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Printers, Scanners, Faxes vs All-in-ones

By j.lupo ·
Hey everyone. I have been researching copiers/printers and all in one devices. Unfortunately, I must be brain dead because the literature and stuff assumes you know what they are talking about.

I need a copier and my printer is just about shot, so I figured I would look at all-in-ones that do copy, print, scan, fax, etc. I want something desktop or smaller, easy to use and setup and preferably wireless.

However, being as I am not understanding all the lingo being thrown around, I thought I would start a discussion here on TR about what your preferences are for printing, faxing, copying, scanning etc. I know you all have a preference and why you like it. I would love to hear your stories and opinions. I am still researching for type of printer, etc.

I would have posted in Tech Q&A, but my questions are more generic than that. Since I don't know anything about devices since the HP Laster Jet IV (the one I have still). Oh and that is another point - Laser or Ink for it?

Staples is going to have a wireless HP all-in-one on sale next Sunday for about $300-$400. It is an ink type. It seemed to have good reviews, but again I am hoping all of you can assist me out here.

Thanks in advance for your ideas, thoughts, likes, disliks, etc.

J. Lupo

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The HP 4 series of copiers were built like tanks

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Dawg - thanks for all tha ...

The only difference between my 4M and your 4, was the 4M came standard with 16 meg of memory and Post Script built in. After running mine virtually problem free for nearly 10 years, I noticed it slowing down slightly. Taking it in for service after ten years was a great deal. They claim to have replaced the drum and fuser and thoroughly cleaned it all for $82 taxes included. It now actually runs slightly faster than when new.

Some newer printers have higher resolutions but at 600 DPI the HP4 is no slouch. If you looked at the print quality of earlier HP you might have noticed a very slight jaggedness on the obliques of letters if you really looked closely. This was because print resolution was only 300 DPI. At 600 DPI you really have to strain your eyes to see any jagged edges, although I'm not saying there aren't any, just that you need a magnifying glass to see them. Yes the newer printers do have a higher res of 1200 DPI or better and have faster output, some almost as fast as 22 - 25ppm bit the new SOHO printers don't have the same duty or life cycle capability of the older printers.

The per page costs, I quoted peviously were based on using the manufacturers toner. You can improve on those numbers by using off brand refills but I'm not sure I would advise this. Toner quality is crucial to printer function and inferior toner can result in dirty and streaky output, making a service call necessary. You can get factory toner at Best Buy or Office Depot for only a minimal amount more than reloads. You might save money on toner only to spend it on service if the printer plugs up. This by the way applys to ink jets as well. I have found the print heads plugging up when using cheap ink but I've left an ink jet idle for as long as four months with no problem using factory ink.

Think carefully before you decide what you want to do but I'll bet that HP 4 of yours still has afew years of life in it yet. when I got my HP 4M
I gave my old HP II to my nephew, which I had bought in 1986. He is still using it and it still works well.

BTW toner cartridges for the older printers are cheaper than for the newer ones.

When you are considering a new printer you can't just think of the price so much as the per page cost over the long haul. The same thing applys to copiers as well.

Dawg ]:)

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Only one reason for an all-in-one, you broke.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

Generally the all-in-one options have cheap basic scanners and printers in one case or connected, commonly a bubble jet printer as they're cheaper.

I have a good laser printer, colour, that has done me well for 5 years - previously went through a new bubble jet very 18 months until the fourth died.

A good printer with a basic scanner and a modem with fax software. Then you have the exact same capability as the all-in-one in a more practical arrangment. If you want to, or need to, upgrade one part you can. Every person I know who has an all-in-one hates the damn things as a fault with any part means the whole thing is out to the shop.

I have found that bubbles jets waste a lot of money unless you do heaps of printing, the bloody ink dries up on you very quickly. While lasers can sit around for years in perfect condition.

Every scanner for some years has included software to enable you to send a scanned image straight to the printer, bingo a photocopier, it can even send it to the email program or the fax software (there's your fax machine). Most modems now come with software to answer the phone and either accept a fax or take a voice message. Faxes can be sent straight to the rpinter or saved for review first. What more do you want - sorry no electronic secretaries to chase around the desk, but they're working on them.

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HP Makes Several AllInOne Brands

by jerome.koch In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

They change thier models so frequently, that its hard to keep up. I got my wife an All in one (copier, printer, scanner, fax) three years ago for around 200. She uses it constantly for home schooling, and it hasn't yet failed.

You can buy addition jet direct cards to get it on your home WiFi, but they can be a bit pricey. Four hundred bucks should buy you a nice one.

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Faxing is over rated.

by jerome.koch In reply to HP Makes Several AllInOne ...

14.4 baud is good enough unless you are faxing hundreds of pages. Email has replaced faxing by about 50% percent since 2000. I wouldn't get too fixated on faxing.

If your job demands a higher speed fax, buy one seperate.

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Here is a bit of what would be sent

by j.lupo In reply to Faxing is over rated.

I am working on research for my Doctorate. I have to submit it to my committe which is scattered around the country. The document tends to be too large when put together to e-mail. Even when I zip it the file is too large. So, I have been sending in pieces for now. I can't do that when I get to final draft.

Having the benefit of a copier (3 committee members, 1 to the Dean, 1 to publication, 1 to library, etc) and e-mailing (won't work) so faxing would be next option. Also, the title page has to have original signature on it.

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My HP has been wonderful!!!

by marvinthemartian In reply to HP Makes Several AllInOne ...

I have an HP OfficeJet G85xi which I got when they first came out. It has NEVER given me any trouble, has great resolution in scan AND fax modes as well as copy mode. It faxes as a stand alone as well as copying standalone. Ink cartridges are bit bit pricy but I can get them filled for $7 for black and $8 for color at Walgreens and the refills work as good as new ones. I don't know why everyone else seems to have so many problems with them. I love mine!

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My 2 cents

by jamierterrell In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

For one if you are going to use it a lot and can't be without all 3 if something goes wrong then definitely get separate machines. Plus alot depends on your volume of work. If you are going to be doing a lot of printing and scanning then again get separate machines.

If it was me I would get a laser printer and a separate portable scanner and put a fax modem into your PC. That would cut down on the devices on your desk. Any faxes you could scan and fax from PC.

I would go with a laser printer because inkjets seem to go out faster than a laser printer. As far as wireless unless you have a laptop you want to walk around and still be able to print and all what is the point of wireless?

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I couldnt agree more

by w2ktechman In reply to My 2 cents

between the print heads, ink, and malfunctions on the cheaper lines, it is better for a LJ.
But, LJ's are bulkier and more expensive (but usually very reliable).
But, if a inkjet is to be used, get one with cartridges for each color. This way you will not be wasting even more... If 1 color goes out on a multi color cartridge, the whole thing needs to be replaced. Even if you only used 1 color a lot, and the other colors are mostly full. This is a huge waste of money and product.

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My home network is wireless

by j.lupo In reply to My 2 cents

that is why I wanted to stay wireless. I am building my home network to use the least amount of space, but provide the most power. I am doing it from the ground up, however I am also working on a Doctorate and have some immediate needs for a copier and printer. Fax/scanning is really minor to me. The scanner would be a nice, but isn't required.

copying and printing are the things I do most.

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If you are using

by w2ktechman In reply to My home network is wirele ...

a scanner and a printer seperately, it can be used similar to a copier. Just scan to the printer. For multiple copies you may need to scan to the computer and then print multiples.

in your case it might be better for an all-in-one. I see you are aware of the problems that may arise, but space is an issue and some models do work for a long time.

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