back to the questions, I suspect that the bulk of my left score comes from my healthy mistrust of big business.

I do have a few strong beliefs that go against the US political right.

Pro life! Anti-Death penalty.
The death penalty is post birth abortion.

Taxes, I do feel that the graduated income tax system for individuals is intrinsically fair. The rich are getting excessive benefit from the toils of the lower paid workers.
Yet, I believe that taxes should be largely abolished for businesses.

From my experience with most of the companies I have worked for, legal requirements are the ONLY reason they treat their workers with any kind of fairness. Also, without environmental regulations, they would destroy the environment.


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I did the test twice in quick succession

by jardinier In reply to Political Compass

and got slightly different answers each time.

Economic Left/Right: -3.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.72

Economic Left/Right: -3.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.90

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