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Presumably bad guys can get US guns pretty easily too?

By darjon-lorne ·
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20 Foot Rule

by TAPhilo In reply to Your math

From the news reports and offical training standards (national standards? I think so, all training seem to have to meet the basic same requirements) the officers are trained to shoot whenever someone is less than 20 feet and they start coming at them - if even if they THINK they have a weapon, course as I mentioned ANYTHING can be considered a weapon. The reason is that at 20' a determined person can get to you in less than 2 seconds and that is how long it takes a well trained (and as you stated lots of practice) to pull aim and fire at somneone. Course most of the times the officers already have their pistol out and pointed so it takes maybe 1/2 second. They are also trained to keep firing till the person is on the ground.
They are also taught to avoid shooting. Course whenever a PO stops someone they have their weapon, have armor on, and you KNOW they are willing and capable of killing you so the intimidation factor for any law abiding person is high. Means nothing if you break the law and so those people don't care and are willing to confront them.
Always some bad apples in any community.
Last month a PO shot a person after confronting him and the person was really just talking to people, but just in a manner that made people nervous. A PO told that person to stop sit down and stay there - even though he had really done nothing illegial. When he asked why the PO stated "Because I told you to." The person, started walking away and the PO then grabbed a beanbag shotgun and shot him 5 times. The only problem was that he had loaded it with REAL shotgun shells. Only after the person was down, 3 others PO had gone to him, he was moaning, and then after a few minutes they turned him over and saw him bleeding did they realize he was shot.
Here the person was not a real threat and they shot him anyway - going away from them after not committing ANY crime - unless walking away from a PO is now considered a crime and they can shoot you for that.
Well, at least in Portland they can!

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It's getting to the point . . .

by apotheon In reply to 20 Foot Rule

It is rapidly getting to the point where, any time a police officer talks to you, it's probably best to just hold up your hands and say "don't shoot" over and over until he lets you go.

Okay, so I exaggerate -- slightly.

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I worked with our police department most of my career,

by _Papa_ In reply to Your math

and from day one it was an eye-opener.
Most old timer officers would tell you they never fire their gun *in anger*, meaning they have never fired *at anyone*.

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And then there are the ones

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I worked with our police ...

Who get scared of new recruits who openly say to the Old Timers who have never had to resort to drawing a firearm.

I want to see what it feels like to shoot someone.

They are the ones who scare me and I might add all of the Old Timers that I know.


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how it feels

by apotheon In reply to And then there are the on ...

Anyone who says that should probably have his badge taken away for at least twenty years. There's a fair bit of maturing left to do, there.

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There's a very detailed psycological interview

by _Papa_ In reply to And then there are the on ...

for everyone applying for our police academy. Anyone who has an attitude like that would be denied entrance.

Unfortunately, they often apply at small towns, who don't have the resources to screen applicants closely. Of course, in these towns, the opportunity to shoot someone is pretty limited (think Barney Fife and his *one bullet*).

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Police or armed citizens

by Original-gray2hairs In reply to Your math

One of the most interesting statistics is "11% of police shootings kill an innocent person - about 2% of shootings by citizens kill an innocent person."

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YES, BUT....

by mariah10 In reply to if that was the case

Unfortunately, people like you or the anti-gun people, would be terrified, not realizing that we are law abiding citizens. Including store clerks, restaurants, etc.

Actually in Missouri, there is an antique law on the books that DOES allow one to carry a weapon on their side - you see, it's not concealed then, is it? We also have another old law on the books - OPEN RANGE. Insurance companies do not want people to know about it becaues if you hit livestock on the road, generally consensus is the animal owner is at fault....NOT. Had it happen - kids cut the fence, horse got out, lady was not watching the road (her admission) and hit and killed my horse. She had to pay. now if my fences were in poor condition - that's a different story.

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People like me?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to YES, BUT....

You don't know me from Adam's house cat.

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I remember an old documenary

by _Papa_ In reply to YES, BUT....

That explained carrying a weapon on your side was essentially the same as concealed carry. When many similar laws were on the books, men (and many women) generally wore coats year 'round which tended to keep hip holsters covered. To remove your coat in public was often considered more offensive than exposing your "iron".

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