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problem with computer again. lol

By stargate1121 ·
I cannot get this computer to save my passwords and it keeps deleting all my cookies. also I cannot get into my system or my hidden files.
I have a Dell Demension B110. I just re-loaded my windows XP but it's not opening the system or hidden files. Also I accidently clicked on here to not save anymore passwords. how do I change it back??
I really would like to try to do this without re-loading it again. I had to call Dell and it's a major process because they don't make this model computer anymore and I have to get some of the drivers from Dell.

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Problem with computer again. lol

by stargate1121 In reply to problem with computer aga ...

we did a full install and I even had it format the hard drive before the install. at least the password save is fixed but not the other. that's ok since I don't get into the hidden files anyhow.
wish it was fixed but not sure if it will be without another install.

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First are you using Vista?

by zlitocook In reply to problem with computer aga ...

If so you are a bad, bad person because Vista is just like Windows ME. It is untested, it has no support for any thing not Microsoft.
If you are using XP I can help, you need to log on as the administrator of your computer.
This is not hard for most computers here in the US because the admin password
is always blank.

Log in as the admin and give yourself admin rights, so you can see every thing.,

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Problem with Computer Again. lol

by stargate1121 In reply to First are you using Vista ...

I am the administrator of my computer as I am the only one that uses it. No I'm not using Vista. too many bugs, yes I know. I am using XP Home Editionw\SP2.
I hope I can get this fixed.

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