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Presumably bad guys can get US guns pretty easily too?

By darjon-lorne ·
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Oh, Alabammy has thought of it.

by _Papa_ In reply to They have thought of it

Since Hernando De Soto.Since the Indian Wars. Since the Revolution. Since the Wawah of Northern Aggression. Since WWI, WWII, Korea, Cold War, Viet Nam,. Desert Storm, All those. But we were right in the middle of most of them, like it or not.
.We sent our best soldiers, sailors and airmen. Many didn't come come back, many did, but worse for wear.

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by apotheon In reply to Unbelievable.

> When I get mugged (planning on this weekend) I'll think of what you said.

Thank you. I needed a laugh.

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making far too many assumptions, there

by apotheon In reply to Of course the death penal ...

> Well, its meant to, statistics prove that it does not. Apparently violence criminals aren't afraid of dying, so it stands to reason, they don't care if their victim may be armed.

There is far more certainty of dying at the hands of an armed "victim" than due process and execution. That's why the death penalty doesn't work.

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Then that raises the question, which is worse

by Slayer_ In reply to making far too many assum ...

Life in prison, or death by hand gun?

I wonder if the violent criminals ask that question to themselves...

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simple answer

by apotheon In reply to Then that raises the ques ...

Check suicide rates for violent criminals in prison.

Hint: Outside of specific, limited subcategories of criminal, it's pretty low.

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So you are saying most would choose life in prison?

by Slayer_ In reply to Then that raises the ques ...

If that is what you are saying, then I agree with you, looking to the prison population makes sense.

Has anyone ever surveyed a prison to see how many inmates are suicidal?

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Open Carry

by TAPhilo In reply to if that was the case

Actually that was the case in "The Old West" and there WAS less violence - seeing that the other person ALSO has a gun - and not knowing how good they are with it - is a deterrant. Actual documented "gunfights" in the old west were less than 60.
Parts of the US still allow open carry and people there think nothing of it, but with the general population of the US being trained to panic when they see ANYONE but a law officer with a gun and report them as a criminal - ensures that doing so a person outside those few areas of the US where this is normal is apt to be stopped 10 to 20 times for doing so in a week.
By law ANYTHING can be considered a weapon and treated as such in any US court. Firearms, again over the years, has been singled out to have extra special punishments when used. If someone used a baseball bat to kill someone they may get 8 years, but if you use a pistol it is considered "special" and you will get at least 15 - the person is still dead but using a pistol in our courts punishes the person more. (At least in Oregon, and likely elsewhere).
The best way to think about owning a weapon is that 99.9999 you will never have to use it at all. But in tht .0001 time that you can to save yourself or someone else and you don't have it - while you wait the 10 minutes for the police to arrive and the guy / gal is only 10 seconds from you then not having it makes a big difference.
Remember: most police officers go through their whole career and NEVER fire their weapons. So should we not then take theirs away too since they had never used it against anyone?

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So true...

by mariah10 In reply to Open Carry

IF your lifestyle is such that it puts you in inaccessible or hard to find areas with no cell phone access, then a gun is the only thing between you and harm....either animal (which I would never kill unless it was attacking me or the people I was with) or human.

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Cell phone access is going to help?

by _Papa_ In reply to So true...

OK, dial **1, if you can, then ask your attacker to please wait for the Police to arrive.
A cellphone will be handy *after the fact* (we hope).

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Your math

by DelbertPGH In reply to Open Carry

You point out that most police never fire a weapon in their careers, and that you don't need one 99.9999% of the time; it's only useful for that .0001%. Well, cops have a lot of training in combat and decision making and self control; they are trained as much to not shoot as they are to use a gun effectively. If you arm a bunch of civilians, maybe they'll use a gun more often... maybe, .0033% of the time. Still seems like a small number, except 33 times more people are pulling guns.

In your example you've got somebody 10 seconds from you, and you need a gun. Usually a guy is closer than that when he becomes a danger... one or two seconds. That's the time you have to recognize your problem, get your head together, pull your weapon out of your pants or purse (where it will probably get snagged on something), aim, fire, and hope you're right. Or, if your opponent is armed and more ready, get shot first. Have you made yourself safer?

Or, try a scenario where somebody is actually 10 seconds away. Early evening, you hear a shot and a woman screaming, see some guy running down the street toward you carrying a shopping bag. You pull your gun and yell "Freeze!" like in the movies, and he stops. And then somebody else runs up behind him with a gun and shoots him in the back. Oops. You've just facilitated a murder. Well, your heart was in the right place.

In The Shootist, John Wayne plays gunfighter who is idolized by a young man, who asks him what it takes to be so great. Wayne says, "It's not always being fast or even accurate that counts, it's being willing. I found out early that most men, regardless of cause or need, aren't willing. They blink an eye or draw a breath before they pull the trigger--and I won't." Somebody who wants to be Mr. Impromptu Self Defense needs to recognize he's taking on a big commitment, a commitment that will make him a different person, when he carries the gun and if he tries to be real about it.

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