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Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

By bilboatbath ·
The recent thread on UN vs US internet control was intriguing, due to the intensity of involvement of many contributors. Concerns over 'Freedom' and 'censorship' were raised by many, with others claiming that there is plenty freedom, and no censorship, in the Good Ol' US of A.

I note that the thread was terminated....

FYI, I'd be quite at ease strolling down an unknown inner-city street of an evening, in any part of France, Holland and Denmark, etc., than I would in any inner-city in the USA.

However, I'd be just as ill-at ease and hurried after dark in many British cities now, including Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, and my own - Bath.

I guess it's important that 'we, the people' keep on debating this kind of stuff loudly and vigorously - and let no-one shut us up, or down!

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Power corrupts

by CharlieSpencer In reply to you mean

PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.

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but doesn't

by Jaqui In reply to Power corrupts

abs use open office instead of ms office?

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Not likely

by CharlieSpencer In reply to but doesn't

Anything corrupt must be using MS.

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our member Absolutely

by Jaqui In reply to Not likely

is not an anything.
he's an anyone!!

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