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By ProtiusX ·

This is an interesting site. I visited it about a year ago and again today. The questions have changed but my result is still the same. I scored a 5.52 to the right and 1.18 up so I am in the Conservative Authoritarian quadrant. Go figure. I hope you will take the test and post your results. We did this at our office last year and plotted everyones results. What's interesting is that you think you know someone and all of a sudden they come out something totally different than what you expected.

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I'll tell you why

by maxwell edison In reply to Who Deserves the next Nob ...

As Chas so eloquently articulated, it's hard to point to anything specific that would make Pope John Paul II stand out above the rest of the "peace" crowd. While many people advance the cause of peace and/or speak-out against political oppression for either political expediency or for their own national security and/or interests, Pope John Paul II has unselfishly made it his life's mission. From his time in Poland during World War II under Nazi occupation, to reaching out to Jews, to holding talks with Communist Russia and the USA, to his campaign to promote African debt relief, to speaking out against genocide that was ignored by individual nations and the United Nations, to.....on and on it goes.

He's right up there with Mother Teresa.

There are few people indeed with such a genuine and heartfelt love for his fellow man. He deserves more than to simply be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. It could really be named after him.

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Leno the other night

by Oz_Media In reply to Who Deserves the next Nob ...

Jay Leno had Chris Rock on the other night. Chris (host of this years Academy Awards) was saying that he didn't understand all the hysteria from public over the awards. He said it doesn't seem right that all these people go absolutely nuts over an award that has NO effect at all on any of the audience members. He then went on about how nobody turns out for a Nobel Peace Prize award that actually has had MASSIVE effects on the world. People have created polio vaccines and yet nobody cared who mad ethe suit he was wearing. Instead of "Hey, is that an Gucci?" it's "Hey, look he wore.....pants."

Make you think though, and he's got one **** of a point. The most rewarding prize for mankinds betterment is just a whisper in the wind.

Nice to see Max has stepped up AGAIN with his Nobel Peace prize nominations. I think I saw the same last year.

My vote: Sharon Osbourne. Anyone who can keep that guy (Ozzy) alive deserves an award of such calibre. or Judas Priest for reuiniting and releasing one of their best works yet.

Oh well, I'm easy to please anyhow.

But an AIDS vaccine would be nice to see, c'mon guys and polish up them pocket protectors, people are dying here!

In all honesty, though I am not a practicing Christian in the sense of weekly church and bible study, I cannot ignore the tremendous amount of peace that Pope John Paul II has brought to our earth.

He shows no boundaries in where his faith reaches unconditionally.

Nothing is asked of anyone but faith in mankind and peace amongst ourselves.

I think we would be very hard pressed to find such a paradigm of peace on earth again.

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Mandela is a communist

by ProtiusX In reply to Hmmmm...

Nelson Mandela is a communist. Why is it when one calls a duck a duck one is branded as a racist or fascist or some other name. I am sure that Maxwell will agree with me when I say that we are both for equal rights for all and special rights for none. Dr. King believed in this ideology where ?all of God?s children will join hands and sing free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty I am free at last!? Do you think Dr. King was speaking only to black people? He was speaking of color blindness and race equality. Nelson Mandela can not make the same claim as he is openly anti-Semitic and forms opinions on groups of people based on generalizations.

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by Jessie In reply to Hmmmm...

True Communist Ideology, not the bastardized political corruption of communist government, is a dreamlike ideal of utopia. Unfortunately, TRUE communism can't survive outside of a 30-40 person commune.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Like many of the best laid plans, this idea didn't survive first contact with the enemy (the enemy being humanity which tends to be easily corruptable, and given half a chance, lazy). The VISION for this was that each person would do what they do best be that working as a janitor, a daycare provider or a doctor, and the riches from everyone pulling their weight would be evenly dispersed among the population, providing relative LUXURY for all.

So, ok, fine, if by communist you mean that I believe that all people are entitled to the basic necessities of life and a little more, I suppose you're right. I am NOT however a sympathizer with communist governments.

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by ProtiusX In reply to Truly...

The intent of communism at it's fundamental core may be a happy utopia but that has indeed been corrupted by evil men. When I look at the communes (I think there called kibutz) in Israel I see a small community of people all working for the greater good of this community. It is like a family where each member work for the common good of the family. Unfortunately it is hard for humans to conjure feelings of good will and caring for individuals that a person has never met. In The US the core of our society is the family. We take care of our own or should and we as a nation should take a hard look at what we are teaching our youth. If we do not instill in our children an ideology of conservative compassion then when we are old we will be forced out into the snow to wait for the wolves.

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Its a big world out there

by JamesRL In reply to Flavors

And you seem to think the US has some monopoly on compassion.

There are many other societies where the family is valued. One might argue that in the Chinese community elders are more valued than in American families, because the young are taught that they are responsible for their parents until they die. And this transcends Chinese culture, in both Communist China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and among most Chinese immigrants to other countries.

I don't think conservatives have a monopoly on compassion. Fiscally I'm conservative - and compassionate. I do know others in farther to the left that are compassionate.


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he got the awards

by PokerJohn In reply to Hmmmm...

mainly because of the White vs. Black thing in his country...and
because for a few years he was the "flavor of the day" ..all the
while the left leaning press ignored this communist leanings and
other issues.


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Conservative Authoritarian (but I feel like a libertarian)

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Political Compass

Right = 4.75
Up = 2.51

Similar to my friend ProtiusX

But I always thought of myself as a Conservative Libertarian. Maybe because I am traditional on social issues moved me towards the Authoritarian side, but my strong sense of supporting freedom of speech and distrust of government controls and restrictions makes me feel libertarian (except on social issues, where I have a more traditional Christian view).

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Traditional Christian = Anti-Social ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Conservative Authoritaria ...

Just yanking a chain.
I know what you meant, don't agree with it mind.

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by Montgomery Gator In reply to Traditional Christian = A ...

Your entitled to your opinion, of course. And I think Traditional Christian is the epitome of having a social conscience. :-)

Tony, I still like you, anyway, even though you are a left-wing whacko. I think you and I could have some interesting conversations and have a good time if we ever met in a pub.

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