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Printers, Scanners, Faxes vs All-in-ones

By j.lupo ·
Hey everyone. I have been researching copiers/printers and all in one devices. Unfortunately, I must be brain dead because the literature and stuff assumes you know what they are talking about.

I need a copier and my printer is just about shot, so I figured I would look at all-in-ones that do copy, print, scan, fax, etc. I want something desktop or smaller, easy to use and setup and preferably wireless.

However, being as I am not understanding all the lingo being thrown around, I thought I would start a discussion here on TR about what your preferences are for printing, faxing, copying, scanning etc. I know you all have a preference and why you like it. I would love to hear your stories and opinions. I am still researching for type of printer, etc.

I would have posted in Tech Q&A, but my questions are more generic than that. Since I don't know anything about devices since the HP Laster Jet IV (the one I have still). Oh and that is another point - Laser or Ink for it?

Staples is going to have a wireless HP all-in-one on sale next Sunday for about $300-$400. It is an ink type. It seemed to have good reviews, but again I am hoping all of you can assist me out here.

Thanks in advance for your ideas, thoughts, likes, disliks, etc.

J. Lupo

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DE is right on the mark

by a_chief In reply to thanks DE and Jaqui

Get service on the LJ printer and get a flatbed scanner that suits your budget. Most of these include a "copy" button that sends the image directly to your printer. This is less expensive option than dedicated copier.

If your uncle can't put up a shelf right away, get one of those "milk crate" type plastic boxes - set it on its side where your printer is, put your printer on top of box - and your scanner inside. Arrange cables so you can slide it out of crate it you need to open scanner lid fully (e.g. to scan a large book or awkward shaped object).

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There must be a conflict

by w2ktechman In reply to hp allinone and windows.. ...

As I work with HP printers and various Windows versions all day, every day. I rarely have problems with the drivers (built-in) for any of the printers and all-in-one's (except with .pdf format, then the printer is very slow).
If you are experiencing this problem regularly, something is either not configured correctly, or there is a conflict with another device.

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What are your needs?

by jdmercha In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

What feature will you be using mosdt often?
If you plan on using it as a printer,mostly then get one from a printer company, like HP. If you are going to do more copying, then get one from a copier company like Canon or Xerox.

By the way. Windows does come with drivers for HP printers, but they are not full featured drivers. Use that latest drivers from HP. Then you won't have the "lost printer" problem. The standard transmit rate for FAX machines is 14.4.

Then consider how much printing/copying you are going to do. How much of it will be in color? If you don't use up the toner in about 6 months it has a tendancy to dry up.

Ink jet or laser? Laser provides a higher quality output that lasts longer. Lasers are more expensive to buy but are cheaper to maintain if you have large volumes of printing/copying.

What type of scanning do you do? Are you just scanning graphics for the web? then any old scanner will do. Do you need to scan photograchs in hogh resolution, then you will need a better scanner.

Figure opu how much you want to spend, then get the best unit for your money.

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Thanks jdmercha

by j.lupo In reply to What are your needs?

I appreciate that. I know my needs right now for scanning and faxing are basically nil. That doesn't mean they won't change in the future.

I am trying to plan accordingly and learn what I can. Copying and printing are pretty much at the same level. I am always printing and copying stuff. In fact I have gotten used to printing in multiples because I didn't have a copier at home. However, I am finding that I have articles and forms and such that are pre-printed that need to be copied, which is why my copying has now caught up with my printing needs.

I like HP, but Col has me thinking of Canon since Canon makes the HP devices. Hmmmm

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My choice

by jdmercha In reply to Thanks jdmercha

For your situation, I would go with a mid-range ($300) HP multi-function inkjet. Make sure it has a document feeder (the 7210 for $28.

I'd look closr at Canon for a departmental workhorse (over $1000) not a personal printer.

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re: latest drivers

by Jaqui In reply to What are your needs?

if MS has the drivers for the HP all in one, then HP doesn't have any drivers for it for win xp.
this has been the problem with the hp all in ones, lack of support from hp for their all in ones.

naturally, if the hp product is just out on the market, they do have drivers for it, since ms hasn't released a patch with the device drivers yet. as soon as possible though, hp gives ms the drivers then stops carrying them on their website.

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Think about what you just said

by Oz_Media In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

Granted the price of an all in one is about the same as an entry level model of each, but that's usually what yu end up with, an entry level product of each put into one.

It depends on your needs, I would never try and use an all in one for business, why?

You wouldn't be able to fax while making a copy whie printing a document, it all gets queued and is processed as the device becomes available, not very productive at all.

secondly, if your fax breaks, you have to either replace your copier and scanner too or have all three down while the repair is performed, it just isn't sensible at all.

For Genereal Purpose home use, just weight it out, can you live without them while one part of the unit is repaired? Can you wait for one function to complete before the next begins?

And now think about what you just said:
"I need a copier and my printer is just about shot"

If that NEW copier dies, can you do without the printer until it the copier is fixed? Or would you rather take printer in for repair and still be able to make copies on your copier?

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Thanks OZ

by j.lupo In reply to Think about what you just ...

I am beginning to see why it would be better to just have 2 separates, a printer and a copier. Maybe I can get 2 for the price of one with a little negotiating. :) I want something desktop and somewhat portable. My Laserjet at home is almost shot but it does work. On the other hand I need the ability to copy more than print at the moment. It is starting to get expensive going to Kinko's all the time.

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Too bad

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks OZ

I have a friend/aquaintance that buys up tons of them from (HP and Canon and Okidata)liquidators, he sells scanner for $25.0, printers for $30.00 brand new. Unfortunately by teh trime you factor in freght and brokerage, it's probably cheaper to buy there. Try Best Buy for something cheap, but if you want something diehard, look at OkiData's products.

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Good advice, but....

by jdmercha In reply to Think about what you just ...

If you are the only one using it, then you don't need to worry about waiting for the fax while the machine is printing.

If you spend $300 on a multi-function printer, it is not worth taking the time to repair it, just buy another one.

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