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Politics in the IT department and job security

By Why Me Worry? ·
I once turned down a job offer for a prominent TV media company simply because my political views do not agree with their liberal stand on many issues. I feared that if the subject of politics ever came up in the office, I would be the black sheep conservative among a sea of utlra-liberal nutjobs with their daily Bush bashing jokes and anti-war drivel. I know it's illegal for companies to discriminate or fire employees for their political views and other factors, but working fur such a company would create a hostile environment for me. Has anyone ever been in this situation where they were the "black sheep" because they didn't fit the corporate culture or status quo?

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Yes I once

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

fell in with a bunch of hard line conservatives. Shudder.


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you have to make your stand somewhere..

by deihu In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

There are times when one needs to decide which is more important: sanity/safety and food. While I may disagree with the original poster's political views, I will defend their decision to hold true to them.

I am an out gay male in the tech field in Atlanta. If I were to go job searching again I'd have to look carefully at the jobs prior to applying as not all places are LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) friendly. I'd have to listen to the employees and management there to make sure that I would fit in (kind of like the original poster) and that may sanity and safety were going to survive.

Jobs are like clothes. If you find something you like, you keep wearing it. If you find something you don't, you change it as soon as you can.

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Work for a DHS or DOD agency

If you are a contractor get a job in DC area working for any organization that has retired military as project managers and/or management and you'll be right at home with folks that continue to support GWB even when its obvious he knows less about IT, winning a war and so on than the prior administration.

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Try working in gov't

by angry_white_male In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

I'm a public-sector employee working for a Republican controlled agency. Lucky for me I'm a card-carrying Republican. You don't see many democrats working here.

But anyway, keep politics out of the job interview. If you're a registered democrat or just someone who's very liberal minded and looking to get your foot in the door of a GOP controlled agency - don't wear your Clinton-Gore 1996 pin to the job interview.

I try to stay out of the politics here as much as I can. I don't go to the fundraisers or other little GOP gatherings. These are the same people who'll be your buddy one day and stab you in the back the next when and if it suits their political goals.

My father-in-law is an elected official and I just don't understand the mentality that goes behind their way of thinking.

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Political Neutrality

by jrush In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

I might be considered the political "black sheep" of my workplace. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I maintain absolute political neutrality. This has never been a problem. When I'm asked about it, I explain the Bible principles involved. I'm able to freely discuss the issues involved in politics--I pay close attention to news media, conservative and liberal--I merely choose to not be active in them. Politics can divide an office just like it divides the nation and the world. However, it doesn't have to be a reason to avoid a job or the people at your job. People will respect your views if you respect thiers.

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If you can't help it

by studiop775 In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

There are two things you don't do; discuss politics or religion especially in the work place. I find it strange that you turned downed a job because you didn't agree with their liberal views you sound like the same kind of person that would be in favor of abstinence over using condoms to control the spread of AIDS?(knowing that it is totally not the popular view and wouldn?t work in general) the second thing, you seem to be looking for work in television, aren't you aware that most of the political views in media are liberal we?re talking about creative people that for the most part keep open minds and don?t limit themselves. I could go on but, I won't because you?re entitled to your way of thinking.

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Politics in the IT department

by TechSupport1 In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

I do not think anyone at this place would have cared that you are a Conservative. My work place has a lot of Liberals and Conservatives. The only thing that concerns them is that their PC works fine and if not, that I fix it ASAP.

Unless the work of the company is political, I think they are more concerned about how can you contribute to their bottom line, instead of whom did you vote for in the last election.

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I'm not so sure it's THEM creating the hostile environment!

by matt In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

Look at the language you are using to describe a hypothetical
scenario: "ultra-liberal", "nutjob", "Bush bashing", "drivel".
Exactly who is coming into this scenario with the chip on the
shoulder, anyway?

One man's "drivel" is another man's "reason" --- in each
direction! But given that you would have been approaching this
with such a hugely defensive and confrontational attitude, I
would have to agree that you made the right choice not to inflict
yourself on this company. Not because of your conservative
viewpoints, but because of your belligerent approach to differing
points of view.

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It's not the politics, it's the people

by gardoglee In reply to I'm not so sure it's THEM ...

There are plenty of offices where people hold different politcal views and where a large majority are on one side or the other where this is not a problem. There are also offices where it is a tremendous problem, even though one or a small number of powerful people hold strong opinions. It is a mark of prefessionalism that people who disagree on plotics can still respect each other enough to work together and focus on the job, not the opinions.

At my office I am part of what could be called the loyal opposition to the prevailing view. For the most part we can discuss politics, and even rib each other a bit, without it having a negative effect. It is notable that those few people who have a hard time with those who disagree with them politically also have a hard time in general working with anyone. Those few people always find something wrong with those around them, and consequently spend most of their time blaming everyone else for wahtever is going wrong. They always know what's wrong, because they are always in the middle of it, and it is never their fault.

If you and your coworkers are professionals, then this is a non-issue.

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Tired of being the proverbial "black sheep"

by ayarnell In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

Sir, you are wise in upholding your decision. My ongoing career development wish, is that I will find a place to work where I can really fit in. I'm a systems/network/web admin in a mid size company. I've been in IT for 10 years where I started as a tech writer and worked my way up to support analyst and business analyst and later to the engineering side. I've been through many contracts and a few perm positions where I go above and beyond to call of duty to deliver great service. I love helping others and solving problems, but my experience in this career is that the more I give, the more resistant people become towards me. I've made the mistake of voicing my opinions in the spirit of "everyone is entitled to their own views" and then watched the "good projects" slowly slip away, only to be given to some moron with a lazy attitude and half the skills. I don't know if there will ever be hope for working in an environment where ideas are not dismissed as stupid or where people take the "black sheep" seriously, but you're on the right track in being choosy. You'll save yourself a lot of problems.

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