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Power supply help (again)

By markschu ·
Hey guys. I have asked some questions concerning upgrading my Dell power supply before and I could use some more help.
I have a Dell XPS 200 which is a small form factor case and the PS is 275W. There is NO larger PS that will fit this case, and I am not ready to build a new system, as I spent close to $1500 on this system in 2006. It has a 3.2 GHZ dual core with 3GB of RAM and I also just put in a 1TB HDD so I do not want a new system for a couple of years again.
I have also upgraded the video card to an ATI HD 2400 PRO which is supposed to require a 300W PS but runs fine most of the time. What happens is, whenever I use my Microsoft XBox 360 wireless adapter (usb) or sometimes when I am running Beyond TV (resource HOG), my computer will shut down. I know this is because I am drawing too much power and my PC is getting too hot and then failing. If I am just running basic programs, it runs fine.
What I am going to do is buy a larger PS (with the Dell PS adapter) and connect it outside my case. I realize this is probably slightly dangerous, but I have no other options left (thanks Dell).
I'm thinking I will gorilla tape (strong duct tape) it to the top of my case and buy longer cables if necessary. I am not worried about anyone getting electrocuted (except myself of course, lol) because, I live alone and no one really comes in close contact with my PC. I also have a air compressor in my shop and open and dust my PC weekly, if not almost daily.
I would like some advice, however, if anyone has ever done something like this (installed a PS outside of their case) and can give me some help or pointers. Or, if there are other options to increase my power so I can avoid anymore power failures.
Thanks guys!

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I haven't used the Thermal Take Cases previously

by OH Smeg In reply to well...

But with the Antec ones it's just fine not an issue at all.

If the unit is overheating it's because a Fan isn't working once you go to a Big Enough PS. Right now the problem is that the PS is cutting back to prevent burning out and this is causing problems elsewhere.

With a decent PS and a new case if you run into any problems with heat it's just a matter of adding some Case Fans to improve the Air Flow through the case.

What I think you'll find is happening now is that when the PS cuts back on it's output the CPU and PS Fans are going slower and this is allowing things to get too hot.


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by TheChas In reply to I know it's silly...

The most critical aspect of a case is can you properly mount the motherboard.

If you either cannot access the connectors for the onboard devices, cannot plug in cards (if needed), or cannot locate enough screws and standoffs to secure the motherboard, the case is useless.

If need be, when I reuse an old case, I will drill and tap holes, modify standoffs, or find appropriate hardware to make it work.

What you can accomplish along these lines depends on your skills and the tools available to you.


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what did you mean by...

by markschu In reply to Silly Idea

only real danger is "cooling air"?

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Air Flow for Power Supplies and Cases

by TheChas In reply to what did you mean by...

You need to pay close attention to both air flow and cooling when you mount the power supply outside of the case.

Many systems rely on the air being pulled out of the case by the power supply fan to provide cooling for the components inside the case.

You may need to mount a fan in the opening left from removing the old power supply.

If there is an air duct that runs up to the power supply, you will need to make sure enough air flows through the duct to keep the parts near the inlet side of the duct cool.

Also, you need to make sure the power supply has sufficient airflow so that it stays cool. If it has air vents or a fan on the bottom, it will need to be mounted to assure air gets to the fan or vents. Don't block off any vents on the sides or front either.


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Minimal cases are very inexpensive

by john3347 In reply to Silly Idea

I recently bought a case from TigerDirect for $18. Just do some research and you can find cases on sale with 400 watt power supplies for less than $40. (Just be aware that the power supplies in these $40 cases are prone to premature failure.)

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Also if you get a Server PS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Power supply help (again)

The leads on these are longer so they shouldn't need extending. :)

Though you just need to join any external PS Electrically to the Case so that any Buildup of Static gets Bleed off. But Honestly I would just buy a new case the only real possible problem is that the IO Plate will be different and these can be removed from most cases and changed.

Event he cheap Cases have Front Panel USB and Sound as well as at least a 300 W PS.


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different form factor cases?

by markschu In reply to Also if you get a Server ...

Are cases such as these: which are described as microATX the same as BTX? I see this a lot. Also eATX and uATX? Still a bit confused. Or do I need a BTX case (or ATX w/adapter kit) PERIOD?

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by half In reply to Also if you get a Server ...

i would go for a mid tower at least, with plenty of slots and get a good 600w PS, more room to work in and probably more cooling fan holes too, I just built up a perspex case with 4 fans and it looks so cool with the lights installed. It was a breeze to set up, came with all the spacers pedestals ect, and they even had a clear PS to match tne case available in the sales blurb

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by markschu In reply to cases

Those perspex cases are pretty cool. A bit more than I'm ready to tackle right now though I'm afraid. Maybe when I build a new PC...thanks : )

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Have you seen the Antec Skeleton yet?

by OH Smeg In reply to wow

It works quite well though I've only used 2 of them so far. However I don't make many Games Machines for Customers those 2 where Specials that where more One Offs than anything else. :)


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