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Pot calling kettle....come in kettle.....

By gadgetgirl ·
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! See this item I just read.....

So, M$ is calling Sony for inserting "stealth software" onto personal PCs. Erm...hello? wasn't that what M$ did when Real Player was upgraded? It also contained "stealth software" which sent a list back to them of the music being copied from the pc.

So, now I'm intrigued, both from a personal ethics and work oriented point of view - does anyone know of any other "stealth software" out there?


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Slow learner

by richard In reply to Rootkit remover... ha ha!

Perhaps you should check out the link I posted.
I'm not a beginner.
I do know the sony bull, and hoops they want you to jump through and then they leave you wide open.

If you don't understand my post you probably can not follow the instructions at the other end of the link. But give it at try. it is a great learning resource.
Start here first:
then go to

Good luck.

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Just to clarify

by mackenga In reply to Read the EULA

That's Freeware, not Free Software. Free Software is very well behaved; the fact that the source code is available means it's wide open to scrutiny. Even if you yourself don't have the time, the ability or the inclination to read the code, you can be pretty sure that in cases of widely used Open Source software, someone has, and would tell you about it if it was doing something it shouldn't.

Freeware is, broadly speaking, trash anyway. It's almost as bad as commercial software, especially when it comes from a big vendor and can be relied upon to have some kind of ulterior motive.

If you want to be able to trust your computer, use Open Source software. That's my tuppence worth (which you may copy, modify and redistribute if you please :) ).

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Open Source

by CQ_West In reply to Just to clarify

Yes, use Open Source so I can review the code and know exactly where to compromise your system... thanks for making it so easy!

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I suggest, you familiarise yourself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Open Source

with what open source systems are about. Look up peer review among other things that way you'll avoid looking completely silly in public again.

Open source is not called open because you can see it or change it, it's called open because you cannot hide what you have done !

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I'm not sure how

by TonytheTiger In reply to I suggest, you familiaris ...

that translates into more/better security.

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Because you have a lot of

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I'm not sure how

developers/users with absolutely no reason whatsoever to keep quiet or rubbish the idea that your latest offering is insecure. Whereas everybody in a commercial closed source house has a marked interest in claiming it's all a mistake. Not to mention with open source, if the basic product is good even if the developer chooses not to fix it, someone who wants to use it will and then you can use that version.
If it's a good open source app, the only thing you'll find from the code is that if you knew the root password you could mess someone up with it. It is possible you could stealth an illegal authorisation given a heretofore unknown exploit, but how you broke in, is documented for all to see.

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by Gnunzo In reply to Open Source

Open source software holds no guarantees of security. Proprietary software's EULA's specifically make you agree that they are not responsible for anything bad that happens to you using their software. So either way you are flying solo. You hold sole responsibility for anything that happens to you either way.

Given all else equal, with the responsibility being mine and mine alone, I'd rather send my kids to a school that encouraged me to look around and meet the teachers any time I wanted, make sure they weren't on any pedophile lists, etc. than a school that forbade me to see anything but the brochure and just have to trust that they will be fine.

But I'd be happy to let you decide to which you would like your kids to attend. So both exist and some people don't care to know and some do.

Of course the NSA developed their own version of Linux. They did not choose to trust Microsoft to make them a secure version. Buut what does the NSA know about security anyway...

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Big Brother sucks

by richard In reply to Just to clarify

boycott Sony
and get root kit remover
link at the bottom of the page

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That's crap...

by keyguy13 In reply to Just to clarify

Open Source is no more reliable or well behaved than free-ware or commercial software.

It's this kind of exageration that turns new users off of open-source when they realize it isn't true.

Try being responsible.

Yes, some open source software is great. So are some freeware apps. So are a lot of commercial software apps..

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"That's crap" post is also crap

by Gnunzo In reply to That's crap...

I think you've missed the point here. It is much more difficult to hide a rootkit in OSS than in proprietary software without it being noticed.

And the major disservice is not calling OSS more reliable or secure, it is the proprietary software vendors claiming OSS creators legally have less responsibility for the end result of what they create and what happens to you when you use it.

But that is what's crap. Proprietary software for which you paid money also has no legal responsibility for what happens to you. RTFEula lately?

Just like no matter how many times Bush insinuated a link between Saddam and 9/11, they weren't related any more than you were to 9/11. It's a lie via insinuation.

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