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Positive Things About Your Job

By DMambo ·
There have been a lot of threads lately about those things that get our panties wrinkled at work. Let's hear some of the things that make you look forward to going in to the salt mine daily. The people or projects that help get you out of bed in the morning!

For me, one of those people is a "little old lady" here who is always cheerful and is just a joy to be around. I tell her she's like a second mother (she says a second older sister). She's got a great sense of humor and if she has trouble, just the approach she uses puts her at the top of the priority list.

Another is that we have very good free coffee.

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by jck In reply to Life is too short to hate ...

But, I don't think that will ever happen...unless I can get paid to walk in the forest or play games or sit on my patio and watch the sun set.

Work is one said it was enjoyable or easy.

I have actually looked at going to U of FL and getting a forestry degree and working for the federal park service. But, they'd probably try to move me somewhere else. I'm not moving til I find me a girl worth moving for.

Oh well...thanks anyways...maybe Microsoft will start making patio chairs and need testers! ]:)

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It Ain't All Roses in the Trees

by DMambo In reply to Thanks

My neice has a MS in Environmental Science. Her job took her out to the forest nearly every day. While the weather was one problem that she could tolerate, at times she hated what she saw out there. The garbage and pollution made her crazy (Boston suburbs - not really the forest). She also felt like she was working for the enemy because her employer was a builder of light rail systems whose main goal was to get permits to flatten it all and install new rail lines. Now she teaches earth science and chemistry in HS and loves it. Eighteen weeks off each year doesn't hurt either!

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I just love the outdoors

by jck In reply to It Ain't All Roses in the ...

I'm like my dad...can't stand being in an office too long. I usually have to (after about 5-6 hours) just go outside for a few minutes.

I can't stand dress clothes either. But hey, nothing's easy or free in life...well...cept dying.

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by DMambo In reply to I just love the outdoors

two parents in the past year. Dying ain't free either!

Agree on the dress clothes. When they put me in a box, it'll be in shorts and a tee shirt. My wife's Canadian, so I'll probably have black socks to along with the shorts.

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by ippirate In reply to Positive Things About You ...

I get time to sit down and post to this site, thereby communicating with other human beings that I can relate to on an intellect level(normally) and thus practice escapism from the asylum for a while.

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Small shops rule

by timbstoke In reply to Positive Things About You ...

After spending my entire working life at various multinationals, I'm now in my ideal role. Benefits:

Small company. Less than 1000 users means I get to know a lot of the regular users, and the fact that most of them are based in one location means you get a lot more facetime than you do on the phone or doing remote fixes all day.

Free drinks. From a kettle. Using a tea bag. You may need to be british to fully understand the importance of this, but I'm sure you will appreciate that it's a huge upgrade from the random substance produced by the average vending machine.

No concept of a budget. The company accepts that IT is an essential part of the business, and if we say we need something, we generally get it.

No travel involved. It takes me about 5 minutes to walk to work in the morning. In a pinch, I can be in bed 30 minutes before work, and still make it here on time.

That about covers it for the moment, but I'm still coming across parts of my job that totally rock.

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