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Printing stumper - Dos based program, Wi

By DonaldA-M ·
Any ideas on the cause/solution for partial prints of a document using a dos-based program, running on a Win 98 Second Edition machine, and printing to a HPLJ4+ printer?

The program (which is run from a shortcut to batch file) supposedly just does a dos print (copy to lpt port or UNC name). A 40 page document will print fine over the network, including to other HP4 printers, but prints only 6-8 pages on the local printer when using the program to print. Printing the document to a file andthen to the printer from dos works fine.

What I've tried so far, gleaned from past experience and HP web site solutions:
-Tried HP4+, HP4, and HP400 deskjet printer driver
-Deleted and reinstall printer in the application and in Windows.
-Change graphics mode to raster
hp4/plc5 printer codes in the application
-Changed spool data format to RAW from EMF
-Disabled bi-directional printing
-Set to print directly to printer instead of spooling
-Installed Standard and lpt1.dos printer ports (instead of ecp pri

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