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President Obama says chance for healthcare overhaul is slipping away

By jdclyde ·
President Obama over the last few days has stated how urgent they quickly move forward his agenda of a government run health before the chance can slip away, not to return for generations. His words, paraphrased of course.

My question for supporters of Obama has two parts.

One, if his plan is sound, why would something that complicated be done in such a rush?

Two, if his plan is sound, why would it either pass now or not be available again for generations?

Or is he rushing things through so people don't have a chance to see what is really in the plan, like he did with his non-stimulating stimulus package?

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You make excellent points

by Tig2 In reply to How does that change? You ...

My disagreement with both the British and Canadian systems are more rooted in specifics than generalities. Those specifics pertain to roughly 10% of the population so I can't say how meaningful they are when the whole is considered.

It may well be that the Canadian model is the better of the options for us. I haven't really given it the thought it is due. I will.

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Keep in mind though

by Oz_Media In reply to You make excellent points

That Canada's system is VASTLY different from the UK's heathlcare system, in fact our system is probably closer to your own, with the exception of premiums and insurer's.

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What's $54

by TonytheTiger In reply to How does that change? You ...

based on, or does everyone pay the same amount?

What other costs do you incur?

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Medical premiums

by Oz_Media In reply to What's $54

The highest rate of premium paid by residents of British Columbia is $54/month. That includes pretty much unrestricted access to any doctor, specialist, emergency room, surgery, and even things like physio and chiropractors (the last two do charge a nominal fee upon visiting, around $5-$10 per visit and you are limited to a half dozen visits gratis).

Medication, is MOSTLY covered also, for 30 Tylenol 3's I pay about $7, it is basically just the dispensing fees, the drugs themselves cost pennies. There are more expensive medications of course, but again MOST of that cost is covered. A friend of mine was taking several hundred dollars worth of meds each month after a nasty accident. He ended up paying about $20 per refill, which is then tax deductible anyway.

Over the last few years, the ambulance service has privatized, so unless you have private insurance it'll cost you $80 for the ride, but given the reduced cost of everything else, it is nothing to contend with. It's not like its on top of other exorbitant costs.

If you are disabled, unemployed etc. You don't pay premiums at all, if you are low income or on hardship of some sort, you get a subsidized cost that is just under $20.00/month.

Having grown up with some acute spinal issues, Sherman's disease and mild scoliosis between my shoulders, I have been through extensive surgeries and extended hospital visits with some of the best spinal surgeons and doctors around. I have undergone numerous CAT scans, MRI, EEGs etc. Not to mention several car accidents when younger, one putting me in a come for 61/2 weeks.

To date neither I nor my parents (when I was younger) spent a single red cent on anything other than heavily discounted costs for medications and a TV for private rooms.

Even private rooms are covered by medical here, if you actually needed one. As for full hospitals and no beds, I have yet to be turned away. In fact many times I have had a room to myself, with three other empty beds in it, of course at ho additional cost.

I did find one year, during a major flu epidemic that the emergency room beds were full and they had patients in the waiting room, but those were odd circumstances and the hospital itself had many beds.

Another thing that also stands out is that no matter how often I go to hospital, whether I have a self inflicted life threatening disease or not, I am covered, I am seen to and my premiums never change, unless by a provincial hike for everyone, which is rare and minimal at that. I smoke cigars but I don't pay more than a nonsmoker.

Even if I don pay my premiums, I STILL get free coverage. Sure I will still be billed for my monthly fees, they just get added up as a debt, but I don't get denied or my level of care does not change. I just have a bigger debt for the $54/mo I don't pay. (Hypothetical of course, my premiums are paid up). I do know someone who owes over $3K in premiums now though, and if he gets sick or has an accident, he is still treated as anyone else and just sent a monthly statement with another $54 added to his debt each month.

You cant opt out, which is the one downfall I see in our system. Whether you like it or not, you owe $54 every month, unpaid you just owe more and more money. But its so cheap it doesn't even register on the expense radar. I can spend $54 in a few hours at the track, beers etc added and its even more.

There's no way you could get me to pass that all up for a system where I paid more and chanced the level of care I could get for it.

The concept of leaving hospital or a doctors office with ANY sort of bill is just unfathomable to me.

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I'm glad people see Obama the same way I do.

by tomshotcash In reply to But why should it be poli ...

You will never get good tort reform or complete health plan from a tax and spend president. If you earn less than $250,000 and expect to not pay any additional taxes, what planet may you live on? Ever hear of liquor, cigarette, fuel or VAT taxes? If not, you will and more of them. I don't drink or smoke but I do buy gasoline and products such as cars and other products which could be taxes at each level of production. This is a tax and spend class conscious president where even members of his own party are growing leery of him.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I'm glad people see Obama ...
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His numbers are dropping fast

by jdclyde In reply to I'm glad people see Obama ...

as more people see that he didn't have a real plan from the beginning.

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Oh, he HAS a plan...

by TonytheTiger In reply to His numbers are dropping ...

Just not the one most people thought

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And Obama will NEVER do anything to limit the damage

by Oz_Media In reply to But why should it be poli ...

You seem so sure of Obama and his intentions.

How is it that, after a year of campaigns and promises and 6 months acting as the President, you have all this vast knowledge and insight as to what he thinks and what his next action is?

I woul dguess that you are just parrotign what some relublican whined about and that's your factual knowledge about The Obama that you keep sharing. Even using the term the Obama is a republican thing.

Are you on the payroll or did they just primise you a Brave New World if you help them get back into office next election?

Youn minged and whined at me for years over being boased against Bush, which I shared with most others in the world. However all yuo do is spend your days and nights misquoting and questioning every move The Obama makes.

News flash, he's accepted by more Americans and FAR more people worldwide, than Bush ever was.

Many years will have to pass, including the passing of many party menbers, before a Republican Administration will ever be trusted again.

America's risk of terrorist attacks dropped instantly when Obama was elected, so whether you like him or not, wasn't your safety a key reason Bush garnered support and why he managed to stay a second term?

With that 'safer America' concept being a complete failure with Bush (along with everything else he touches) and now more positive with Obama, why would you now decide that your safety is not the most important aspects of political maneuvering?

All of a sudden, your key political focus has moved from protecting America's safety and creating positive foreign relations, to twisting economic plans.

Man, you really need to work on building some consistent values.

How two faced you are!

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Dumb or just stupid?

by jdclyde In reply to And Obama will NEVER do a ...

"News flash, he's accepted by more Americans and FAR more people worldwide, than Bush ever was. " You really think his numbers today which are dropping daily, are higher than Bush ever was? And you base this upon what? And no, I don't give a ratsass about "worldwide" and people like you approving of him or having Bushaphobia before.

Nothing I put in the title or the initial post or any other post was a lie. You being to stupid or dishonest to see that is your problem.

As for my sources, you just amplify your ignorance by assuming anything, and again, show how dishonest your attempts to look cool here are.

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