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Prestige and backstabbing

By local support ·
Sometimes it's necessary to combine the efforts of several departments to acheive a good and functional result. Unfortunately, sometimes the people that should contribute move in opposite directions or don't want to participate at all.

I work with local / end user support. Right now I'm trying to help a user with an application, that he needs for his job. I do not have enough knowledge to work out the solution. Therefor I have contacted some other knowledgeable people in other departments.

Problem is, they don't want to cooperate with each other. Me myself is on good terms with all of them, but behind each others backs they think lowly of each other, and call each other dirty names. Everyone tries to push blame and responsibility onto someone else.

timeout to be continued

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by JamesRL In reply to Prestige and backstabbing

I am not going to justify the crappy non co-operative behaviours, but I think I have insight as to why it happens.

If you want people to pull together on a common goal (project wise), you have to make them participate in the creation and definition of that goal.

I would think your example is one where you are judged by customer service, and the people you are asking to help are not. Thats a managment fault - even if you don't directly work with users, you are still responsible for customer satisfaction.


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get nasty..

by Jaqui In reply to Prestige and backstabbing

tape record each of them badmouthing the others.. then get them all into one room and play the recordings back..with the management there.

then state:

This is an example of bad teamwork, and should be ended. We are professionals, we should be able to work together even if we don't like each other.

then, walk out of the room.

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can ya tell

by Jaqui In reply to get nasty..

that I have no problems calling someone an idiot to thier face?

Completely humiliating them publicly for moral breaking attitudes is also fun, and can have many positive effects, in everyone's attitudes and morale. [ depending on how you do it, and how you act afterwards ]

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Agree to a point.

by redbellusa In reply to can ya tell

Taking a whole group to task for childish behavior is rough and can be dangerous to one's career. It can also snap the group into a realization that to do the job that one needs to do ( for they are taking the Man's money and Honor demands that they do what they should, ) they must work in harmony or else they are stealing from the company because they have not done what they promised and are not doing what they are supposed to do, serve the customers. I have seen 'Catfights' among both male and female workers and it hurts the entire group. Move the worst offenders to some one else's group if you have any influence or explain to your boss that the whole group is suffering and he is going to look very BAD and INCOMPETENT when his review time comes around. Good luck, stay out of it and try to find a few 'nice guys' to work together and set some sort of an example. Good luck and stay clean, RedBellUSA ( Please pardon spelling errors! )

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Now that would

by Old Guy In reply to get nasty..

be tempting whenever my alter ego tries to emerge. However, I just keep battling him down so I always seem like the really, really, nice Old Guy.:)

There are times though that some of these folks would deserve that.

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That is my point OG,

by Jaqui In reply to Now that would

"There are times though that some of these folks would deserve that."

Those times tend to be when people forget that you aren't paid for popularity*, you are paid for your skills. If they could remember that then they wouldn't think it was worth backstabbing people.

and yes, I have always been that bold in expressing my opinion, I always say it to someone's face, and have never had any problems from employers for doing so. They appreciate my honesty. I had one employer go so far as to alter the work schedule to keep another employee and I from having to work together.. I had my normal shifts still.

* Entertainment [ music and movies ] being an exception to that.

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I am a humble guy bottom of the ladder

by local support In reply to get nasty..

I am a humble guy at the bottom of the ladder. I ain't that tough.

Like a golf ball, I yield under pressure, but only to a certain point. After that I start moving.

I have a problem delegating upwards.

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this isn't really

by Jaqui In reply to I am a humble guy bottom ...

delegating upwards, it's more calling a spade a spade, publicly, and making them look bad for not being professional.

depending on how you interact with your co-workers, it can be detrimental to continued employment.

I have always had the practice of being bluntly honest, so when I call someone out for thier stupidity, it's expected that I will do so.
The benefit is that this tends to promote competence, as no-one likes being humiliated for stupidity in front of the co-workers, they try harder to be professional in thier behaviour.

It may not work for everyone, but it does for me.
I've even chased company owners out of my workspace, since they were not capable of doing my job and were interfering with my performance.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why I wouldn't get promotions to management level positions. On the flip side, I was left alone to do my job, and was able to build really good teams, where we all pulled together, and worked at becoming equally skilled across the board.

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Hi Jaqui

by local support In reply to this isn't really

I wish I could do things like that, but I can't.
My strategy is being kind, and helpful

time out

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I see bad things from this one

by crmabbott In reply to get nasty..

I suspect there could be some legal issues of recording without permission and cause more hard feelings than it is worth to solve the issue

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