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Printers, Scanners, Faxes vs All-in-ones

By j.lupo ·
Hey everyone. I have been researching copiers/printers and all in one devices. Unfortunately, I must be brain dead because the literature and stuff assumes you know what they are talking about.

I need a copier and my printer is just about shot, so I figured I would look at all-in-ones that do copy, print, scan, fax, etc. I want something desktop or smaller, easy to use and setup and preferably wireless.

However, being as I am not understanding all the lingo being thrown around, I thought I would start a discussion here on TR about what your preferences are for printing, faxing, copying, scanning etc. I know you all have a preference and why you like it. I would love to hear your stories and opinions. I am still researching for type of printer, etc.

I would have posted in Tech Q&A, but my questions are more generic than that. Since I don't know anything about devices since the HP Laster Jet IV (the one I have still). Oh and that is another point - Laser or Ink for it?

Staples is going to have a wireless HP all-in-one on sale next Sunday for about $300-$400. It is an ink type. It seemed to have good reviews, but again I am hoping all of you can assist me out here.

Thanks in advance for your ideas, thoughts, likes, disliks, etc.

J. Lupo

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Cheap printer!

by pennatomcat In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

Although I own an HP all-in-one (complete with bloatware), I mostly use a Lexmark Z600 series that I bought over a year ago for less than $30.00. It has stood up to fairly heavy use and still does a fine job. If it breaks, I know that I can quickly and easily replace it--2 weeks ago I saw it at Walmart selling for $22.88. I have a separate flatbed scanner in reserve, so I probably won't replace the HP. I haven't really used it much for color or graphics, but it's more than adequate for black and white printing.

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was just in your boat..

by ez_1putt In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

I went thru this same process last month. After working on soo many MFP's (especially HP2410's and Hp5510's),, I was real reluctant to buy an all-in-one. There have been a couple times where the scanner would go bad so the whole unit would essentially be worthless. When looking into finding replacement parts, you will quickly realize that a specific part will cost roughly 3/4 of a brand new unit. It's hard to grasp when you know that a specific part will fix the problem but it doesn't make economic sense to pay for it.

I also am not very impressed with certain ink cartridges. Some HP models 'seem' to bleed more on average than other inkjet cartridges. If you do a quick Amazon search for inkjets, you can get an overall sense from the reviews which ones have a bad reputation than others for 'going thru' alot of ink.

However, it's hard to justify getting a separate fax machine when I very seldom had a need for one. To me, faxing seems to be a bit primitive when you have the capability to scan to email. I don't know any businesses that won't accept a scanned pdf thru email. Copying is a nice feature but hardly worth a separate appliance.

After realizing my needs (and my budget) it was hard for me to NOT consider a MFP. I get everything i need in one machine. After further research I went with a Canon PIXMA MP500. Read the reviews at Newegg and Amazon.
For the price, this MFP has the quality and reliability that other competing HP All-in-ones lack. Wireless capability, seperate cartridges for each color and a great reputation. Check yer out.

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Thank yo all for your help

by j.lupo In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

I really appreciate the insights and am going to continue to watch this board for your posts. I have a lot more research to do before Sunday when the all-in-one HP I was looking at goes on sale. The sales guy (yeah I know sales) was pretty clear about its capabilities and such.

Since All I want is basic functionality, I may just put up some sturdy shelving above my office desk and put a copier and other small devices there. My Lasterjet 4 I will service and see what happens.

Thanks again. I can't thank you all enough.

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So Jen

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thank yo all for your hel ...

Let me get this right You are thanking us for confusing you right?

Col ]:)

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by j.lupo In reply to So Jen

But at least I understand the issues more than just being bamboozled[\i] from a salesperson. :)

I like the HP brand, it has always done me justice, so I will also look at Cannon since they make the HP (If I got that right from the other posts). I really liked the size and functionality of the HP I saw that is going on sale, but I wasn't happy that it was Ink Jet instead of Laser and I didn't like that it looked complicated to use and setup.

If I can get the name and some literature, I will post it here. I really love my HP Laserjet 4, but I REALLY need a copier and maybe a scanner.

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Jen if you really need a Photocopier

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Absolutely!

I would recommend a refurbished Canon 6045 these are now about 6 - 8 years old and are the monochrome Analog units that just work without a second though. Currently every major print shop here has them as the Low Volume Photocopiers as they are virtually unbreakable run forever with just toner refills occasionally and nothing else. I had one of these for my mother before the Image Runner which wasn't really necessary and Canon traded it in and left it at Mums house as they where only going to destroy it and it saved them the freight in moving the thing.

You can get a 2 drawer one without a collator which will at a stretch sit on a very heavy desktop but you'll most likely see the 4 drawer ones with a 20 Sheet Collator. The one that my mother used for 7 years has only had toner supplied and paper it's still got the original Drum in it and has done 500,000 + copies according to the counter.

The Image Runner 3100 had a drum replaced at 20,000 copies and was at best a mess from the word go. I was almost at the stage of demanding a replacement unit as it caked itself after less than 200 copies and took a long time to repair.

Granted just about everything was replaced in it except the chassis and I know the senior tech so I played it straight with him but even he was talking about replacing the thing and is still thinking about it as it's less than 12 months old and if it plays up again he will have it replaced with another new one. He was even not overly happy with the results when he replaced the drum and is currently keeping an eye on it. According to the treasurer of the organisation that my mother belongs to the last batch of labels that it printed off had the toner rub off so if that's right and not just an excuse for another set of Labels I think that will be the final straw for this unit. The last time that I talked to him he was handing out $300.00 Toner refills for the 6045 which has been used whenever the 3100 hasn't worked so far he given mum about 6 of these to keep the old one running if required. She so far used one. Even he admits that they are excellent Work Horses that just work without a second thought. He actually gave it a complete service when the new one originally broke and the only thing that he could find to do was clean it up a bit. Someone who shall remain nameless had put their dirty fingers all over the image glass and that was the only thing that he could find wrong with it and he certainly tried to find any faults.

He couldn't even fault the rollers as none of them had gone hard with time or use and all the paper runners where not only intact but by his description In Perfect Condition.

He actually asked me why I had got a new one when the old one was so much better for the needs of the organisation. I could only tell him that it was for Tax Reasons that it had been replaced which is the truth but he told me never to let it go as it would be running long after the new one was dead and buried.

The Canon 6045 replaced a 4 year old Natasha Tech which was the biggest pile of junk I've ever run across and the company who sells them here isn't much better either they tried to pull a Swifty when they delivered the machine by not delivering the 6,000 sheet bin feeder which was only about 2.5K. If I hadn't of been there my mother would have signed for the complete item and then they would have claimed that the sheet feeder had been supplied and we had taken it else where.

I just never felt happy in dealing with that crowd and always had to have a shower after I'd been there as I always felt dirty after trying to get the most basic service done.

They even make MS look like a totally nice company to do business with and no I'm not joking.


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Col thanks so much.

by j.lupo In reply to Jen if you really need a ...

I will look into pricing and specs on the Canon 6045. I do have some space requirements, but I might be able to squeeze a printer/copier cabinet into the area where my printer sits now. If I can do that with the HP Laserjet 4 and a decent copier, I should be all set.

I am approaching end zone on my diss and am dreading printing 500+pages with graphics in sextuplet.

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"love my HP Laserjet 4, but I REALLY need a copier and maybe a scanner"

by a_chief In reply to Absolutely!

I think you've just answered your own question:
- keep the LJ4 - service if necessary
- buy a scanner and hook it up
- press "copy" button on scanner to copy to printer

you have it all.

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HP is made by HP

by rahbm In reply to Absolutely!

Glad to hear that things are becoming clearer, but please note that Canon does NOT make any HP printers. They make the raw engine for HP LaserJets (which is why the toner carts are the same), while HP makes everything else including the formatter etc. HP inkjets and scanners are wholly HP. Note that HP wrote PCL, which is the language used by most printers these days. HP invented inkjet printing and licenced the technology to Canon (a pretty dumb move!) to keep the supply of Canon laser engines.

I totally agree with all the others here who suggested adding a scanner to your current printer. This will give you the copy capability, while maintaining separate boxes, and keep your print costs low with the LaserJet. My ScanJet 5000 (6+ yrs) and LaserJet 4L (10+ yrs) just keep on going and going.

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Look at the HP OJ 5600

by gin590 In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

I had a HP T45 for a number of years and it worked fine and I just upgraded to a HP OfficeJet 5600 and it workes "finer". It was easy to install and prints faster than the T45. It prints, copies, faxes and scans. I suggest you look into it.

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