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Power supply help (again)

By markschu ·
Hey guys. I have asked some questions concerning upgrading my Dell power supply before and I could use some more help.
I have a Dell XPS 200 which is a small form factor case and the PS is 275W. There is NO larger PS that will fit this case, and I am not ready to build a new system, as I spent close to $1500 on this system in 2006. It has a 3.2 GHZ dual core with 3GB of RAM and I also just put in a 1TB HDD so I do not want a new system for a couple of years again.
I have also upgraded the video card to an ATI HD 2400 PRO which is supposed to require a 300W PS but runs fine most of the time. What happens is, whenever I use my Microsoft XBox 360 wireless adapter (usb) or sometimes when I am running Beyond TV (resource HOG), my computer will shut down. I know this is because I am drawing too much power and my PC is getting too hot and then failing. If I am just running basic programs, it runs fine.
What I am going to do is buy a larger PS (with the Dell PS adapter) and connect it outside my case. I realize this is probably slightly dangerous, but I have no other options left (thanks Dell).
I'm thinking I will gorilla tape (strong duct tape) it to the top of my case and buy longer cables if necessary. I am not worried about anyone getting electrocuted (except myself of course, lol) because, I live alone and no one really comes in close contact with my PC. I also have a air compressor in my shop and open and dust my PC weekly, if not almost daily.
I would like some advice, however, if anyone has ever done something like this (installed a PS outside of their case) and can give me some help or pointers. Or, if there are other options to increase my power so I can avoid anymore power failures.
Thanks guys!

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now that is...

by markschu In reply to Have you seen the Antec S ...

pretty cool. OK. Here: it shows the comparisons between cases, with the motherboard compat. on top on the right. However, it does not have a cat. for BTX, which we have established I own. Could you please clarify if I need to have a case that specifically says BTX, or if I can use a different size. Maybe I should email Antec? *What was my first clue, right, LOL*

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No here you should use a BTX Case

by OH Smeg In reply to now that is...

Well at least I would.

I'm not a lover of using adapters in any form and I wasn't suggesting the Skeleton for your needs here just responding to a comment about a Perspex Case above. :)

Personally I would be surprised if Antec doesn't already have something on the Drawing Boards for the BTX M'Boards but as things stand currently I would stick with a Real Case as these provide protection from RF and other sources of Interference that may prove difficult to deal with under other circumstances. A computer case is still a Faraday Cage around the Internal Components that bleeds off any thing that it collects to Earth so it's Important to have a Working Earth Connection here.


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you guys...

by markschu In reply to No here you should use a ...

are all full of...wait for it...GREAT ideas! Thought I was going to say something else didn't ya? ; ) I finally realized (at about 3AM) that all I really needed to do to insure the least hassle was to look at the bigger XPS models above mine! I found that these power supplies were not only bigger, but had the same voltage settings, thereby allowing me to bypass all adapters. Take a look here:
As you can see, the 3 connectors that I need are identical to the 3 on the 400 PS! The only concern I still have (I was going to start a new thread actually) is that under the first connector (DC Power Connector P1) 3 of the wires use 22 gauge and on the 400 PS they only use 18 gauge. Do you think this will matter? I could always crack open my old PS and attach the wires to the new PS maybe? Waddya think braintrust?

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Set it in the bottom of the case

by john3347 In reply to Power supply help (again)

I had a pieced up computer one time that didn't allow the power supply that I had available to fit in the space provided in the case. I did, however have a suitable space in the bottom of the case. I just set the PS loose and let 'er rip. If you have the space, but don't feel comfortable with the box "bouncing loose", secure it with some double stick tape - the thick stuff that is about 1/8" thick. If memory serves me correctly, I had to lay the power supply upside down to avoid blocking the fan. I didn't have any overheat problems with that particular setup caused by the power supply not venting outside the case.

p.s. I don't remember now, but I probably removed a PCI card slot cover to run the power cord.

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good idea as well but...

by markschu In reply to Set it in the bottom of t ... you can see I don't have room to do ANYTHING in this case...

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Your but is showing. nt

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Power supply help (again)
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