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Presumably bad guys can get US guns pretty easily too?

By darjon-lorne ·
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And on the other hand...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The situation will be gov ...

most campus shooting-spree'ers seem to be not so much criminals as they are severely unhinged, suicidal nutcases with delusions of grandeur.
Hard to predict.

One thing to take into account is the criminal subculture. It matters how they see others, and themselves. Just because they are criminals doesn't mean they have to be completely immoral, but their culture can take them there, as it seems to be in some gang cultures.

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Don't assume that if they are in the situation you describe

by _Papa_ In reply to The situation will be gov ...

...that they are any less intelligent than you or me. They all have their motives, some more common than others, but you should *not* assume you are in any less danger from anyone, or that you have no defense simply because you can't reliably predict their behavior. If *he* can predict that he might not survive his attempt, it is *far more likely* he will choose another target. whether he just wants money, beer and weeds, or if he just wants to kill you, Don't try to guess. *ACT*!

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Finally, someone that has thought this through (nt)

by Slayer_ In reply to Explain that to me...
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by apotheon In reply to Finally, someone that has ...

<tt>AnsuGisalas</tt> appears to be someone who realizes he hasn't thought about it as much as some others, and thus asked a question. You, however, haven't thought anything through at all, but think you know it all and refuse to actually discuss anything.

Please stop holding up your ignorance as some kind of reason to be proud. "I don't know anything about the subject, and that makes me a good person!" doesn't cut it.

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Are you aiming your **** at me for a textless comment?

by Slayer_ In reply to nope

Seriously? You are trolling that much?

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stop trolling

by apotheon In reply to Are you aiming your dick ...

Your language has officially gotten cruder than anything else said on this subject at TR without getting the censorship treatment.

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Your the one trolling

by Slayer_ In reply to stop trolling

You are the only one making stupid comments at me in this discussion.

You are purposely finding my posts, neg voting them without even reading them (as obvious by your comments on posts with no text at all) and then leaving asinine comments about how stupid I am.
You sir, are the very definition of a troll.

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Don't carry a gun. Please.

by apotheon In reply to stop trolling

It's for the best.

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by apotheon In reply to Explain that to me...

Knowledge of the prevalence of firearms helps to dissuade would-be criminals who fear for their lives. Knowledge of the legality of concealed carry suggests that more people are likely to be carrying. The fact it is concealed might slightly increase the danger to the person carrying by giving a (mugger|rapist|whatever) some hope that you don't happen to be carrying, but it also introduces a significant element of uncertainty about the safety of the act of carrying out a confrontational crime against even those who, it might turn out, are not armed.

. . . and if the guy does something stupid, there's a pretty good chance he'll get shot for it. That's one dangerous criminal fewer in the world. Loss of life is tragic, but less so than the likely alternatives.

. . . and, honestly, the odds that he'll do anything at first other than give up, run, or just generally try to buy time are pretty damned slim.

Please, please tell me that was an honest question, and that you don't come back with a trolling response. Please?

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Not everybody fears for his life

by DelbertPGH In reply to simple

"Knowledge of the prevalence of firearms helps to dissuade would-be criminals who fear for their lives." Back in high school, in cowboy country, I knew a number of young men who didn't seem to give a damn about their lives at all. In my hippie days, I knew some dopers and especially some dope dealers who didn't care about their lives. They were people who loved to fight, loved it more than their chances of survival.

Like I said before, stupid trumps rational. You can pile up gram weights on either side of the balance, so that it's obvious to anyone with a brain that choice A weighs superior to choice B, and then along comes a ton of stupid, and the obvious no longers matters at all.

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