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President Obama sells access to the White House

By maxwell edison ·
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Fix the link.

http / freebeacon. com/chuck- todd-on-ofa-fundraising-this-just-looks- bad/

"Looks bad" my a$$. How about criminal?

"This just looks bad - it looks like the White House is selling access, Todd said Monday. It's the definition of selling access. If you believe money has a strangle hold over the entire political system this is ceding the moral high ground.

Hey Chuck! Apply the quack test. If it quacks like a duck, it's a friggin' duck! If it "looks like Obama is selling access", he's SELLING ACCESS!

Go ahead, all you Obama Kool Aide drinkers. Try to justify it by saying everybody does it.

P.S. I laugh - and am totally surprised - that the story is from MSNBC, and not FOX News!

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Here's the point of Maxwell's post as I see it

by AV . In reply to President Obama sells acc ...

Maybe this is how Washington has always operated, but didn't Obama campaign over and over again about how he was going to change the way things are done in Washington? That's the reason people elected him. Remember hope and change?

Clearly, at least to me, he broke his promise and proved he is just as bad as everyone he chastised during his campaign. No, maybe he's even worse because he told everyone what they wanted to hear just to get elected.


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Campaign promises

by JamesRL In reply to Here's the point of Maxwe ...

I've heard many campaign promises since I was old enough to pay attention to them. For me as someone within TV range of the US border, that would be from the 1976 campaign and Jimmy Carter.

Every presidential campaigner, Republican, Democrat and Independant, says they are going to clean up Washington, reform election finance, improve bipartisan co-operation, eliminate waste, improve education and on and on.

Of course their ability to do so is constrained by Congress. They campaign as if they can control congress, but rarely do they get so lucky. Its almost inevitable that the will not be able to control congress for more than a couple of years. And of course external events happen like ecomonic crises, wars and other events that take focus away from the agenda that is being propesed on the campaign trail. Many successful candidates get to Washington only to find out they can't do what they promised because the money simply isn't available.

As for donations for access, it has been happening for decades, with Republicans and Democrats. And sadly, it is probably less of an issue than with PACs, not to say one excuses the other. PACs have more clout than donors who get a dinner at the White House.

In Canada we have very strict rules about who can lobby and how. A member of the governing party was kicked out because their spouse broke the rules. In Canada only individuals can contribute to political parties or candidates, and the maxmimum is $1100 per year per party or candidate. All contributions over $200 are on the public record. Companies, action committees, or lobby groups are not allowed to contribute anything.

If you want to reform politics in the US, reforming campaign finances has to be holisitic. Pointing fingers at one area while ignoring another won't fix anything. If you stop white house dinners, you simply shift more money to PACs.

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Campaign contributions.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Campaign promises

I've long thought the only people who should be allowed to contribute to a campaign are the registered voters of the district / state / region under contention. The laws you describe are close enough, though. If only it weren't so dang cold up there :-)

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SO dang cold....up here?

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Campaign contributions.

I have been out on the porch with a cold beer and steaks on the BBQ. A stunning sunset (as we often see on the West coast), while watching the news in America about massive snow storms, ice and hail, tornadoes you name it, YUCK!
The rest of Canada, as is to be expected, feet of snow, cold fronts blowing through etc. Central and Eastern Canada get weather extremes. Extremely hot and humind summer and extreme cold and snow in winter, not here. We dip below zero a few times in Winter (mainly at night) and it rains a lot on winter but we have it made for weather overall, wouldn't trade it for anything.

I wore a polo shirt on calls today, it's just short of 60F here today, should be over 62F on the weekend. Sun is blazing through the office windows now, I was on the porch watching windsurfers and sail boats in English Bay and was camping last weekend.

Sorry, had to do it.

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Not only is it cold up there,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to SO dang cold....up here?

but apparently there's a 30-day delay on the Internet :-)

Oh, and Max hasn't been seen since this discussion. Don't hold your breath waiting on him.

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I never hold my breath for people.

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Not only is it cold up th ...

Unless underwater. I've been a sales rep for far too long to wait for people or expect them to be around, even when they absolutely promise they will be.
In my world, people can't be trusted at all, it's all taken with a grain of salt when someone says they'll get back to you, they'll be around at a certain time etc.

I don't expect anything from people any more. I think that mankind, in general, is a complete joke and becomes more and more irresponsible by the minute, as standards are lowered to the basement, I'd take a dog over people any day of the week.

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30 days?

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Not only is it cold up th ...

Was one of the web cams showing an old image or something or was it an outdated weather report you were referring to?

This is today, not a cloud in the sky and too warm for a jacket.

My office is just across the other side of the vridge in the foreground, so I look at the mountains (behind the camera). Time is at a complete standstill on days like today, work is a 24 hour least, and minutes are like hours as I wait, with my truck packed and ready downstairs. 4:30 is such a long way away, so I can head up the coast for some camping.

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I was referring to

by CharlieSpencer In reply to 30 days?

this discussion being almost a month old before you discovered it.

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Oh okay!

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to 30 days?

I don't TR like I used to. I just decided to check off topic discussions for something I hadn't seen and ran across this one. Oh well, I get to ***** and moan and nobody is there to argue with me, that works too.

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All candidates promise reform, thats true

by AV . In reply to Campaign promises

But Obama takes the cake. His whole campaign was about hope and change and how he was going to change Washington. Sure, his predecessors all promised the same thing, but not to the same degree that Obama did. He was adamant about it. That was his appeal. To me, Hillary should have beaten him handily.

Our Congress is a total disgrace. Both sides work against each other and neither side seems to care how their dog and pony show affects the American people. I do understand the argument. We have to stop spending money we don't have, but Obama, the man who is supposed to lead, isn't doing anything to make things work. He is taking his argument to the people instead and making sure that any cuts will hurt, just to make his point. I can't believe we can't cut the size of government without compromising our security or laying of thousands of people. I think its grandstanding on Obama's part, just to make his point and defend his big government agenda.

Obama may not like what Republicans have to say but, the sequester was his idea to begin with and there are things that could be cut that wouldn't affect anything critical. Obama will not even consider trying to soften the ****, however. Its his way or the highway.

You have the right idea in Canada. Plain and simple. I don't understand why we can't do something like that here.


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