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Prestige and backstabbing

By local support ·
Sometimes it's necessary to combine the efforts of several departments to acheive a good and functional result. Unfortunately, sometimes the people that should contribute move in opposite directions or don't want to participate at all.

I work with local / end user support. Right now I'm trying to help a user with an application, that he needs for his job. I do not have enough knowledge to work out the solution. Therefor I have contacted some other knowledgeable people in other departments.

Problem is, they don't want to cooperate with each other. Me myself is on good terms with all of them, but behind each others backs they think lowly of each other, and call each other dirty names. Everyone tries to push blame and responsibility onto someone else.

timeout to be continued

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A little too "bush"

by nanook In reply to get nasty..

Secretly taping conversations? I wouldn't go there!

I like what "old guy" had to say!!

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I don't know about you...

by NickNielsen In reply to get nasty..

...but part of my performance ratings come from those same customers. Nowayinell am I going to do something like that.

I wouldn't do it even if my customers had no input into my performance ratings.

I have had excellent results in the past by simply asking "How does this work? I'd like to know." and not specifying why I want the information. If they ask who it's for, I just say it's for me; the more I know, the more I can help.

I also use They have massive amounts of links to free e-books, tutorials, and other information about almost anything computer-related.

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It's always best to take the high road

by DC Guy In reply to Prestige and backstabbing

Getting involved in workplace drama can be entertaining and even energizing, but it's like taking a bad drug. You'll feel bad later, you'll regret it, you won't have accomplished anything, and you might have shown a side of yourself that you would rather not make public.

The last thing you want is to become their common enemy. They'll make peace and form a temporary alliance all right: just long enough to take you down.

Your biggest advantage is that you are miraculously above all this: you get along with all of them. Use that, don't **** it off.

People who look down on ALL of their peers are fueled by insecurities. Since they've all got the same problem, it's probably rooted in something in the workplace. Track it down. Low pay? Poor promotional opportunities? No recognition? No training? Overwork? Forced to compete with each other? Stupid bosses? High-stress environment? Multiple factors, is this just an all-around rotten place to work?

This won't be a difficult mystery to solve. Just get them talking, listen politely, and they'll tell you why they feel this way in short order.

That's the easy part, of course. Then you have to figure out how to use that information to the advantage of everyone. The key is not to become one more selfish member of this tribe, but to make sure that everyone benefits from a successful project, in a way that means something to THEM.

You can always come back here when you get to that part.

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prestige and backstabbing 2 (cont)

by local support In reply to Prestige and backstabbing

One mitigating factor is I do not have authority and I have no permissions on certain servers. I'm not even the administrator of my own workstatioon. Workstations are locked for all end users.

Another mitigating factor is that the end user and I are blue collars and the others are white collars.

The current situation for me is like the stone of a cherry being squeezed between the thumb and the forefinger. It might break, it might stay under pressure or it might start moving sideways

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What exactly is your

by Old Guy In reply to prestige and backstabbing ...

job title and function? And, also, what are you asking for?

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Computer technician and specialist

by local support In reply to What exactly is your


I am not in the 'organigram'..

The role I've taken for several yers, is local PC support. I try to teach my end users about network security, viruses and trojans, security holes and patches. I hope my advice is helpful for them, both at work and at home. They come to me when they have locked themselves out of the system / LAN. When a new user is to be introduced to the network, I will be there to help her / him. I also work with hardware and software, and to help my boss when he needs me, and somtimes do rebuilds.

I like my end users, even though some other guys speak lowly and disrespectfully of them. I try to defend tem , because they all have different capabilities. Everyone is skilled in his own field, even though he might not be a wizzard on the computer.

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Old Guy (formerly The Old Guy but not TOG)

by M_a_r_k In reply to Computer technician and s ...

You may have to change your name again. You didn't want to be a TOG but you're an OG twice so far in this discussion. What will you try next? How about just plain Old?

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You are so

by Old Guy In reply to Old Guy (formerly The Old ...

funny. You know, though, with all the comedians who are out of a job we could have a real one. :^O

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A real what?

by M_a_r_k In reply to You are so

We could get a job as an unemployed comedian? Or we could have a real comedian slinking around here on TR?

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I was just trying to be

by Old Guy In reply to A real what?

funny (sarcastic in a fun way). It's another way of saying you need to keep your daytime job because you wouldn't make it as a comedian. Or, instead of having a real comedian we have you instead.

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