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Praise the Lord

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
I've just had a 12 hour Vista Brainwashing Session with MS at one of their Certified Partners Roadshows and I'm impressed.

7 versions of Vista coming out as soon as MS can get the code to work and then another 7 versions coming out in 64 Bit so over all that will eventually be 14 versions of Vista for us to play with. B-)

But the really great news is this if you buy a 64 Bit version and load even 1 32 Bit piece of Software the OS will default back to a 32 BIT OS and not work as a 64 Bit OS. ?

For home there are 3 versions

1 Home Basic

2 Home Premium

3Home Ultimate

Small Business


5 Ultimate

Medium to Large Business

6 Business

7 Ultimate

Although I can only see 4 different versions the Sales Guy insisted that they actually have 7 and it will be the Big Business Ultimate Version shipping starting in November Well Maybe but it could be pushed back to December or even February.

Now for the Good News Volume License will only be available on two Versions the Business and Ultimate and Software Assurance will only be available on Ultimate so that sort of limits the opportunities for us all doesn't it?

However as the Sales Guy says Dell, HP and all those guys Will Not Have the Ultimate version so we'll all either be loading White Boxes with Vista Ultimate or buying more Volume Licenses and loading the off the Shelf Stuff if we want to have Software Assurance. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in the stomach that one. Knowing that MS will be being paid twice for OS's on the one machine. :)

Then there is Office 12 we where given a 60 minute presentation on all it's new features and they have Tags so it's easier to find the tools that you want in the application and they change as you change the work so you always have the necessary tools available.

We where shown Word, Excel & Power Point all with the new interface and Frontpage has gone the way of the Dodo to be replaced with Sharepoint. Then they spent the last 40 minutes showing off Exchange which has the ability to hold more Mail Boxes and more mail but the down side is it only comes in the 64 Bit version so there will be a need for those 64 Bit Versions of Vista which we where told is built on the reliable 2003 & XP Kernels though that bit did lose me slightly, but it was such a fun time that no one bothered asking the obvious question of What The Hell Are You Talking About? Mainly because the Genuine Ferrari NB looked So Nice!

Anyway I'm getting all washed away in the MS BS and I did approach this very nice gentleman and ask him which Processors would be Fully Supported with which version of Vista, That raised a funny look with the expected response All will be supported by our Products. So I pushed a bit harder and asked did that mean that a Pentium Extreme would be fully supported by Vista Home Basic he just gave me a funny look and said Of Course Why did you bother Asking I then explained that a Pentium Extreme was a Dual Core CPU with HTT so it effectively looked like 4 CPU's to the OS not just a single core without HTT and I got a OH Hum! And a really dumb look and he pushed his Ferrari NB at me and said that it works on this as if I was to be impressed by that and ASUS single Core AMD running a 2 GHZ with 1 GIG of RAM. But it was a Nice Red Colour.

So that question remains unanswered I don't know which if any version of Vista will support the Dual Core with HTT or whatever AMD calls their process that effectively does the same thing.

The 2 base models Vista Basic & Premium are Workgroup Only and the rest are Domain Capable though for the life of me I can not see the difference between the Ultimate Small Business and Ultimate Big Business versions but we where told that they where different so it must be so.

I can just see all the Exchange Managers rushing out for Exchange 12 or what ever it ends up being called as being a 64 Bit application it will require an all 64 Bit system to run on and NO 32 Bit programs installed or Vista will default back to a 32 Bit OS. The Do More With Less Marketing push seems to be rubbing more than a bit thin as it now looks as if you'll be pushing Do Less with More as there are no where enough 64 Bit drivers available so MS isn't going to be pushing the 64 Bit OS's until the customers have the available drivers and software then they mentioned Exchange seems that the Right Hand of the Marketing Department doesn't know what the Left Hand is doing but I'm sure that as everyone with current SA will be rushing out to install the new Software when it hits the streets we'll see a Merry Time.

The next Beta Version of Vista should be available in 3 weeks for download along with Office 12 and Exchange 12 all from the same MS Site in the US but that's also flexible as the code is still being written and they where very careful not to use any functions that didn't work. Actually come to think of it we saw very little of anything that had not been prebuilt and it was more of a Show & Tell rather than a genuine show of the new product.

But a few little Gems where dropped things like We are finding 5000 problems per day with the version of Vista that they where using. That alone really instilled confidence in the True Believers while the real people looked Horrified at that little gem.

Parent Controls look great if they actually work as they will not only show where the Children/End Users have attempted to go but everything that they have done on the computer and I do mean Everything I can see a lot of SYS Admins turning this option off for their own stations. After all not many would want it known what e-mails they had received & Sent this includes the complete contents what was in any Instant Messaging that they had received & sent as well as any actual Web Sites that they had attempted to visit and what they had visited and attempted or actually downloaded, then there are the internal Office Documents all are available through the Parental Control option doesn't matter if they where deleted or not by whoever they all remain available to the System Admin or anyone with the Admin Password.

The new Graphics look nice though for the life of me I can not see it being used much and that nasty Start button has been replaced with the MS Pearl so I'll no longer have to have arguments with my Mother as to why I click on Start to shut the thing down. :^0

As MS sees most of the market growth next year being on NB's they are pushing the idea heavily that the Graphics cards will need at least 32 MEG and better if they have 64 MEG even if it's Shared Memory available to run these graphics on your new NB or you just will not see them.

Well Boys & Girls I've seen the Official Presentation and am now making arraignments for a nice long hospital visit to start the Day that Vista gets released so I can have a nice quite time while you lot are tearing your hair out insisting that as 90% of the people use Windows it's Best and finding all the little problems that where patched in XP and have been left open in Vista.

The other big announcement was that every 24 months MS is going to be rolling out a Major Release from now on and Vista is the Basis of the next 10 years of Windows so about 24 months after Vista Hits the streets you'll all see a Major Service Pack and the another 24 months latter there will be a replacement Version of Windows to replace Vista that's of course if MS can get their act together and do it properly even if the new release is only a re-badged copy of the previous version so they can keep the income stream coming in. With the 4 yearly replacement to their Flagship OS Windows.

Now remember that Vista as it stands now represents 1,000,000 Man Years of Work so hopefully it might part way work even in the stripped down versions that well be seeing sometime starting from November on wards to the unknown release date. :^0

Edit All the above quoted figures are supplied directly from MS and while I don't necessarily believe everything the numbers are interesting and frighting. So don't pick on me if you consider the figures wrong that are directly from the MS Presenters.

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Funny thing that Addicted to Chocolate.

by dawgit In reply to Oh the food was fine

I had been thinking it was just me. And over here (Germany/Swiss) the Chocolate is soooo good too. Of course, I have one little problem, I just can't eat those cute little Chocolate Easter Bunnys that are breeding in my Refrigerater. The Santas? They've got no chance. Two more Easters & I'll have to get a 'frige just for those bunnys. :^0

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You Evil Barsteward

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Funny thing that Addicted ...

The last time I was in Switzerland we where taken on a tour of a Chocolate Factory Mistake Number one for the organisers. Then they handed us all little plastic spoons so we could have a taste all through the process Big Mistake Number 2 there. :^0

All the way through the tour the people where placing tiny little amounts of the Best Chocolate in the World on their spoons and having a little taste I was using mine like a shovel and couldn't ever get enough.

But at the end of the tour the Tour Guide was ignoring me completely as one of those Dirty Unwashed out of control Aussie who should be avoided at all costs. Anyway at the end of the tour they told everyone that they had a little shop and if they liked they could buy some chocolate. The guy actually tried to avoid me hearing that one. Anyway I stood around while all the rest decided on which type of Chocolate that they would buy and when they had all finished I just walked up to the counter watched the tour guide cringe and asked how many per box? Then asked to buy 4 boxes of each of the chocolates. There was a bit of a translation problem there as he attempted to hand me just 4 bars when I actually wanted the Big Boxes

After that I was welcome to visit any time I wished to and they even paid my taxi fares there and back.

The worst thing was that one company that I worked for had a promotion giving away some Swiss Chocolate with every piece of something that was bought and they actually locked all the chocolate away in a safe to protect it from me.

Any other time when they would hand out bottles of wine or the like they would stuff it in my workshop knowing that it was As Safe As Houses but the chocolate was a totally different story. I didn't even get one piece and I actually offered to buy the stuff as well. :_|

Col ]:)

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Do I detect

by neilb@uk In reply to Praise the Lord

just a little irony, Col?

Masterful summing up!


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Mobility solution?

by Oz_Media In reply to Praise the Lord

Willl there be a mobility bundle? Not for cell phones or wee little Blackberry style PDA's but for mobile handhelds or EDT's?

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Well OZ here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Mobility solution?

Vodaphone has teamed up with MS and is offering a couple of plans that can be used on the new G3 system and look really great.

There are 2 versions one is th Lite version that allows 100 MEG to be accessed without causing extra charges and the second is the Power User which allows 300 MEG to be accessed and it's possible to spread this over the business if you are a small business with only a couple of people involved like 2 to 25 people .

They will provide the handsets if you sign up for a 24 month plan or you can buy your own and go on a monthly plan. They are singed up with service providers World Wide so you do have True Global Roaming but once you leave AU the plans drop out and it's a Pay as You Go System. It looks really great but the problem here is that they have just started rolling out the G3 Network so at the moment they don't have much coverage but that will change when time passes and no doubt like all good Telcos they will share their networks to save the expense of rolling out the network AU wide.

Currently here with just the Mobiles if you are travelling around the country the people tend to have 3 Mobiles all with a different provider so at least one of them will have coverage when you're out of the Big Smoke. These people carry phones with contracts from Optus, Telecom & Vodaphone but when you're way out it's generally the Optus one that works unless you want to go to the CDMA system which is very expensive and had a short life as it never really took off and will be replaced with the G3 network eventually.

The other down side is that the package comes with a ASUS Server loaded with Exchange 12 which you have to buy to get the SIM card that is used by the cute piece of hardware to allows it to work from the Companies E-Mail otherwise it's a straight forward installation.

Oh I forgot that plan only covers E-Mail and Web Browsing. If you want voice it's a Pay as You go system to make money for the Telco and the person who sold them the System.


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Thanks BUT.....

by Oz_Media In reply to Well OZ here

I actually said I wasn't interested in cell phones (what you call mobiles). My mistake for not crossing the language barrier and realizing that you, as well as England, use mobiles. 'Cell phone' is a North American term as the network operates acrss cells.

I was referring to a version similar to Windows Mobile. By Mobile Handhelds I was referring to industrial grade PDA's, actually caled EDT (Enterprise Data Terminals). They are a wee bit like a blackberry, but are robust, rugged and actually offer functions for the user. Blackberries are pretty much just toys for children and men who like new toys, EDT's are for people conducting business.

Heres an example:

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but with Windows?

by dawgit In reply to Thanks BUT.....

I saw the stuff on the link (looked good) wasn't a lot of equipment of that type using Symbian OS ? I've seen limited use of Java, which Sun is trying to increase. Even Linux moving in on that. But Why would want Vista? (I don't think they're moving away from Windows Mobile, or even WinCE) Col. Any mention of anything in that direction from MicroSoft?

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No the handsets where

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to but with Windows?

Defiantly XP based or should I say CE?

The big thing was the Exchange Server 12 that was used with the system but even then with a smaller company you could most likely get away with earlier versions of Exchange.

They where pushing the Exchange 12 option because it was a MS Show pushing Vista and it allows more mail boxes and storage space with the added advantage of being able to wipe the contents of the handset if it's lost/stolen but I seem to remember that the current version of Exchange has the same ability.


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The Vodaphone Bit refereed to what you asked OZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks BUT.....

I can't remember the exact models that they where flogging an I something but the plans covered 100 MEG and 300 MEG downloads/uploads and these didn't have Voice connections included.

Just the average Send Receive E-Mail without the need to sync with the server, browse the web while out of the office on those cute little handheld devices.

I only added the bit about the current generation of Mobiles to give you some idea of the limited coverage here.

The package that you where asking about is being offered on the G3 network Without Voice which has even less coverage than the current crop of Mobiles. The CDMA has been a massive success mainly because all the Telcos have got together and shared their networks with each other and given it a much better coverage area at a cheaper cost to them in not needing to duplicate the same installations all around the country.

Naturally the Vodaphone broacher that got handed out doesn't have any web links a perfect example of their total lack of any form of business sense they seem to think that they can rely on Toll Free Numbers to sell this product.

But they are offering a package with an ASUS Server and Exchange 12 with a SIM Card Holder and then the handsets. All Without Voice in the offered plans. The one really good thing is that with the top plan it can be spread across several users so it will have a great impact on Small Business once the coverage area improves. From what they said the same applies with their Contracted service Providers World Wide so you can have True Global Roaming capability with these units. If you want Voice as well it costs more.


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Alrighty then. I have one question

by OnTheRopes In reply to Praise the Lord

Do you know if there are any good Linux Distributors that have gone public with their stock?


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