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By ProtiusX ·

This is an interesting site. I visited it about a year ago and again today. The questions have changed but my result is still the same. I scored a 5.52 to the right and 1.18 up so I am in the Conservative Authoritarian quadrant. Go figure. I hope you will take the test and post your results. We did this at our office last year and plotted everyones results. What's interesting is that you think you know someone and all of a sudden they come out something totally different than what you expected.

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I know all about Nelson Mandela

by maxwell edison In reply to Freedom fighter.

I know both sides of his story. And I'm sure I know more about him than you do.

But in the context of this discussion, as you pointed out, you and he share a "communist-type" political ideology. If you consider that good company, well good for you.

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Terrorists getting the Nobel Peace Prize

by maxwell edison In reply to Freedom fighter.

Nelson Mandela in 1993


Yasser Arafat, the father of modern terrorism, in 1994

Go figure....

And then in 2001, it was given to UN General-Secretary, Kofi Annan, for facilitating the oil for food scandal that probably contributed the thousands of deaths in Iraq, and who stood by and watched tens of thousands get systematically killed in Africa.

Again, go figure.....

Compared to past winners like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King

The award is meaningless -- a political tool.

They awarded the prize to the likes of Yasser Arafat instead of Pope John Paul II.

Go Figure.....

Who's next, Kim Jong II ?

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Also Michail Gorbachev

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Terrorists getting the No ...

After Michail Gorbachev, the former dictator of the now defunct USSR received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990, there was a cartoon of Saddam Hussein saying "How many people do I have to kill to win the Nobel Peace Prize?". This was in reference to the people in Lithuania that were killed when Gorbachev sent in Soviet troops to suppress the pro-democracy and pro-freedom movement there during the death throes of Eastern European Communism, and Gorbachev's last gasp attempts to preserve the Communist dictatorship in the collapsing USSR. It seems that in order to win the Nobel Peace Prize, it helps if you are a darling of the anti-American far left.

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Tom - You said. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Terrorists getting the No ...

"It seems that in order to win the Nobel Peace Prize, it helps if you are a darling of the anti-American far left."

I agree.

I guess that's why Jimmy Carter won the prize a few years ago.

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Mandela and communism

by JamesRL In reply to Terrorists getting the No ...

So much depends on perspective.

To many in England at the time of the American Revolution, those whose ideals you hold so dear were terrorists(Let me be clear that I wouldn't define them as such, even though many loyalists were certainly terrorized). Certainly many in the French revolution were terrorists. Many Americans financially supported IRA terrorists and the US government turned a blind eye.

The ANC was NOT the South African Communist party, though the two did co-operate. And like many such political organizations, there were those who believed in the use of terror, and those who did not. Mandela may have made speeches prior to his imprisonment supporting violence. After years in prison, he came to a different view.

I give Mandela credit for managing the transition from apartheid to democracy without significant bloodshed. And if Mandela was a true communist, why is South Africa a democracy today? Surely if anyone had a mandate for change, he did.

As for Fidel, I've always maintained that the delta between the Fidel and say, the Shah of Iran, was that the US supported the Shah. Human rights abuses in Iran under thet Shah were much more significant than those in Cuba for the last few decades.

Funny you mention Kim Jong Il on the day that they announce they have nuclear weapons. I didn't have to speal Korean or even hear the translation - the tone of voice of the gov't official making the announcement was sufficient.


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Also - the Nobel Prize was jointly awarded

by maxwell edison In reply to Freedom fighter.

Mandela didn't win it outright. It was jointly awarded to him and De Klerk. One certainly would not have won it without the other.

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You're absolutely right.

by Jessie In reply to Also - the Nobel Prize wa ...

Had the two of them not worked together for peace, neither of them would have received it.

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Who Deserves the next Nobel Peace Prize? I hope it's. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Freedom fighter.

Pope John Paul II.

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Tell us why

by jdclyde In reply to Who Deserves the next Nob ...

State your case. What has he stood up for?

Guess I have been out of tune with what his achevements have been, but would be glad to hear more.

And is it really a prize that means anything anymore?

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Second that!!!

by TheChas In reply to Who Deserves the next Nob ...


I second that sentiment.

While the Pope does not often make the political headlines, he none the less has made a significant impact on world peace during his life.

There are numerous instances in John Paul's life that point the way to a loving Christian lifestyle.

Who among us would be able to absolve anyone who had shot us in anger?

One does not need to have personally brokered the peaceful resolution of conflict to have had an astounding influence on world peace.


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