Power Out on Dell Dimension 3000

By spm9928 ·
I am servicing a Dell Dimension 3000 that went out after a thunderstorm. The power in the house went out after lightling struck and the pc would not power up after. I have replaced the power supply and have a green light on the board itself, but when I depress the power switch I get nothing. Could it be the switch itself was effected or is it possible I have a bad board?

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Dell use very marginal parts at the best of times

by OH Smeg In reply to Power Out on Dell Dimensi ...

A Lighting Strike isn't one of these. I would hazard a guess that the Power Supply, M'Board, CPU, RAM and possibly the HDD have suffered a major over voltage event.

The correct way to proceed here is to pull the unit apart and begin by testing the HDD/s and Optical Drive/s to see if they actually work and then work back from there.

Just remember that if something actually works with an event like this happening the different parts will have suffered some major degrading and you can give no guarantee as to just how long the unit will actually work or any part of the unit will continue to work. Just make it clear to your customer that you can not guarantee anything that you have not replaced and even then you can not guarantee that something that appears to work now will not fail latter and damage some of the new parts that you have fitted.


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Same problem!

by dentondarrell In reply to Power Out on Dell Dimensi ...

I'm having the exact same problem. I replaced the power supply, removed all the extra peripherals and still nothing. I guess my next step will be replacing the mobo. Keep me posted if you find out the root problem and I'll do the same.

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same here

by tprice77 In reply to Same problem!

I have the same problem, and did exactly what you did...same results. I only get a green light on the motherboard; no fans or any other signs of life, even after replacing the power supply.

I went to price out replacement motherboards and CPUs on the Dell site, but couldn't find any for the Dimension 3000. Any idea where else to find these?

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finding dimension 3000 replacements and other older computers

by ammurphy In reply to same here

go to dell outlet and then do to the dfs outlet you can find anything there price for 3000 without o/s $120 sure you have replaced by now but, for future reference because my 3000 just died had plugged to surge protector and everything still didn't stop it from being damaged

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Power Out

by donmck In reply to Power Out on Dell Dimensi ...

Same thing happened to me, did anyone ever determine the problem?

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