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President Obama says chance for healthcare overhaul is slipping away

By jdclyde ·
President Obama over the last few days has stated how urgent they quickly move forward his agenda of a government run health before the chance can slip away, not to return for generations. His words, paraphrased of course.

My question for supporters of Obama has two parts.

One, if his plan is sound, why would something that complicated be done in such a rush?

Two, if his plan is sound, why would it either pass now or not be available again for generations?

Or is he rushing things through so people don't have a chance to see what is really in the plan, like he did with his non-stimulating stimulus package?

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A good (above) discussion from a nurse

by tomshotcash In reply to Not really

I liked the disucssion from the nurse above, which I agree with exactly. HOW are we going to manage it, both financially and legally (legally meaning the red tape of how the various procedures will be handled)

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How does that change? Your confused.

by Oz_Media In reply to Are you both missing some ...

In Canada we have a government SUPPORTED medical system, we still pay into it monthly just like insurance but at a fixed, regulated cost instead of the constantly fluctuating and exorbitant cost of a private insurer.

The doctors here are NOT government hired or trained, they are all skilled, independant practitioners and many run private practices and stand outside of the government subsidies if they choose.

In essence we have a choice, a choice which you are refusing to support for your fellowman.

If you want to choose to pay for extended private insurance and see a practitioner of your choice, you are free to do so here. If you wish to only pay a monthly fee to the government and still see the doctor of your liking, you are free to do so.

I can go and see any doctor, any specialist etc. It makes NO difference except the cost is regulated, neither the government nor the insurer decides who I can or can't see, unlike the USA.

My family doctor offers private surgery, spinal surgey mostly. He is one of the most highly regarded spinal suregons in North America, director of medical boards, Children's Hospitals etc. If he was in the US, you would have to pay some pretty high-end private insurance premiums to see him.

I can see him for the same price/premium I pay to see any other doctor I choose, $54.00/month.

So all you are doing by not supporting reform is denying OTHERS, who may not normally be able to afford premiums.

Certainly you wouldn't deny ANYONE a right to healthcare and happiness by being able to see the same quality practitioners that you may.

Or do you want to keep the good doctors to yourself and let the other hacks let the poor suffer?

I don't have to make that decision, a homeless person is entitled to the same care I am. How can you suggest your quality of doctors would go down when many of your doctors are Canadians?

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Thank you, Oz

by santeewelding In reply to How does that change? You ...

But I master that department -- the ordering of my mind's parts.

In which connection, I guess you meant, "you're", wherein your mind's parts are -- disordered?

Nor, do I give a flying fluck about Canada.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Thank you, Oz

You managed to write one line in plain English, well done!

It's not a matter of what you give a flock about, it's a matter of your comment that quality health care will go down the chute, which is absolute horsecrap, as seen in similar systems in other nations.

You don't exactly have a health care system worth bragging about now, just drop your ego an inch and you'll realize that you could be better off. If you think what you have now works, why do you have a lower mortality rate and fewer people with coverage than other free nations? Uncontrollable costs and unaffordable premiums, but you should be sharp enough to see that yourself.

Tax increase, waaah. pshaw, cry me a river.

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You're welcome

by santeewelding In reply to Thank you, Oz

The one, plain line was that because I spoon-fed you, at your pace.

At your rate, this could take a while.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Thank you, Oz

First of all I don't dislike you so I'll try and keep insults to friendly banter instead.

As for you dumbing it down, I'm not the only one here who has complained of your cryptic messages. Say what you have to say in plain English, I don't want to take time to seek meaning on your posts, if you can't offer a straight opinion, don't bother posting to me at all.

I certainly wouldn't want you to feel a need to stoop to my level in order to communicate.

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Try this

by santeewelding In reply to Thank you, Oz

I don't much bother with opinion. That is your level, and I fear you are lost in it.

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What is discussion without opinion?

by Oz_Media In reply to Thank you, Oz

A discussion without opinion is a lesson, sorry but I'm with school. When it comes to a learned skill, yes I want formal instruction such as the years I spent at BCIT studying to be an automotive tech. When it comes to some knob posting a baited and biased opinion of presidential actions, I am going to offer my opinion, just as everyone else has, including yourself.

What else have you offered here if not conclusions and opinions based loosely on available facts? nothing.

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by santeewelding In reply to Thank you, Oz

The method of Position and Opinion does not work -- by definition -- for Everything, capital "E".

It is, rather, blasphemy. But only if you see the above.

You are sweetly innocent.

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It certainly works here though

by Oz_Media In reply to Thank you, Oz

The initial post is inflamed and baited, it is a post derived from opinion. There are no facts to explore, beyond the facts that shared opinions are based on.

I agree with you wholly in situations where we are discussing legality and people start offering opinions, which don't fly in law. However this is not one of those cases.

This was an inflammatory personal opinion from the OP, resulting posts are going to be like minded, inflammatory opinions or just conclusions derived from opinion.

Pretend it is what you want, reality is this is a discussion thread and NOBOODY, including the president really has facts to prove anything because it has not been done.

Having lived with a similar system for 40 years, I can attest to it's effectiveness based on my first hand knowledge of our particular system.

To me, that seems far more accurate than speculations by someone with a bone to pick with the president, an unyielding distaste for his every move and no actual knowledge of how effective similar systems are elsewhere, other than the odd snippets of sensationalized 'news' that hits check stand rags.

The OP of the thread has offered such keen insight before, "why does everyone in Canada come to the US for treatment?" "Why did this old man not get elective hip surgery in a hurry?" and other stupid, Enquirer style comments that are obviously related in the USA to generate support for a private medical system. However this doesn't make such stories true or accurate in any way.

It seems some people just can't see through the 'sensational propaganda' and don't believe their nation would do such a thing to begin with. Thus the original OPINION shown here is based on fear and unqualified assertions mixed with a heap of personal bias.

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