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By haxdnoob ·
So, I have a portable hard drive with 320 GB of space (but with only 290 GB in actual free space), and sometimes, I erase my videos I had on it, and transfer the newer ones from on my computer to my portable hard drive, but for some reason, the thing won't do it all the way. every time I try to transfer files larger than.....I believe 100 MB, the copying/moving process freezes, and im forced to remove the hard drive manually (even though I understand it might involve file corruption) just to get rid of the frozen unresponsive windows.

I tried running a windows error check on it, and it did say it found 6 bad files or something and it said it put those files in a folder, but right when it told me, it froze again. I believe this happened when I used CCleaner to clear my thumbnail cache, as before I did this, it worked just fine, but since I did so, now it works like crap to be frank.

Is there anyway I can fix this, because I really want to use my hard drive again; really want to. Also, any attempts at bypassing this using a smaller 4 GB usb drive I also have has been rendered moot

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by haxdnoob In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

ok, I don't know if the lack of posts here means this topic is done and over with, but I'd - at the very least- like my last bit of questions (for now) answered here please.

what is techrepublic's stance on BrowserProtect and the fact that not only does it install itself in the ProgramData folder, but isn't registered by any of the listed anti-virus/malware/spyware programs I talked about as harmful.

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