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problem with virus ??????

By benedictspychalski@msn. ·
I would like know who or what is the problem.My son is getting messages from his provider that they are stopping e mail with avirus.he gets 4or5
a day.the problem is i only send him 1 e mail once a week.It comming from peoplepc and my e mail address.scanned my computer with av and i am clean.hoping for a solution.thanks BEN

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by RCOM In reply to problem with virus ??????

The fact that you didn't send the emails doesn't mean they're not coming from your PC. If you had a virus with it's own email engine it could be sending out the virus to others and you wouldn't know a thing. On the other hand your son may be sending out the virus to himself with your addess being faked. If one of you sent a mail to multiple addresses then that person could be sending it out using your email address taken from the incoming list. The scenario is complicated but it could be coming from anywhere.

I'd make sure you both scan the **** out of your systems with the stinger tool available from McAfee. Or do an online scan at one of the many sites that ofer that service. Depending on the bug your virus software may not be working and you haven't noticed.

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