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By des91552003 ·
I just had to reformat, and added a new OS, WinXP. Immediately, I started being barraged with notices that I needed to buy their software, or my info could be lost, system shut down, and my dog bite the mail-man. Three different companies. I have added AdAware, Spybot, AVG, and others. Nothing is working, including me because I am constantly canceling these. I can't afford to pay for anything more, any ideas beside murder?

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try hijackthis

by umar_q50 In reply to Pop-up spam

brother i think you need to run hijackthis software this will delete all spam and pop can download this from
try this hope this will help out you..

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by des91552003 In reply to try hijackthis

Good! So now I have the notepad, and also the results of the scan. I have no idea what to look for, and what to eliminate. What next?

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how did you install?

by TG2 In reply to Pop-up spam

Did you install the system while you had your network connected? (wired or wireless)

and did you download the service packs for XP before reloading, so that you could install them without being connected to your network, so that no attackers could hit your machine while it was still open to attack from pre SP2 attacks?

And are you behind a firewall, and is your firewall set NOT to forward all traffic to your machine normally? (in most soho firewalls there is an option for a "DMZ" machine, which gets all internet traffic that was not initiated from inside first)

There should be no reason you still get pop-ups if you installed the OS, and the Service Packs while not connected to the internet. If you were connected to the internet, then its possible while updating, that your machine was hit with random worm traffic, or (stupidly) if you're connected solely through wireless, that someone around you could have owned you, and your traffic goes through their router and they could infect you while you're trying to get updates..

so.. get SP1 and SP2 (just in case) as the IT package (search with "windows XP service pack IT" without the quotes) and then download the IT install versions so you can install the packs off line!

Then ... install the OS, install the Service packs (presumed you burned them to a cd or asked a friend to do so) and then setup the windows firewall. Then and only then connect to the network, and first thing go directly to microsoft and get the other 90+ windows updates.

DO NOT install any other application of any sort from your local drive, and don't go random clicking stuff while connected, and hopefully you're behind a soho firewall and not wirelessly while getting all the updates.

Once you've gotten patched, then install your antivirus and update it, then start getting other apps as needed, spybot search and destroy, Ad-Aware, etc.. down load these freshly from the proper sources for those programs...

see what happens..

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by des91552003 In reply to how did you install?

It is dial-up, and I don't know if I was on the internet then, but I doubt it. I may not have installed the service pack that time. I put it in now, but will I have to reformat and put all this info back into my computer now? Or is there a way to save things like bookmarks and cookies for passwords? I suppose I could write that all down, but so much now!

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