Problem with display on Dell Inspiron 8600

By smatteson ·
Hello all - I have a question about a display problem on a notebook computer and I was hoping to get some input from my peers. :-)

I have a user with a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop which is having a display issue. The display goes from fully-lit to half-lit (e.g. about half as bright) spontaneously (e.g. random times), or more often if the laptop lid is adjusted to open it or close it a bit more. Usually you can just move the lid back and forth to get the display back to being normal, but it seems to be occurring more frequently.

I swapped out the actual display (but NOT the cable linking the display to the motherboard) but that did not solve the problem. Checked all wiring and connections and it looks good; nothing loose. It seems like something is causing the display signal to drop in strength, and I do notice a very faint buzzing sound when the display is dimmed, which goes away when the brightness level returns to normal. I know it's not a driver or Windows issue as the issue can be reproduced during POST.

My next step will be to try swapping the cable which connects the display to the motherboard, but I was wondering if anyone had seen this issue before and might have any comments?

Thanks in advance,

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By all means swap that cable

by mjd420nova In reply to Problem with display on D ...

The cable is usually one of those flat-flexible printed circuit laminated trace types and will get brittle and crack. Constant flexing will create a break in the trace and cause the fault you see. Sometimes they can even burn and make smoke.

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Did you fix the problem ?

by jayram_mn In reply to Problem with display on D ...

I am having the exactly same problem that you reported, namely the half lite LCD screen turning on randomly. I had to close and open the screen many times to fix the problem.

Where you able to fix the problem by changing the LCD cable connecting the motherboard and the LCD screen ? Did the method work ?

Please let me know so that i can proceed with the necessary procedure. Thank you.

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Unfortunately no fix found yet

by smatteson In reply to Did you fix the problem ?

I swapped out the LCD screen AND the cable connecting it to the motherboard, but the problem stubbornly persisted. I had to conclude that it was somehow motherboard-related (bad socket, electrical damage, etc.) and recommended that my client take it to a repair center to have the motherboard checked out. Personally I think the motherboard might need replacement but wanted him to get a 2nd opinion before making that recommendation. Sorry I don't have more info available.

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IF your clients laptop...

by normhaga In reply to Problem with display on D ...

has the Quanta 3eb6 MB, then you have a motherboard problem.

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RE: Problem with display on Dell Inspiron 8600

by gongfai In reply to Problem with display on D ...

I'm having the same issue with my 8600. I was using it today and it randomly just went out. I can actually see the desktop, but faintly. Was anyone successful with troubleshooting this issue?

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I think

by Jacky Howe In reply to RE: Problem with display ...

It's either the screen, resolution settings or video card. I take it that all video drivers are up to date and current. Check that you haven't set the resolution to high. Connect the laptop to an external monitor to check to see if it is the video card. If it works the laptop screen is either in need of repair or replacing. If it doesn't you are up for a new motherboard as the video assembly is onboard.

<Forgot a bit>

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having the same problem and it is a bit urgent

by lhstate In reply to Problem with display on D ...

Hello smr19. I am having the same BLACK monitor problem with my 8600 Inspiron notebook. Did you find a solution? My problem is a bit urgent since it is the primary PC for my small business. Thanks in advance, Geri

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