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Private Message - New 'pull down' list of members

By CharlieSpencer ·
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Would it be asking too much to put this list of members in alphabetical order, instead of the apparently random sequence they're in now? It makes it difficult for us old timers who have more than three or four contacts to find the one we want to reach. Some of us are so old that by the time we find the name we want, we've forgotten what we wanted to tell them.

Secondary and less likely, is there any chance of enabling multiple recipients?

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As it should be, Nick

by Tigger_Two In reply to I found the TROL you did ...

Both Comcast and Google know me by the same name. I have a gmail account that knows my current name that I use primarily for business.

I finally broke down and signed on with Twitter. Amused to see a Tweet from David Slade raving about how easy the site is to use. It would be humorous if it wasn't so sad. All it tells me is that they simply refuse to listen to us and have chosen to tout this new revision as an improvement that it is not.

C/P from my Twitter feed... @chezdave David Slade by @jasonhiner
The new site is so much easier to use! nice job team! So many great features in the pipeline too!! // @techrepublic


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But the site is easy to use

by NickNielsen In reply to I found the TROL you did ...

If you're just going in, then back out again.

If you're hanging around, not so much.

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So, I can't PM anyone unless I have them as a contact?

by AV . In reply to Private Message - New 'pu ...

I had never set up contacts before and it wasn't an issue. I don't think the FAQs say thats how its supposed to work either, but I don't see any other way of doing it. Its nice to hear you get a list of contacts to PM in random order. I hope they will at least give you a way to sort them.

TR needs to do a better job of explaining how the new site works. Lately, I'm spending more time looking around than posting. Its frustrating, to say the least. Hunt and peck.

I just tried to reply to Tig's message "As it should be, Nick" and there was an option to Take Offline in place of the Reply option. I know it used to say "You have reached the maximum ...", but what does that mean?

If I go into "My Stuff", the posts only go up to Feb. 6. I can only find discussions after that time by searching.

What the heck happened to the browse button? I always used that. Can't find it. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.


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Go Offline

by Tigger_Two In reply to Private Message - New 'pu ...

Had you chosen that option, this discussion would have spawned an entirely new discussion... that would not have linked to the existing discussion so it would make absolutely NO sense whatsoever.

No browse button. They took away the stuff we actually liked, you see.

For me, I have found "My Stuff" to be a wasteful pain it the tail and I don't bother with it. I only go to my profile to recheck that I really HAVE put my settings as I actually want them. For anything else, the payout in frustration trumps any use it could conceivably be.

Finally, you CAN'T PM someone who isn't in YOUR contacts and you must also be in THEIRS. How social, right? And according to Nick, it would be a waste of time to PM me- regardless of how I have my settings, TR has decided that I am refusing PMs. Pretty ridiculous when you consider that in all the years I have used TR, I have NEVER turned off private messaging.

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Whats in the water at TR?

by AV . In reply to Go Offline

They must all be drinking the Koolaid there if they think this is an upgrade. Its a downgrade.

For a social networking site, they are making it damn near impossible to be social.

The worst thing is that they probably don't see any of these issues as a problem. Why would you want to go offline? It doesn't make any sense.

I don't like "My Stuff" either. All I want to see is a list of my posts. It isn't any good for that because it doesn't update.

The PM restrictions are just unnecessary. If I got a PM that I didn't want, I just wouldn't answer it.

I hope they're going to fix this debacle. Right now, the site is just a midden (thanks to Santee for that word!)


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One thing though...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Whats in the water at TR?

The "community pulse" has revealed to me that the new TR gets only 150 posts a day... according to some statistics, that's seven of me!
How few would there be if the regulars give up the ghost? Non-spam?
There'd be Justin arguing gently with Jason, Erik and Jack... and then 5 random passers through a day, each with one non-sequitur comment to a thread of random age, mostly zombies.

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Is that all there is?

by AV . In reply to One thing though...

150 posts? That says it all, doesn't it? We used to have so much more than that. Redesigning the forum from top to bottom is a turn-off to the 1.6 million users that are used to coming here for technical information. When I'm looking for some information, the look of the site doesn't matter, its the usefulness. Less is more, sometimes.

Aside from the watercooler, I've used TR extensively when I need to get specific answers on network problems. When they took away the browse button, the ability to narrow the search enough was lost, so you get too many hits. If you try to sort by date (instead of relevance), most of the hits disappear except for the newest ones, on some searches. The dropdown menu for your search (Relevance, Date and Popularity) is hard to use. In many searches, I couldn't select date or popularity because its imposed over the URL for the first hit. Thats with 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. They need to fix that.

I'm no stranger to the truth about software upgrades, but they need to address problems like these and keep people up to date on when and if they will fix the problems. Otherwise, we might see the day you're talking about when "Justin is arguing gently with Jason, Erik and Jack...."


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If I read it right, it's halved.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Is that all there is?

300/day at 32 days ago --- 150 now.
That's a projection though.

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Its hard not to notice

by AV . In reply to If I read it right, it's ...

You can almost hear an echo. Only the few of us that are going for martyrdom are left. :^0


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by seanferd In reply to Is that all there is?

The entire method of finding blogs, and the non-aligned categories they currently list (have you looked at the drop-down under Security?) is... Less Than Optimal.

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