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Printers, Scanners, Faxes vs All-in-ones

By j.lupo ·
Hey everyone. I have been researching copiers/printers and all in one devices. Unfortunately, I must be brain dead because the literature and stuff assumes you know what they are talking about.

I need a copier and my printer is just about shot, so I figured I would look at all-in-ones that do copy, print, scan, fax, etc. I want something desktop or smaller, easy to use and setup and preferably wireless.

However, being as I am not understanding all the lingo being thrown around, I thought I would start a discussion here on TR about what your preferences are for printing, faxing, copying, scanning etc. I know you all have a preference and why you like it. I would love to hear your stories and opinions. I am still researching for type of printer, etc.

I would have posted in Tech Q&A, but my questions are more generic than that. Since I don't know anything about devices since the HP Laster Jet IV (the one I have still). Oh and that is another point - Laser or Ink for it?

Staples is going to have a wireless HP all-in-one on sale next Sunday for about $300-$400. It is an ink type. It seemed to have good reviews, but again I am hoping all of you can assist me out here.

Thanks in advance for your ideas, thoughts, likes, disliks, etc.

J. Lupo

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by w2ktechman In reply to Use three devices.

While I agree that 2 devices are better, if you get a printer get a laserjet. Sure they cost more, but they are far more reliable than an ink based printer. There are some scanner/copier/printers that are laserjets, they take up a bit more space but are more hassle free.
Please dont get a cheap inkjet, the cartidges are needing replaced way too often, and the internal components are cheap. A common paper jam can render the printer useless. I have seen this many times, especially in the all in one, fax, and photo printer lines. But, it is much less common in laser printer lines.
If you need color for these as well, I found a CLJ for myself at $405 shipped to my door and have not had a problem with its occasional use.
But, if you want to print photo's, an LJ is the wrong way to go. They will look good, but they do not take glossy photo paper, the toner does not bond well and will flake off.

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Do not buy an All in one

by llrossi In reply to Use three devices.

I'm a small business with the need for high quality printing for presentations and such.

Learn from my mistake. I bought the HP Officejet **10 a couple of years ago and regretted it from the beginning. I had to send it back twice in the first six months and it has been nothing but trouble. I'll be junking it soon and replacing it with a seperate scanner and printer (unlike my LaserJets which have all been wonderful work horses).

If you do not need color and want the copy capability, I have had good luck with the Canon Imageclass D860. I use it as a copier only, but it can be hooked up as a printer as well.

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Happy with my Canon

by wendygoerl In reply to Jen this wouldn't be my f ...

I can't say much about ink vs. laser (since I have a need for high-resolution graphics, I haven't looked too hard at laser printers), but when it comes to inkjets, I'll say this: A good MFP can meet the scanner and printer needs of 90% of users, and I'll take Canon over HP any day.

When I finally got fed up with my old HP 520c DeskJet (partly because it was only 300 dpi, mostly because I throwing out a lot of ink), I finally settled on a Canon Pixma MP750. My choice of Canon over HP is the ink: HP puts all the colors in one cartridge (so if you print a lot of red documents, you'll be throwing out a lot of cyan ink); and HP builds the print heads into the cartridges, so you pay more for them (I can replace all five of my Pixma's tanks 2-3 times for what I used to pay for one HP cartridge).

As for scanning, the only thing I can really fault it for is it only has a white light (my old scanner had separate RGB lamps, which can come in handy in some situations). If I want to scan fine detail, I can crank it up to 1800 dpi; but for documents, 300 dpi is usually more than enough (I think the copier mode scans at 150 dpi, but don't quote me on that). A nice thing about all-in-ones is they can function as stand-alone copiers (fax, too, I think, though I've never used the fax function) whether the computer's on or not.

When it comes to space, MFP's can be a bit bulky. Mine lives on a filing cabinet dolly and rolls under my desk when I'm not using the scanner. This puts the document feeder and scanning bed just below seat level.

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You took the words

by workit In reply to Happy with my Canon

right out of my mouth. As a former HP user, I love refilling my own individual tanks. My litle i560 Canon performs beautifully and I'm looking forward to a pixma model next. BTW, HP offers individual tanks for industry (we have 2 at work) because corporate wouldn't tolerate the waste (money).

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All in one--broke all at once

by mjd420nova In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

I'm not a believer of putting all my eggs in one basket. Too often when one function quits, they all quit. As for the fax, I use Kinkos for that. I don't need it often enough to warrant my needs on an immediate basis. I had my fill of phone calls at all hours,and answering it and be met with a sreaming tone in my ear. I use seperate devices, but each is dedicated to a particular system but accessable thru the lan to every user.

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hp allinone and windows....

by Jaqui In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

since hp gave ms the drivers for their all in ones to be included in windows, you might find a small issue, which I have seen to many times.

windows loses the ability to use the danged thing, until you delete the printer from it, reboot then install the printer.

every month

without fail

no warning, just a failed print job once it's gone.

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So, what would be the recommendation then?

by j.lupo In reply to hp allinone and windows.. ...

I really want to keep this cost effective and not to big an area. I have a small area that i use for an office at home where I am building my home network center. I really only need print and copy. But it seems I can't find decent, cost effective, compatiple and space efficient devices.

I really need some education here. I am reading up on them, but as I said, it seems like a foreign language to me because all the documents are written for people who KNOW what they are doing. I think it is a way for salespeople to make you buy something you will regret later.

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it really

by Jaqui In reply to So, what would be the rec ...

depends on the needs of the person using it.

I rarely print anything.
rarely have need of a scanner.
[ digital cameras make scanners outdated don't they? ]

fax services, not often needed.

so I actually make sure I have a dot matrix printer. old, loud, low-medium print quality, but reliable, and works no matter if it's 3 months or 18 months since last used.

You need to print papers for studies, then you need higher quality.
you need colour for charts? go ink, but go with a make / model where ink is cheap.
HP ink is 89 a tank, 3 colour, and 79 a tank black.

you might find the low end lexmark fits budget and needs well, though going with a better quality is often better long term. Canon products have been very reliable for me.

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If space is the main concern consider

by Deadly Ernest In reply to So, what would be the rec ...

building a shelf at seated head height and placing the printer and other odities (like stapler, tape, punch, etc) on that. Once I had to set up a home office in a space 3 and a half feet wide and ten feet long. Set a desk up in the end with a shelf above it for the printer and scanner to sit on. If I had a lot of scanning to do I placed the scanner on the desk, otherwise I just stood up, or reached up to place the item in it for scanning.

The computer box sat on a shelf under the desk and one wall had two shelves along it for books and other items. The top shelve was used for sorting papers and the lower shelf had my reference books.

The old HP series 4 laser printers are good quality printers, get it serviced and stay with it, just by a basic scanner and you're OK.

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thanks DE and Jaqui

by j.lupo In reply to If space is the main conc ...

I am considering everything that I am being told here. Maybe I can get my Uncle to put up some shelving over where I keep my printer now. Then put the copier and scanner in that area. Hmmmmm

The big need is copier and printer. I can use my digital camera for scanning purposes. Fax isn't that high on my list of necessities.

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